How To Get Over a Guy You Never Dated

How is it you can be made so unhappy by someone you’re not even dating? Easy. We live for the “maybe.”

I don’t want you to build on what could maybe happen in an imaginary future. I want you to invest in an amazing guy who is serious about you right now.

Here’s how to do it…

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23 Replies to “How To Get Over a Guy You Never Dated”

  • Matthew you’re amazing and I needed to see this today I met a guy online he was perfect I fell
    for him very quickly he said all the right things did all the right things it didn’t make any difference that he lived on the other side of the world and then one day he just changed and now he’s gone I’m devastated he crushed me he took all my love and stomped it into the ground and I’ve never even met him except on video chat crazy how you can feel about somebody like that having a hard time letting go but I knew from the beginning something wasn’t right he was just too perfect it’s a sad sad day when somebody comes in your life and uses and abuses you like that thank you Matthew for everything that you do. I will pick up the pieces of my heart and go home and start again

  • Waoooo this is amazing . God bless you bcoz you’re doing a wonderful job and also helping lady’s to take their grand and I also lean something this morning thank you so much

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