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How To Not Let Your Mistakes Ruin You

Have you ever found yourself in the position of making a really bad mistake?

We all have, and such situations are unavoidable in life. The more important question I want to ask today is: How did you handle it?

In this week’s video I share a story of how I screwed up last week in front of *millions* of people.

(To see the full Today Show clip click here.)

Question Of The Day:

What mistake have you made so far in 2014? Tell me in the comments below!

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35 Replies to “How To Not Let Your Mistakes Ruin You”

  • ♥***:)Dear Matthew :)***♥

    I see the wonderful human being you are :) &
    What matters is the message in your heart ♥

    I believe the answer to the second question was in your heart ♥ :)
    Deep deep deep in your heart ♥ :)
    Lovely Hosana knows for sure ♥ :)

    I believe you wanted to say something beautiful
    with all your heart ♥
    To know that is wonderful :)

    Even if you could not speak out the words,
    I see your heart ♥ &
    your LOVE for millions of people :)

    With all my heart I wanna thank you for everything heart-touching you have said & done :)

    You are lovely :) wonderful :) fantastic :)
    because you loooooooooooooove human beings :)

    Wow You said something beautiful today :)
    I will remember it :)
    I hope you can always say everything beautiful in the best way :)

    If you have done your best, with all your heart ♥
    That’s amazing :)
    Maybe you get a second chance to answer the second question ;)

    what’s next? :)

    Your next videos will be so so so so so amazing :)
    That is what I believe :)



    1. Mathew,

      I loved so much your reaction and the way you handled the embarrassing situation . This is what people will notice the most and not the mistake , for this is something human .Your reaction revealed how self-confident, skillful, and nice person you are.
      Thank you for the moral Mathew.


  • My mistake? Acting needy!

    People are always telling me it should be easy for me to attract men, and that I wont’ be single long. Well, let me share this, it is very difficult. I’m not approached by many men, at least not the men I want, and it’s really frustrating. Since my divorce, after a 25 year relationship, until now, I had only met one man I thought I could move forward with. Apparently, I blew it because I act “needy”. I’m currently in a speaking on the phone / texting relationship with a man I believe I’d like to get to know better. I’m trying be better this time, so I’m trying to be more aware of my comments/texts as to not sound needy. I feel that sometimes I’ve already done it, however, this time I’ll back off a bit and wait for him to come to me. He’s still around and it’s been almost 2 months, however, we have not met yet because he lives in Texas. He’s due to come to California at the end of this week and we’ve talked for weeks about spending time together. It seems though, that the closer it’s getting the more anxious I’m getting because when I ask about it he isn’t answering. It feels like he’s avoiding the conversation. I’m not into games and he says he’s not either, however, I don’t want my heart broken. About 3-4 weeks after we connected I decided to not respond to emails from other men, and I’ve declined dates because I’m focusing on him. At this point, I’m not sure what to ask or say….

    1. Your pathletic ! It’s clear he is playing you and just what’s a piece of ass . Apparently he got want he wanted . You are nothing to him, but go ahead and like his pictures and comments … It’s sad and u do look pathleticly needy

  • This morning in church, the music group that I’m part of went on without our leader and pianist who just had a baby. We were using recorded music and somehow got out of sync with it–during the service! It was obvious. We stopped and allowed it to play a while before we could find ourselves again. But Thank God, the rest of the line up went very well. Phew!

  • I am actually learning from a recent “mistake”…you commented on the tone of my voice at last weeks GTGLive event in Philly (you actually called it “sexy”) and I instead responded how it was annoying – all this after hearing you tell us not to put down the parts of us we didn’t like. I replayed that moment in my head during my drive home. In the week following I made a conscious effort to acknowledge positive comments and compliments…a smile and Thank You really do go a long way :-)

  • Matthew, this video is brilliant. I just started a new job as a vice principal and had to give a speech infront of a gym full of parents with my new colleagues behind me. I royally messed up. Put on a brave face until I got home, burst into tears doubting my ability. My cousin help talk me off the ledge, but I did start to think focus on what you can do and do it well. I will continue to work on my confidence. Love your motivational post. Xoxo

  • team get the guy, thank you for posting this. it is so timely! i was having a good cry yesterday for a mistake i did. your team are all very wonderful people. i appreciate everyone’s effort for putting up positive videos for people. i wish you would all visit asia on your tour.

  • My latest goon move was talking to a friend about her beautiful scarf she made – trying to convey how amazed I was because of the detailed knitting she did for it I said “that is amazing because I could never do that because I would be bored in three min flat” so as soon as that hit the air I said let me try that again “you did an amesome job of knitting the scarf but I am too scatterbrained to stay that focus to knit like that so can you make me one and I apologize for making it sound like what you do in knitting is boring” my friend said starting laughing and said thanks and sure I would be glad to knit something for you

  • Responded to a fb message from my exes new gf…told her everything ie… Inc the fact he still came to my place when he first started seeing her!! Ouch!!! He ginw beserk and of course denied it. Maybe it was a mistake replying!!!

  • Very timely Matt!! Yeah…uh… who is this girlfriend in LA?! Hope she enjoyed her not on Valentine’s Day experience with you… I know she did. I believe you are not the type of guy who needs to be told twice…

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