How to Look Sexy on a First Date

This week I’m joined by my good friend and super-talented fashion expert Louise Roe, who is going to give you 3 killer outfits that get a guy attracted in any situation – how cool is that?

If you want to be 100% ready for when you meet that amazing guy, you’ll definitely want to see this…

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29 Replies to “How to Look Sexy on a First Date”

  • The first date can be make or break. This means getting ready can be filled with anxiety as you tear your wardrobe apart with clothes flying around your room. You will probably have tried on several different outfits before deciding on your final first date look. The first date is like an interview so it is crucial that you look and feel your best as who knows, this may be the man you end up marrying if you both play your cards right. Remember don’t freak out, you must pull yourself together and try to enjoy the preparation process. You also don’t want to over-do your first date look, because there is nothing worse than looking like you tried too hard and are a bit desperate! You want to look natural, hot and glamorous without looking like it took too much time, even thought it probably did! Make sure you know the location of the date and the activities you will be doing there. It is important you feel comfortable in the clothes you are wearing and don’t overdress or underdress for the occasion. Having the right look will make you feel confident and sexy.

  • I loveee Louise, awesome looks and style, love it, love it. thanks Matt for bringing her on board!

  • Hi Matthew!

    Love this new video with Louise! So great to hear that a casual clothes can also do it with a little bit of “wow” woven into it.. ^^ Nice to see you to working together too.

    Enjoy your day!
    Love, Tamara

  • I love this video with Louise…I purchased her book awhile ago…I love it! It is one of my coffee table books…I love having it out so my friends can look through it when they come over….She’s awesome! & Matthew is always terrific! Thanks Matthew….I always look forward to the next video…Hugs! Keep them coming…;) <3

  • Matthew I love 99% of the videos you post. I am a genuine fan of your advice both for dating and life in general however I think this video is totally cringe worthy. You ought to try giving first date style advice for ‘real’ women. The girl in your video is not representative of the general population. She is stick thin and far from an average curvy woman. Get real! I also felt like a voyeur on your first clothes shopping date together. You evidently are attracted to each other but please reserve this for your private time and not your video blogs. Much preferred the first one you did with her. More professional.

    1. It was simply banter between them, after all her husband was present, so I doubt they are dating. Got to love Matt and his humour, I liked her too, the clothes were really classy. Though as has been stated her figure is not really representative of most women.

  • She is wonderful & spot on!! Thank you for introducing her to me. I am a new fan. I will definitely follow her as well as recommend her. Cheers!

  • Not a fan of the last shoes, but I now understand the idea. She is saying choose a pair that are crazy tall and overtly sexy. Less intimidating and soft and femine. I think I’ve always gone for obviously sexy. And I have had a couple guys say they felt underdressed and felt bad. They liked it and complimented it, but I am sure it made them less comfortable one the date and more self conscience. Good video.

  • Outfits are great for a proper (first) date, depending on where you’d go. However, if for a ‘meet & greet” (= what’s usually referred to with “first date”) I feel only the first outfit would go. Second outfit’s top is too sexy, too much for a meet & greet, so is the rock-chic one. Also, I’d never wear the third outfit to a restaurant cos of the leather jacket. To a pub, yes.
    All are fine for a proper first date (so after the meet & greet), depending on what you do.

  • As lovely as I find Louise, I would never take fashion advice from a ‘skinny bitch’, even if it is what she does for a living. It’s easy for them to look good in anything. Since I am more curvy i.e. not a stick, I have to find clothes that flatter my figure because sometimes outfits don’t fit properly even though I may really like the outfit.

    I also have my boobs as an asset. The problem of this asset is that I’m not someone who likes flaunting my boobs. A little bit of cleavage is probably more than I can handle so regardless of what the date it, I try to be discrete in showing off my boobs.

    Also as a Canadian, depending on what season the first date is, that is a factor as well in how I will dress. I am not going to wear a dress in the winter but will in the summer or early fall/late spring so maybe this was something Louise can discuss should you have her as a guest again.

    Also I know some women like to wear all black but you are never going to find me wearing all black. I am into wearing colour and I advise women to not fall into that trap. Black is boring!

    PS Louise’s husband has nice pipes!

    1. “Skinny bitch?” thats a little harsh and rude. Those clothes would look great on most sizes. We all need to accept and accentuate our best features and stop being so judgemental about others.

  • I bought this book after the first video. I love it. Packed with great, do-able inspired ideas!

  • I have a ‘walk on the beach’ date this week. This was great but I feel that the pants would be too warm. How do you feel about a more casual version of the last dress: a long, flowing dress with flats?

  • I love this updated version of the last video. Louise looks younger than she did last time, she looks fabulous!!! Matt you look extremely attractive as always. Of course I like the black pants and the black leather jacket but I also like all of the outfits. she did a great job!

  • I feel on a first date it should start with an activity of sorts, boweling, a walk, Baseball game etc. It helps you get to know a person, not just whst coukd be an awkard “first date” dinnet etc.

    I love the outfits. I have very long legs, which are i think, my best feature. Although im a lil curvy and slight swimmers shoulders. For the 3 outfit shown, Id have to adjust the outfits a lil to my frame. Although if the guy doesn’t give you any hints, how are you to know what oufit to choose???

  • Love the look of all 3 outfits! I would really like to see something for we older girls (61) who are more of a 14/16 or plus sizes. I was Louise’s size in my other life, and it was easy to dress cute and stylishly. Add some years and pounds (ugh), and it’s a game changer (unless you want to dress like YOUR grandmother).

    I would love some advise! I’m told I look/act much younger than my 61 years, but I don’t want to dress the same as my granddaughter. I want to look fun, flirty, fresh and still age appropriate…help! I’ve never been this age and single before… guidance please

  • OK, I look like I walked right out of 1936 so I guess I don’t fit his narrow definition of good for a date. LMBO because frankly, I don’t care!

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