“I Won’t Marry Him. Should I Date Him Anyway?”

Rachel’s been out on a date with a guy she really likes. The only problem? She wants to marry a Jewish man…and he’s not Jewish. What’s the harm in dating him anyway? Is it possible to “just have fun” and not get attached? I tackle this tough question in this week’s episode of LOVELife 

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5 Replies to ““I Won’t Marry Him. Should I Date Him Anyway?””

  • I’m in the exact same situation but he’S a muslim and I’m christian. And it’S so true .. at first you think ‘you’ll have fun’ but then you realize you much you actually care about that person.. and I still dont know what do to.. its very tough!

  • I feel like there could be one of two things happening here – EITHER he will take a step back once the girl mentions about her desire to marry a Jewish guy and put her in the friend zone OR he will take a huge chance and tries to convince her that he is her man especially if he really likes her…….he can go all the way to win her heart!

  • Mat,

    You mentioned if she was not certain you would give a different suggestion. Can you please share that suggestion as well.
    I am kind of in a similar situation, though “deal breaker” is something I might reconsider. Also sensing that it might have been a deal breaker, he asked me if I see myself dating someone under that circumstances and I avoided the question. It’s been few weeks and we are getting closer than I was aiming, on one hand I want to be fair to him, but at the same time since I am not that certain about “ill never end up with him” and I really enjoy spending time with him neither do I want to end things.

    Hope you will share that another version of suggestion.


  • Help Matthew! I’m in a similar situation, dated a man that wants children, im past my child bearing years :-) He’s 5 yrs younger. He’s a career man and loves his life, loves to travel and he’s not particularly kid friendly. I don’t think he realizes how his life would change and he says he doesn’t think you should have to give up your life when you have kids and after 15yrs you’re able to get your life back etc. We have a great time and would share a lot but he’s still wanting kids. I broke it off with him but regretted it. I feel like he’ll eventually realize that maybe he doesn’t want kids but now I’ve taken myself out of the picture. He still calls to keep the connection open but hasn’t wanted to get together. This week he wants to have drinks. How should I proceed??,

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