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How To Recover After An Argument

In this week’s episode of LOVELife, I discuss the best way to get over an argument with your significant other by having one simple [yet effective] conversation.

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9 Replies to “How To Recover After An Argument”

  • Matt, I really like this idea, but what if they don’t know how to help you or you know how to help them? I’m in the middle of an argument, where we both feel awful and neither of us knows what to do to make the other feel better.

  • Photos are very powerful things, they are images that stick in your head. And then on top of that image you start to fill in the rest with your imagination. You talk a lot about the laws of attraction and for me ( I think this scenario has happened to a lot of people!) it kills it dead. We all want to think we are unique and special, that intimacy between a couple is special. This kind of alters, questions that, it chips away. The answer is to delete. Delete the photo. It’s not your graduation. We are all naked at least twice a day, we don’t need to keep it for posterity!

  • I don’t think there is any man in the world who wouldn’t get upset in that situation.

    I have a similar story. I was keeping a diary to improve my English composition skills when I was in college. A boyfriend at the time snooped in my bookshelf when I was at school and read my diary which had stories about my ex in it. (Btw, maybe you should make a video about not to snoop on anyone’s belongings without permission.) He got upset. I did and said so many things to make him feel better, but deep down he never recovered. He never completely believed that I was over my ex. So he kept in touch with his ex who was still into him just to be able to use her against me if he wanted to. Talk about manipulation games. After a while, I broke up because of that. He tried to contact me again, but I didn’t even answer his phone calls and texts, which finally and ironically made him believe that I never look back once it is over.

    As for your story, generally speaking (not about that girl you mentioned), I don’t believe that sending naked pics means having independence, freedom, equality or showing love to your partner. Women are very confused about the idea of being independent and open-minded. Somethings are in our nature as men and women and we shouldn’t deny them. I wouldn’t ask a guy to deny his masculine nature and see it okay for me to have sent naked pics to other men before him. I never sent anyone naked pics, I wouldn’t want my naked pic to be available whenever he wants to see it. It would kill all the mystery and magic. But I am a master word player. My text message would be 10 times more effective than any pic. I rather go to his heart through his head. You are so open-minded, Matthew. That is a wonderful quality. But I want to tell you as a woman, you guys (men) don’t have to accept something that you know deep in your gut is disturbing on some level for the sake of respecting women’s rights to do whatever they want. That kind of stuff has nothing to do with being independent.

    There are many sayings about how simplicity is greatness. I wholeheartedly agree with that. I stopped writing that diary and threw it in trash at the time. Life’s daily struggles are hard enough. No need to complicate a new relationship with stuff from the past. We should start it clean and keep it clean.

    Have a great Saturday! xx

  • I broke up with my last boyfriend because we had a massive argument. I was very clear on what needed to be done to remedy the situation. Sometimes even if there is a solution that is expressed, your partner makes excuses and isn’t willing to remedy the situation

  • That’s OK my husband of 7years told me I should have let you die how do fix that one happy 4 of July

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