If Your Ex is Giving You Mixed Signals, Do This…

We think of the end of a relationship as a simple path: Someone decides to end it, they initiate “the conversation,” you both say goodbye, and then begins the heartbreak along with piles of junk food and bad TV.

But we know that breakups can be waaayy messier than that.

If you’re still wondering why your ex seems to still linger around, make sure you follow these steps…

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15 Replies to “If Your Ex is Giving You Mixed Signals, Do This…”

  • My boyfriend says he loves me, but I can’t help but wonder if he’s being real or not. He recently started acting so cold towards me, he text are hello, I’m alright and then chats about jiberish. When he calls, we hardly talk about us. I asked him what the problem is, but he said everything is fine. It’s confusing me, and most of all it hurts me. What should I do? I’m tired of not knowing what’s going on between us. It’s emotionally draining. Seem to be having mixed signals with my boyfriend.

  • Loved your advice, but wish I had this last month. My Ex & I are both divorced and dated a few months. We broke up much earlier than planned but we’re definitely falling in love & starting the discussion of a future together. I was the one who broke up since he was still dealing with emotional trauma with his Ex wife & I was planning on moving back to be near my teenage sons. They had moved with me after their father cheated on me in a very small community. I knewbInwas still dealing with that baggage too, so we stayed close and a year later, I was starting to fall in love big time. We almost got back together, but since he was sick, we cancelled our reunion. But we kept calling each other. Out of the blue, he found a new girlfriend and kinda broke my heart. I panicked at the thought of losing him and tried to call twice & sent about 3 messages. He messaged back twice, claiming to be in love the first time after like 10 days. Im trying to get over him but stuck. Please give me some level headed advice because I’m just hoping they don’t work out, & know he’s not into dating long distance

  • Hi. My ex and me was together 2yrs off and on he tupe that walks away for couple months and then wants to come back are connection together is amazi g. He left in july he texts me once in awhile and we meet up and then isent him and long text about how to start over and forfet the past he texts two days after went to house he needed money and stuff cause he was broke. And i stayed the night i text him next day. A he talked for bit till like 3 after that he dont respond to my texts and seems like he only texts me when he needs something if he needs money or something but the connection we have is amazi f. Due i justed let him be and stop giving i try so hard to forfet him and went on dates and other and still my heart goes to him for some god reason what due i ddue

  • Dear Mathew, i have been dating my boy friend for 3 years now till 2 weeks back when he started acting funny and asked for time off.

    I don’t know what to do please advice me

  • Great advice as usual. And what if he wants to meet, even outside..and maybe talk.. do I still don’t say anything about what I really think and feel..?

  • I dont understand why he leaves commies on my family’s post on Facebook or even hurts like on their post and he still does it to my friends.hecwouldnt do it before and now hes doing it all the time. Even talking to my brother inlaw aboyt hom coming down next fall and going hunting together like why dont he just move on and stop this.

  • This Guy keep disappeared why is he keep giving me mix Signal. I wish you would have another live Discussion with a few girls about relationships and I would love to be a part of that group

  • My Ex,started giving me signal that I could not understand… Even supporting me was aprroblem..please advice but I still love him

  • I wish I saw this clip a year ago.my ex boyfriend came up at Christmas 2017 and I had to end it as he had a new girlfriend. It just ended messy. Every time I said I don’t want to see you he got really cross in the end he stormed off.

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