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He Asks: “How Many Men Have You Slept With?” Here’s What You Say…

It’s almost inevitable you’re going to get asked…

When you do, how do you answer?

Do you need to talk about it or can the topic be avoided?

In this week’s video I share my philosophy on the question, and how you can answer in a high-value way.

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106 Replies to “He Asks: “How Many Men Have You Slept With?” Here’s What You Say…”

  • I don’t feel this advice is blanket advice. Definitely can give a sly answer early on but as he said if the guy really wants to know tell him. I would carry that to a guy I am serious about and be honest with him if he really wants to know. What are your standards? If sexual history is THAT important to you then why are you even watching this video? You should already know how to handle this question. Some ppl enjoy sex more casually but that doesn’t mean they are a bad person. It doesn’t have to be your cup of tea but to label them is immature and judgmental. Who are you to say sex is only meant for one person or special people? That is your belief but you are not the end all be all of life. We only get one and choosing to have pleasurable sex with consenting adults is what some ppl find pleasure in. My point is ppl choose different paths and have different standards. People also grow and mature. If you are with someone you consider to be the one you won’t even need advice because you should feel comfortable discussing anything with them. If you aren’t how could he be the one?

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