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How To Get A Guy To Like You: Learn these 2 simple words…

You wouldn’t believe how many women read every blog, watch every YouTube video, and follow every Facebook post I put out, and yet still say:

“Yeah, Matt… I get it. But there’s this one guy that I really like…”

And because they’re so head-over-heels for this man, all of the advice goes out of the window.

In this week’s video, I’m about to reveal 2 simple words that will tell you everything you need to know about men and how to get the love you really deserve…



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61 Replies to “How To Get A Guy To Like You: Learn these 2 simple words…”

  • You are always amazing. This video really open my eyes and my mind. Thank you very much Matthew. I really appreciate you and your hard work to help women around the world.

  • I like the message as it leaves is something to think about. However, I can answer the question but it leaves me with more questions such as how I am I suppose to make sure I still give the person I’m with what he wants and still meet the what he needs. For example you brought up sex – well if I think that is all he wants and one holds back knowing you want to be what he needs not just what he wants. I hope I made sense. Looking forward to hearing more to peel the onion back

    1. Hi Cindy!

      I am not matt for sure but I think I get what you meant. When I started watching Matt’s videos I felt kind of the same : “how can I get that guy to want more and all”. Last year, I met someone who said straight away they didn’t want to be in a relationship. I had just got out of a 6 years relationship myself, so a one night thing sounded great because I didn’t want anything serious either. Thing is, he then called me back saying he wanted to see me again. I had never ever done casual dating before (I am french maybe that’s why ;) ) but thought why not ! Anyways we ended up being stuck in a relationship limbo where he would text me almost everyday to talk about his day and life, asking me for advise and what not, we would meet twice a week talk so much that I got to know him but it was not a real relationship either… I didn’t know this blog at the time but I could feel I was starting to like that guy, but that something was weired… So I asked him what he wanted and if he had change his mind? He said that he liked me a lot but he couldn’t commit right now. So I walked away. I told him I understood but since I was starting to like him and wanted to get to know him better I would rather stop seeing him since we were not on the same page anymore. I told him it had been great and wished him the best. This was in 2016. A month ago I found matthew’s video and it got me thinking about that guy again and wondering where did I went wrong, what could I have done to keep him. It now downs on me that what I did was just right, because the difficulty of this genius concept of Matt is that it also implies to “lose” that guy we like sooo much and be strong enough that we are worth more and that we can meet someone who will love us and respect us as much as we love and respect them. And it is sooo hard to give up and walk away. I stayed with this guy 5 months before I walked away, and if I am being honest a part of me still is damn he was great, but that’s where I am like, Emma you never really got to know that guy so you like the idea of him more than you can say you like him. I keep on dating, I reject people, I get rejected, it’s part of life, it’s not easy but the bottom line is, this guy you are seeing, I don’t know how long it’s been, or anything but if you feel you are in the limbo I will really encourage you to confront him but if you do you also need to be ready to walk way, which is the hard part, and @Matthew, correct me if I am wrong, but I feel that this is the essens of your message, be prepared to walk away, because this is the only way to respect your self and put your self first :) and obviously meet someone better suited for you in the long run. I swear to you it is better in the long run :) And obviously I am not saying it is a game based on tricks and all I sooo don’t believe in strategies and all that bullshit it really just is about respecting yourself and to not accept things when you think this is not ok for you. This is really personnal, it’s listening to yourself and never be afraid to speak to the other person about how you want things to be, but then be sure to respect yourself and if needed walk away. If he comes back then you know the guy really likes you if he doesn’t it’s not the guy for you :) I hope my (very long, sorry) message can help you or guide you in a way. I only have very little context on your story so I don’t know but I am a girl’s girl so I am all about empowering women and being supportive to one another so be assured that this comes from a place of love :) I hope you will get your guy :) Take Care Emma

      1. I second Cindy’s question, but have to say: right on Emma! We mustn’t lose our common sense or self-respect or fail to practice the sound advice we would give a friend. So I wanted to thank you Emma for sharing your personal story, one with a PROPER happy ending lol. But seriously, I applaud you for sticking to your standards and leaving available for a different, better man that space he was taking up (reaping the emotional and sexual rewards of a relationship sounds like, without having to deal with any of the true work required for a functional happy one).
        well. that was wordy, but really, just thanks! I loved what you wrote, in reply to an important question many of us deal with frequently.
        “I’m with HER.” ;)

        1. Insightful.

          Close the tap, ladies. Make sure he can pay the tab. And that means commitment and being YOUR man.

          If not, then he’s a fuck boy. :( and so many of them trade intimacy for sex. Sleep with their young vulnerable direct reports at work. And the idiots think they are so powerful for having traded self respect to get ahead in their “career” or outsmarted the wife who is boss, she is queen.

          Sorry to vent

          1. I have a meeting with this moron on Monday I dread I dread I dread

            Abuse of power is sick.

            And that is what a man does when he has you by your emotional balls.

            Make sure he’s your man.

            This is strike three at work of the married men pretending to be single program. I fall too quickly and I don’t gather enough evidence. I am going to make this a great leaning opportunity/lesson for kicking ass Part 3

            Part 1 – he loved me and I guilt tripped him. Oops
            Part 2 – I went to HR and gave him a GOOD scare
            Part 3 – ? TBD


            Stay angry and thirsty but don’t leave hungry.

      2. Those words are exactly what I need right now!! Wish I could be that strong to walk away from something that seems to grow but only for me…. thanks I get it: let him go is a selfrespect issue

      3. You don’t know how much you have helped me Emma! Re- affirming I need to have self respect be does not want to be committed now but in the future, and I am okay with that I need to walk away

  • Matthew, this is one or your best. Deep ,inspiring, meaningful, openminded, empowering. Congrats.

  • Oh this is really so true! I see now the name of the game with a guy i’m dating. Thank you Matt!

  • Been glued to youtube watching Matts videos and boy do they work. Not only have I got my new (since feb) long distance boyfriend eating out the palm of my hand, texting me loads when he had started to miss days messaging me (by either send one good morning text a day and nothing more, or not texting him at all for a day) but I had two other men from a dating website begging me to meet them. Ok i turned the other two down but just by using the copy and paste scripts they were hooked. I just decided neither were right for me.

    The advice Matt gives is amazing!

  • Ah, Matthew. So true, so true.

    Sometimes *I’m* the one who wants the TV and candy. I’ll be straight up. And he knows that. So a lot of it is reigning in my own excitement. (Not talking about sex, btw, but just the excitement of meeting a great person.)

    It’s been interesting with this latest guy. I’ll let you know how it goes. :-)

    1. I hope to feel like that about someone, someday but I can’t allow myself to love anyone who conflicts with my goals

  • Great video. Thanks for helping to raise the bar in relationships – both for men and for women.

  • Fantastic advice, Matthew! Well said, I think. I love when you delve into psychological aspect of a man’s psyche.

  • The concept is spot on. I like to say are you liver or steak? Liver (like/ short term gratification/ fills you but doesn’t satiate) or steak (respect/ long term quality/ fills you and satisfies)

  • I love this video! Thanks Matthew! Certainly a different angle to look at it…Hugs! Looking forward to the next video….;) <3

  • Hello Matthew

    Such a great video. So true!
    Because of you. I know Im not tv and candy in my relationship. Because of you helping me set a tone for us early on. He tells me everytime he sees me just how lucky he is to have me in his life and how he cant wait to see me.(over a year and a half now.) He talks of a future with me and means it. Meeting his family and his children from previous marriage. Thank you for helping us distingish tv and candy.

    Thank you!!

  • “Respect is, ‘I don’t just like you, I want to BE like you.'”
    Preach! lol very on point with this message, about people pleasing, and hearing what someone (anyone really) wants in the moment versus knowing what they/we need for long-term relational health. And of course with romance most of us smh, just get struck dumb and blind.
    But you don’t lie! Love it. Amen, brother, keep it coming.

  • Matthew Hussey, YOU ARE BRILLIANT. I so look forward to these Sunday mornings with you. I really do feel closer to meeting ‘MY MAN’ with the awesome advice that you so generously give to us. I Love you and I know every woman, watching you, does. Even the ones who lash out at you. I know, you ‘hit a nerve’ with them. Even if they don’t know it. I can’t wait to write to you that I finally met ‘MY MAN’. I feel I am getting so close to that day. Thank you!!!!

  • WOW Matthew! You really pinpointed the issue. With this key point, what the man (truly) needs, everything else comes naturally: a confident partner, and with this respect, longing, genuine happiness, love on a deeper level.

    Keep up the good work ;) You are giving love a second chance <3

  • You are actually suprisingly special. Though I don’t believe that people can internalize even the greatest advice before it gets crystallized and deeply understood by themselves, but I do enjoy your sparking mind, your sensitivity, helpfulness and the morals and values you are up to. Not the typical western guy with ‘modern’ mentality. Luck up! Cheers from Hungary!

  • This VIDEO is Exactly how I Feel and I Am this way, woman have to put their standards of “RESPECT” you first. even if the moment is right.
    •A quickie will bring you short term Relationship.
    •A T.V & Candy will prolong the Relationship YOU always wanted. “WHY” because YOU don’t give in right away, & because WE can’t get enough of T.V & especially CANDY, Again, Thank You,
    Matthew Hussey for Your Inspiration.

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