How to Attract Men – Use This 1 Irresistible Mindset

When people take a break from their normal environment, they take MORE social risks than usual.


Because they adopt “The Holiday Mindset.”

In this week’s video, I logically break down exactly why it’s so much easier to meet guys when you take on this psychology and give my 3 simple techniques for getting out of your shell and employing this mindset in your everyday life (especially if you want to meet an amazing guy this summer).

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34 Replies to “How to Attract Men – Use This 1 Irresistible Mindset”

  • Hey Matt, I have a question: how can you make holiday romance work? Or is it just not possible to make it work? Thank you!

  • Wonderful technique.
    Would also like to ask if we have a question on a problem what is the best way to reach you for advice and to get your take on how to tackle it?

  • We have very different ideas of holiday. ;-P My bad!

    When I go on holiday then I try to find the most isolated place, away from people, the hustle and bustle of daily life.

    I am actually very lucky that my parents live in a small recreation village with a gorgeous lagoon on the West Coast of RSA. So, when I am with them it is nice to just be at home with my them and most of them time I go visit then it is not peak season.

    When I go out, my mentality is: “HAVE FUN!” Working the room as the happy, friendly, care-free person really works. :-)


  • Hey it’s Sasha,

    I really would love your advice on something. It would be cool if you made a video giving your perspective on how to make an action plan in being an entrepreneur.


  • Hey Matthew! I’ve been watching your videos for about 4 months, and you are so much fun! Love your energy, your advice is fantastic! It doesn’t hurt that you are so damn cute. You rock that hawaiin shirt! Whenever I get your emails I read them immediately, before anything else. Thanks for spreadin’ the love. Keep up the amazing work.


  • You are the Best! Amazing- simple wisdom to change anyone’s life!
    Congratulations- You make the world better every day= bringing joy & Love to so many all over the world

  • I totally agree with you, but at the same time finances come into the equation as well. I would love to go on holiday more often even for short breaks and to visit London. Where I work there has been an admin review within the NHS so I may be out of work yet as jobs have been cut. I am also moving back to my own house (currently living with my mother) and having the kitchen modernised. The only other option for me would be to walk in a park more often and other places where costs are minimal

  • “there IS a time crunch…it is called DEATH” lmao Matthew, you are too funny. You make me laugh with your intense honesty. SO passionate though that I was afraid a vein might come popping out of your neck ;) Have a good week.

  • Wow!! I was wondering why I always feel so much more relaxed and carefree when I’m out of town. Good stuff

  • hahahaha this one was on point. I was just talking about this yesterday after returning to new york from London and met so many cool people there.

  • Matt, I think you’re great and what you say is very true, intelligent and helpful. BUT please cut your hair! :D

  • You always “hit the nail on the head” Matthew….Love your advice….”The Holiday Mindset”….So true! ;)

  • I love your outlook Matt. You make the obvious so….well, OBVIOUS! Don’t get a haircut by the way…It looks just fine and women love that. If any woman out there disagrees send a reply. Or if you agree that Matt should keep his longer hair also, leave a reply. Let’s give him our input as the opposite sex!

  • I can dig it. Also, your hair may be getting long but it’s cool and in that strange growing out phase. As a suggestion you can put the front half up in a man-bun and then that may match up better with your holiday shirt…and you can actually wear your sunglasses for the purpose they’re designed for. Matthew Hussey is on a roll to saving the last kingdom of manhood!

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