The Secret to Being Strong When You’re Feeling Weak

In this week’s episode of LOVELife, I discuss an important life lesson from the book “The Catcher in the Rye” along with a secret to coaching that can change the way you deal with life’s difficult moments.

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47 Replies to “The Secret to Being Strong When You’re Feeling Weak”

  • Matthew, that was lovely. Also one of my favorite books. I’m reading your book now and finding it especially helpful; not only to meet a guy but also to meet new friends. You’re amazing.

  • I lived it, so I believe it ! I did have to be strong for people around me who did not have the strength to be strong anymore. Self value raised out of this experience. Thanks matt

  • Yes Matt I agree. I go through periods where I feel pretty low or weak and being around those that need me or don’t judge me always helps even if I don’t tell them I’m suffering. Great topic and something I wish the media discussed more often

  • Dear Matt,

    I’ve been following you since the beginning of the year and I think you are wonderful, you have helped me in so many ways, and perhaps one day I will email you and tell you in more detail how! :)

    I write for a magazine and I recently wrote about how literature can teach us how to live . I particularly love short stories and I think they provide the most intimate snap shot of people’s lives. If you have a chance to read my article, you will see the lessons I’ve learnt from literature.

    Best wishes and many thanks,


  • Thank you Matt. Your basically reminding us to connect with something bigger than ourselves, humanity. It’s so easy for us to be trapped in our own self bubble during times of hurt, weakness, etc. thanks for bringing me up for a moment of air!

  • Hi Matthew,
    I liked this topic quite a bit and I never really thought of how needing to stay strong for others can make you strong. I saw a TED talk about animals with emotional disorders which demonstrated your concept. The man (in the story) was a war veteran with a real fear of heights. He got an emotional support dog to help him with his fears. The dog developed a worse fear of heights than the owner, which caused him to need to be strong for his dog. I am currently in a high stress situation at work. I think I will see if I can give your suggestion a go (as you would say). I love your funny and informative talks, thanks!

  • Hi Matt,

    You’re mostly right… As always) You’ve brought up literature in your videos, WOW!) My big interest and my field of studies) Looking forward to seeing which books, the greatest source of life lessons, I should still read) . Actually, that’s why some books are written) And not only for art. Lol


  • This was really moving for me. I was really down a few times and seriously didn’t care if I lived or died. It was only the thought of caring for my pets that kept me going. Without me they would be in a shelter or worse. They think I’m great and give me the unconditional love that has eluded me. I had friends and family who love me very much but you are right that it was the really being needed that won the day.
    Like many others finding you and Steven has been a really big part of pulling me out of a dark hole. I love your life coaching pieces Adele as the love coaching, a great compliment to each other.

  • I just Love your analysis of Human psychology, emotions and needs!
    Every time I listen to you, am convinced!
    You’re really clever!

  • Hi Matt i love reading books that teach a lesson or give inspiration to people and i hope you constantly come up with some content like this!Thanks.

  • I really like listening to this episode of your blog about life lessons. It’s very enlightening when you said that when you’re feeling weak, you should find someone who you could serve. Bottom line, we’re here to serve each other. More power to you, Matt for bringing out the best in humanity.

  • Hi Matt, I am feeling soooooooooooo low, my beautiful daughter at 15 died, which was 3 years ago, her Birthday is coming up on the 11th, a son got lost into bad habbits and I am finalysing a divorce because he was a narcissist and very violent all of this 24 of november. I am burntout! Your video is giving me a boost of hope! I am doing exactly what you say in helping others that need me! but at the same time I am in need of sooo much love!

    Thanks handsome Young man!
    Continue talking,I sort of need it!

    A very loving person, mom and woman = Michelle Côté x

  • Thank you. I have had a very difficult year. Lost job on January 3rd, broke up with fiance due to his infidelity on 08/03, was diagnosed with breast cancer on 08/28 and underwent a bi-lateral mastectomy on 09/24. Your video reached me today. Thank you.

    1. Liz,

      My heart hurts for you. Hugs Thank you for sharing about your year here on the blog. My prayers to you for healing. Have healing and hope- Merry Christmas dear strong women!

  • Hello Matthew, this is a great,inspiring video. You should send this message every year. So many people are depressed for whatever reason may plague them. Maybe you can save someones life if you do this as a seasonal television commercial.

  • I seriously almost cried watching this. Thank you so much for your inspiration, it meant a lot to me to see you talk so passionately about this. I really needed that message and I’m sure many others did as well. thank you so so much, and please do continue these ‘Life Lessons through Literature’ or whatever it is you called it, they would be very inspirational to many many people. Again thank you.

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