Ask Me Anything Q&A (+ My VERY controversial opinion on tacos)

I decided to mix things up in this week’s episode of LOVELife and open up Periscope for YOUR live rapid-fire questions.

Some topics we (briefly) cover:

– What to ask a guy you just met

– Whether open relationships are ever a good idea

– Should you date a guy who lives in another city

– What to do if the sex is bad in a relationship

And of course, most importantly of all: Where do I stand on soft vs. hard tacos?

Hope you enjoy it!


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11 Replies to “Ask Me Anything Q&A (+ My VERY controversial opinion on tacos)”

  • Question about the answer to the sex question. If you break up with someone because the sex is bad, do you tell them or is it just too hurtful and blunt? I was once in this situation and couldn’t bring myself around to being honest, because I felt I’d be hurting his manhood way too much. So I used another reason, which was true, but not as compelling at the time. I did however wonder whether it wouldn’t have been better for him in the long run to have a more honest picture.

    1. Hmm I would say something vague like our chemistry/energy isn’t compatible. Just because he was bad in bed with you doesn’t mean he couldn’t be great with someone else!

    2. It would be better to be honest with him because a person can always learn to be better in the hay. If he’s not doing it for you in the bedroom, is it because you are not giving him enough direction? If you don’t talk about the things you like, he is left to doing things the way he did them for his previous lover and that may not jive with what you like, so you can’t really blame him.

      It might be worth it…wait…let me rephrase…I know that it is worth it :-)

  • My ex and I broke up about 3 months ago. We are currently both seeing other people. I still want to be with him and he tells me he thinks about me all the time and cares about me but doesn’t know what he wants. I find myself not being able to have normal conversations because I always want to talk about “us” and find some resolution. I feel he doesn’t like this. I am not sure how I should be acting. I feel like I do not take any priority in his life. He doesn’t make plans to see me or he rarely lets me know how he feels about me. Should I just let this go?

  • Do u want to make some program on life not only love life? Because i’m not very interested in love life. it doesn’t mean i don’t want to be loved but i enjoy being single when I’m single as well as being loved when I’m in love. The point is love-life coaching does not interested me very much. On the other hand, more of ur videos about life, like the journalist intended to destroy u, interest me more. It deeply show ur values and standards. From this I can perceive what kind of a person u r more concretely and this is what I feel real and excited. u have so much incredible thoughts on life of any aspects, so why not share with us? :)

  • I’m an actress and i met this amazing actor who is playing the role of my husband In a feature film we are working together. We started to hang out a lot to practice our lines and we got along really well! We had intimacy twice within the past three weeks and I can tell he really cares about me and is always looking after me. We see each other every day for 14-16 hours a day and basically are living together since we’re on set all day. However, he is married and is in an open marriage(open relationship) I’ve known this about him and his wife for a long time ago. And also he is madly in love with his wife and i know he’s not planing on leaving her. He is the second guy I have ever been with. And I’m starting to feel attached emotionally. What should I do?

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