I Answer 16 of Your Burning Questions + A Big Thank You

This week we’ve reached 2 incredible, mind-blowing milestones that would not have been possible without you.

To celebrate these milestones we’re doing something special – I’m answering as many of your

most burning questions from Twitter as I can in one video (turns out it’s 16!).

To name just a few…

  • Can a relationship work when 2 people have different religions?
  • Do men feel an emotional connection after sex?
  • What are the top 3 signs of a healthy relationship?
  • Am I dating anyone? (Yes, I really answer this one…)
  • Click to Watch Me Answer 16 of Your Burning Questions

I’m also announcing a fun contest we’ve got going on this week that you’ll definitely want to enter, and Jameson, Sam and I get a little silly on set…

It’s a mixed bag of awesomeness, so watch and enjoy!

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185 Replies to “I Answer 16 of Your Burning Questions + A Big Thank You”

  • Just called in response to your asking what day I’m free to get together (yes called, I wanted to hear some of that great accent that’s sure to put a smile on my face ). If you want to know what day I was going to propose I guess you’re just going to have to call me back and put a smile on my face so I just might tell you

  • This one worked pretty well for me: “Hehe I mean… you’re very hot but I don’t feel like I can really know who you are until I’ve seen your pool playing skills… Lets be honest that is usually what you judge people on right? ;)”

  • Wow, what a packed bucket of Q’s.
    So I read the comments before watching the video and thought all your fans were trying to flirt with you! One of mine: I’m craving your lips.
    New G2G product coming soon! A ph-colored coded shades of beige ruler.
    Literally today got in a relationship with a guy who is on a different page with religion than me, so totally appreciate what you said about how it’s more important how you think than what you think. Last relationship shared my beliefs and was a complete disaster (plus conversations were terrible and dominated by him). Finding even though my new bf and I have different views, our convos are much more dynamic, civil and educated, which is a refreshing change.
    Oh yeah, sure they’re all you’re favorites ;)

  • Ladies, this text works like wonder
    Hey I just got back from running and it was amazing! Whoa..about to take a shower now. You should join me from next time!:p
    It’s gonna make his imagination go wild. If he replies “sure I’d love to:)”, you get to enjoy having that wild imagination as well. Win-win

  • Proud of you! But jealous you are not the best kept secret in the UK! Oh love the tea-making colour chart!

  • Thank you Matthew for being genuine and honest. It’s why we listen to your advice. I’m a chemist; maybe I can help you with the pH of your tea. :-)

    1. In response to him sending me a cute picture of him and his puppy:

      I said, “I’d send you a picture back, but I naked, right now.” ;)

  • Lol love it! You should come do a seminar here in australia one day :) the only flirty text that seems to work is, “sooooo do you like stuff? ;)” lol

  • The “best” flirty text I ever got:

    My boyfriend said to me right after sex with luminous eyes:
    “This was the secound best orgasm I ever had!”

  • I met this totally charming guy on a night out in Leiden (NL) and after I had left with my friends, he got his friend to send my friend a message giving me his number so I could give him a call some time. So the next morning I sent him a text saying:
    Just wanted to say Hi:) x Michelle

  • Honestly I’m not writing this comment to win the signed cosmopolitan because I don’t care for that. It’s just very hard not to comment when you’re so genuine and a little bit shy but still self assured. It’s the perfect mix to attract me and to make me smile.
    Very good video


  • Hahahah… O Matthew…Fifty Shades of Earl Grey!! ;)

    Flirty text…”Wow! That dream I had of you last night was so realistic …. I bet you woke with a big smile ;)”

  • *loved the gal you were seeing who flew to the Retreat in 2013. Was so hoping that you were together still. She was lovely. You were lovely together.

  • Hi Matt! I have been proactively dating for the past six weeks or so and I purchased get the guy program, however, I need you to make this into an app that I can quickly refer to on my iPhone. Any chance of this happening soon?

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