He WANTS You To Do This In The Bedroom (Trust Me)…

Certain universal attractive behaviours make for a much better sex life regardless of your individual preferences. When you understand them, you’re much more likely to become someone he can’t get enough of (physically and emotionally).

And isn’t that something we all want for our partner at the end of the day? So here it is, my ultimate bedroom tips that make you a woman he won’t soon forget. ;)

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23 Replies to “He WANTS You To Do This In The Bedroom (Trust Me)…”

  • Lava Lamps and Diet Coke ??
    It’s cruel to trap Lava in a confined space!?
    ‘Diet’ Coke ? OK, I’m confused… I’m going to hit something stronger, and console myself. I can see I’m going to be single for a long time…
    So, tell me
    What would you name your Monkey?
    Can you train it to Not throw it’s poo at you?
    Got Monkey play dates organised?
    Also, tell me
    When a woman has most of the items listed. Why doesn’t this fit into any mans ‘Blue Print’ ? Men seem to choose the more boring option to settle down with…

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