How to Become Invincible

Continuing with the theme of taking lessons from movies, here’s something that really struck a chord with me from Ironman 3

If you are confident at your core, nothing else matters.

So many of us rely on external trappings to feel confident. For some of us it’s our car or our house, for others it’s our job.

The danger in deriving confidence from these things however is that it could all be taken away from us tomorrow.

We need to find a way of gaining confidence that isn’t dependent on things around us.

We are the greatest asset we’ll ever have.

We are the thing that we should feel confident about on a core level.

The line that summed this up for me in the film was this:

“My suit wasn’t a hobby, it wasn’t a distraction, it was a cocoon. You could take away my tricks, you could take away my toys, you could take away my house, but there’s one thing you can’t take away… I AM Ironman.”

In life, never take at face value how confident people seem.

Most people who seem confident are really just basing their worth on things that could be taken away.

How many people do you know who could stand strong in the knowledge that they are their greatest asset?

I told you in a recent video the story of having to face up to this myself with the show – something I’d worked on for over year – being taken off the air.

I had to step up and say to myself, you can take away the show, you can take away everything that came with it… but so long as I have my voice and I can do my thing, I’m the asset.

It doesn’t matter what gets taken away. The thing that gives you real confidence is who you are at your core.

Don’t base your confidence on what you’re achieving. Build your confidence in such a way that if you were to lose everything, you could still feel amazing.

*If you want to learn how to do this, I have a program that could be for you.*

This has been one of the big, passionate subjects of my career. It’s something that I consider to be more important than anything else, and something that I’ve built an entire program around the concept of.

If you want to learn how to develop real core confidence and how to become invincible wherever you are in life, then this might be for you.

The program is the High Value Retreat and I have two booked for the rest of the year and that’s it.

The first is in Clearwater Florida in September, the second in Palm Springs in December.

You have to apply, and if you’d like to do so or find out more about the process, you can here. There’s a video where I cover all of the event details and a chance to enquire about the application process.

Check it out, and who knows, we could be spending 5 days together later this year…

Question of the day:

If you could have any one superpower, what would it be and why? My pick would be the ability to stop time – it would be an unbelievable amount of fun! Let me know yours in the comments!

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147 Replies to “How to Become Invincible”

  • hey matt, temporarily lost my homesick, when I watched the video you are seeing, especially this. I like u so much coz u keep the card with you and love to send you one too ^__^.

    Mathew nothing like you your the best ever.Keep up the good work you made ​​us so much happy and learn so many things.

    super power!!! wish i can teach some one to love me…

  • Matthew,
    I was at your Philadelphia event. Amazing! As a result, I will be in Florida in October. You are a tremendous professional. No participant in your audience that day would have guessed that you had just received very disappointing news. (BTW I was not familiar with the show. I came to know about your message through your YouTube videos. Thank you for your positive work!)

  • Matthew,
    My superpower would be to make anyone I want fall in love with me. But then I wouldn’t have had the chance to meet you at your Palm Springs Retreat December which I am signed up for !! Yeah!!

    YOU, are definitely an asset! I cannot understand why your show is not airing since only every, yep, every female would watch it . All I can say is they made a BIG mistake. Heads should roll.

    See you and your infectious smile in Palm Springs, December or BUST!! Hahahha…

    Your most appreciative fan,
    Della, Vancouver, Canada.

  • I would love the ability of flight, so I can feel the wind and enjoy the lovely view! I love absorbing all the positive thoughts you have to share here, it always makes my day! (n_n) Thank you so much!!!

  • Matt,

    I discovered you on Ready For Love. I have watched every episode and saw you in Seattle for your Get the Guy tour. I now follow you on Twitter. You are truly inspiring.

    Thank you!


  • Matt you crack me up! I thought for a second, at the start, you were sitting there in your pants :)
    Love the message, I will think about that this week. Am making progress – last night I spoke to 4 men and that was me starting the conversation with them!

  • Another great video! Loved your singing at the end :) I have a do can I help my 10 yr old daughter feel more confident? She’s very artistic and often feels like a square peg trying to fit in a round hole with her peers at school. I just want to help her see and KNOW how amazing she is.

  • I’ve been told I’m quite perceptive and have an innate ability to read people. My power to possess would be “x-ray vision.” In its many forms… The power of the eye encompasses true vision.

  • Hi Matt:

    This video is so amazing, I love it in so many ways. Your message is so powerful that no matter where I go or what kind of adventures I am embarking nowadays you always remind me of what truly matters in this journey. I’ have transformed my life with just a few of your ideas and maybe one day I’ll be going to one of your retreats to continue that transformation.

    Thank you for showing me how to get the guy, for teaching me all about confidence and making me believe in my own potential. Like you beautifully said in your video: we are our best assets.

    Clearly it has taken me a while to figure it out in All those years of therapy and yet your knowledge have help me more than every “professional” analyzing my current state of mind.

    Btw: You can definitely sing better than Ozzy!! YOU ARE IRON MAN!!!!!

    Question: If Last week you were Gatsby, and now you are Iron man….. Which alter will you portray next??? :O

    Always keeping interesting :) What a talented little British boy!!!!

    1. Alexandra, thanks so much for your comment. Glad to hear that it resinated with you! As for the next alter-ego, guess you’ll just have to tune in and see! ; )


  • Hello matt :)
    Thank you soo much for the great topic helped me alot &changed my idea of being confident .
    I think you already have asuperpower which is changing lifes just by the words you say .
    Mine would be having the ability to change people’s moods ..gonna have soo much fun :)

  • Just three words. You’re back!! (yes, that is three.)
    Toes have uncurled and are wiggling with laughter. Phew!

  • Hey Matthew, I have the same thinking about life, whatever happens I am still me the Superwoman,but sometimes we have to remind ourselves about it. Thank you for reminding. You boosted my confidence.

  • You should make a program that helps with core cofidence but isn’t as expensive as the retreat. Just sayin :P

  • Matthew it is SO great to know you as an existence in this world! I learn so much from you. You mean so much for me. Keep on the great work. And always look on the bright side of life… :) I love you really.

  • Matt, Your advice has been put to the test and there are some good things happening. More quality men are approaching me to engage in conversation and vice versa. However, I am not getting asked out or asked for my number. I am initiating this but nothing is coming of it. Advice/input?

    1. Hey Teresa,

      Firstly I want to congratulate! The hardest part is the approach. Now to get the number and the date, you need to get that attraction going, which is built a lot by intrigue. This can be the way you show your confidence, you can tease a little, get a little playful in your banter, essentially get a bit challenging. A reason it doesn’t always amount to a number is that sometimes the conversation can be too predictable or too ‘nice’. This is something I talk about more in the Man Myth which is really a step-by-step guide that will take you from the initial ‘hello’ to getting that amazing date you’re looking for!
      Thanks so much for your comment and support Teresa! All the best : )


  • Matthew, I didn’t care for the shows format. I only wanted to see what you had to say to the women, because you spoke from truth & experience. The other matchmakers seemed to patronize the women. You could easily do a “talk show” type where you would engage the men in the audience with the women on the show or vise-versa.

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