He “Ghosted” You? 3 Tips to Feel Better Fast

If I had to guess, over 7928753 women have now asked me what to do when a guy ghosts you.

Ghosting is when a guy you’ve been dating suddenly disappears: no messages, no phone calls, no tearful goodbye – just gone forever, never to be seen or heard from again.

Sounds brutal? It is.

In this week’s blog video, for the first time, I’m going to tell you my essential rules for responding to a guy if and WHEN you get ghosted (though here’s hoping you never do).

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55 Replies to “He “Ghosted” You? 3 Tips to Feel Better Fast”

  • Well, I don’t know if my situation is the same because the guy I am seeing rightnow is that I only see him once a month.. he only text, call and see me when he is here, but after that I don’t hear from him for a month.. I don’t understand? I ask him and said because of his job

  • Yes I’ve been ghosted. A woman he fancied just left her husband and he jumped out of my bed into hers and I never saw him again. He did contact me however wanting to make sure I was still his friend. A lesson to others that you dont want answers.

  • I can’t say how much better I feel after watching this video. A lot of energy☘☘☘
    And by the way, if I had your number I definetely would called you. ;) :))

  • So should I not reply to somebody, who has ghosted me? Should I always have the mind-set that I deserve more than to be ghosted? What would be I high value response to a guy, when he asks “how are you?” after weeks of radio silence?

  • So simple yet so true! Wish you had posted this one last October – would have saved me soooo much of my time. Thanx

  • No joke. I am certain I was ghosted by one of your crew, Matthew Hussey.

    See, I signed up for the retreat consultation call about two weeks ago. I got a confirmation email and when the day came, no phone call at the appointed time, no cancellation/reschedule notification, no nothing. I tried to make sense of it thinking maybe the retreat was full therefore, no need for more potential participants but I refuse to believe that this behavior was a part of your practice since you stress so much on the importance of communcation.

    I have now just come to accept it :(

  • Thank you for your frankness. Shit happens. Get over it. Every time I’ve been ghosted and when I honestly reflect, I really wasn’t that into him anyway. He/she has done you a favor.


  • I think most guys ghost me because they just want sex and I’m straight forward and tell them I’m not putting out on a first date. I prefer to take it slow and want to trust someone. They say that’s fine and then the next day, poof, they are gone. Sad.

  • I dated this guy, and we went on a few dates. They were all amazing. He always said he wants to see me cause He feels happy with me.. Then he ghosted. He came back, After a month. We made plans to hang out… Never happened. He ghosted again. He came back, we made plans, I chose to not show up. I texted him how I felt about him ghosting and only texting and never calling.. He said ” I will call you, but sumtime next week, dont be mad” … He never called…I deleted hes number. What should i do if he comes back? I kinda still want him to want me, he never even apologized..

  • This just happened to me recently. I thought wow what a strap he is. Then rethought why do I care. He did me a favor. Next please and make this one visable.

  • Closure is nice, though. It’s so satisfying. Almost as satisfying as sex. Yes, I said that. But like sex sometimes you have satisfy yourself by yourself. Just how it is.

    Going out and meeting new people is hard. It doesn’t always feel good right away. Getting over the initial hurdle, letting go of the person you really wanted isn’t easy. I don’t always want to feel better that fast. But it is nice when you are finally over someone (whether he ghosted or had the balls to tell you why he could no longer see you) and can move on.

    Sometimes it actually does take time. At least it does for me. I used to think I could magically wake up one morning and then jump into something with someone else. If I haven’t really processed and learned from the experience, I’m not really being fair to that next person. Or myself.

    If something is taking too long, meditation really is helpful. Helps your mind focus on other things. I recommend that to people not quite ready to jump back to the next date.

  • oh you are good matt! ” dont call the ghost” yeeeees. i like the idea of turning the questions back on ourselves with….” what could i have done differently?” ….and have done this when relationships dont work out, but find it a bit nebulous because people are all so different. ie. ” I could have showed more of my humorous side” …..well the next guy may like the more introspective side of me….i lalso wonder if there is a general time frame into the relatioship when ghosting tends to most occur….like for example within the first month or three months? then i would say, for me, ah ok dont get too intimate, emmotionally or physically till that tine passes…..then the ghosting wouldnt feel as bad. Still fairly new to the dating scene since my breakup so luckily this really hasnt happened with anyone i partcularly cared about….but its seeming like it may somewhere down the line.

  • This guy is witty, intelligent and insightful. So smart and all wrapped up in a handsome package. Matthew Hussey, you are awesome!

    I was dating a guy and we were getting along great, then he broke up with me. I spent too much time analyzing it. It still hurts, but I moved on and am doing a yoga photo shoot for a national magazine next week and dating someone new. Loved what Matthew says about learning from past relationships so I can be better in my next one. Turning a negative experience into a positive one. Thanks for all your videos. You inspire me! xo

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