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How to Get Him Interested (in More Than Just Your Looks)

Ever wondered what makes a guy decide to message one woman on Tinder over the hundreds of others he swipes through every day??

No, it’s not just looks.

There is a simple yet powerful technique I’m going to teach you today that will get you noticed by 5x more men once you learn how to use it.

When you see the quality guys this attracts to you, you’ll wonder how you ever dated without it…

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27 Replies to “How to Get Him Interested (in More Than Just Your Looks)”

  • Hi Matthew, I have a profile on Tinder. I described there “one day in our life”: “We are planning a trip to the Island Madeira to go for a MTB ride. We laugh a lot, love to cook and eat together, we care about and support each other and sometimes just love to be together in silence and each one is reading a book. And when you leave the house in the morning, you’ll get the sexiest goodbye kiss ever”. I have plenty of matches

  • I just love you thank you for all the support you give to us!
    Laugh a lot with the end of the video.
    Keep on the good work!

  • Hello i actually want help, ive read all ut blogs but i need help with this guy who im not a relationship with but we often talk. He did say he loved me before and he wishes that id be his wife but there is a difference in the religion so he decided to pull back cz he doesnt want to make the same mistake. Though i didnt give any reason for that. Now he is sometimes cold and sometimes really close. Im the one initiating conversations cz i just cant stand waiting . Help plz :)

  • The ‘show, don’t tell’ is also an improv rule because if all we do is talk, talk, talk on stage, it gets boring so instead of saying ‘we are going to do X’ as an improviser we learn to show X

    What’s the deal with your hair? I don’t think I’ve ever seen Hussey without gel!

  • Love these videos! Especially the “blooper” at the end…;) Thanks Matthew! Hugs! “Bless you”..for the whopping sneeze at the end…LOL!

    1. Oh no I thought my first comment didnt make it cos it says it was a duplicate of a previous message so I made that other HOT comment thinking it wont publish anyway but it DID!! I was just kidding Im so sorry Moderator please dont post this comment I have now replied to… thanks so much.

  • Great advice, spot on. Going to work on my profile right now.
    Not a huge fan of the hair BTW (hey, you gotta expect your fans to be critics, right?)…. and Bless You!!!! Loved the end.

  • Excellent writing advice. Now I’m waiting for the flip side: How to get him interested (by that one profile picture). You said it yourself, the world is easy swipes and not everybody gets to that excellent, storytelling text.

  • Why should you care what I have to say about your new haircut but since you give us this platform…. You are a good-looking man with a nice bone structure so you can pull off a lot of styles but the old haircut looks better on you.
    Fan of at least last 3 years.

  • If you find this new haircut isn’t working for you, the one you had that made you look like Damon Albern was seriously good on you.
    P.S. Trying to show you, not tell you x

  • I adore u Matthew I just love all your looks u r like my God of love I really wish if I can marry smbody just like u, u r cutest sweetest handsome , intelligent , smart , humorous sensitive , sympathetic simply God of love n romance .lots of love n best wishes

  • Amen! I hope EVERYONE watches this and takes notes. I also hope that people that have stopped living (meaning, they just go to work, grocery shop, take care of some responsibilities, and go to bed only to do it all over again like a broken record) are inspired to go LIVE in a way that shows what they think they are telling. For all those that complain that life isn’t fair or they only meet the ‘jerks/crazywomen’. What if society turned into a people filled with good intentionality…what a wonderful place it would be!

  • I really respect what you do Sir. Not in love with that hair style. Because it’s a bit basic, and you are anything but. Said with affection you can’t hear via text ;)

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