Weird: Get Over Him AND Get Him Back?

There are many reasons not to get your ex back. For example, if he treated you badly, chances are this isn’t a man you should pursue any longer.

However. If you’ve really thought about it, if you feel like you lost a truly great guy, and you aren’t sure what to do next, I need you to see this.

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35 Replies to “Weird: Get Over Him AND Get Him Back?”

  • Hey Matthew, so I have been a relationship for 8 months , we had 5 months of a solid exclusive relationship until we had our first disagreement which my boyfriend then ended the relationship over , I thought it was unnecessary so I worked hard and we got back together . However it wasn’t the same he was distant and communication was not great he would go 3-4 days with silence even after I would initiate contact back .. He would answer my calls promplty and text right back but initiating was rare .
    My mom has surgery which he was well aware of and he promised to help me if I needed anything..
    However I kept him informed of the progress via text .. but he never once reached out , I even called and requested to meet up but he brushed me off stating he was at the mall and we could meet up later in the week. He knows I have a child with after school activities so meeting would not be possible then never has been possible . I am widowed so don’t have shared parenting.
    So I decided to end things with one of your advices , simply stating we are in different places and wanting different things so was going to give him his space, I never got a response at all..
    So that’s my story he is the best guy I have met since the passing of my hubby … just feel like older guys get really comfortable especially when they have been single a long time ..
    We are older I am 42 and he is 50..
    Any tips

  • He broke up with me two weeks ago , and I still love him, when we broke up he told me that he wanted to discover life and find himself and he also said that if hes going to marry someone he said it was me, so I’ve let him , but i still want him I’m so confused I love him too much

  • Matthew
    My problem is his more of what his friends think that matters and he is not always on my side to defend me but he fight with me. Also he is a people pleaser he also loves to flirt with women.

  • Continuation :
    He loves to hide secrets like creating another facebook and talking to his old acquaintances. He proposed to me marriage last Nov. And had an engagement ring. But then I dont feel protected even if he does say the words everyday. I dont feel the comfort as he use to hide things from me. And so with our last argument . I have given up.

  • I fell in love with a man half my age. He really loved me, too, but the age difference created barriers that were too difficult to manage. I learned from you that I am grieving over the fact that he was my my soul mate. I know there are others out there who can potentially be my soul mate, so working on getting over him so that my heart can commit fully to Mr. Right. Thank you for all of your videos. I’m a happier, more satisfied person because I watch your blogs. Thank you and God bless you.

  • This is the 3rd time he decide to broke up with me,
    A very deep and difficult relationship we have been together on and off almost 4 years , I want to be with him again.

  • Dating him for 1 year 8 months. Everything was great. We moved in together and now he finds any reason to run to his family in a different state or meet up with band friend. All his vacations are only him and lately never as a couple with my son like they use to be. Both his lifelong dogs passed away around this time and ever year around this time he says he has doubts. Idk what to think it what to do. He had social media which I closed mine because he got jealous, but he has his 2 ex’s that he won’t delete from his. His last ex even has a key to his home, in which I don’t… And I live in his home. Lately he is not intimate at all. I feel awful and unwanted. Scared and like a failure. Pls advice.

  • We met three month before he got the call to from the Marines. I relationship took off fast although we both agreed it would be hard the first year. I told him I wanted him to follow his dreams and I would be willing to continue in a relationship if he wanted to do so..he agreed.It seem to be going great. Long distance really challenges your communication skills and ability to endure hardships. We had one falling outdue to the lack of communication amd it sounded like he broke up with me because of the distance. He had quit responding for a few weeks and when he would text he seem distant. His text had changed, calls were short,etc. I gave him his space because I understood all that was being required from him there. He text me that night of the fall out/ misunderstanding asking to talk and trying to convince me that he wasn’t breaking up with me but just having a hard time being apart. We never fought or even argued i just told him how it hurt and never hinted or pressured him to marry me in anyway. He said he knows but he is having a hard time and after talking things over I realized he had fears of his own. Everything straightened up and he did as he said and made more of an investment in communicating with me. Then over time I felt him pulling back again and i felt i was putting forth all the effort. He talked about wanting to have sex with me alot. We had both agreed to wait till marriage and were struggling on how to keep that promise to each other. After talking to him i realized it was just going to be a temporary fix and he did too. We talked one night a few months later and the same call we talked about marriage on we ended our relationship. He wants to meet up when he comes home. We ended it on good terms because we just couldn’t agree on our beliefs (which had nothing to do with sex). Truthfully from the begining he knew what i believed and had never said anything till now. I felt like it was he out because long distance was to much work for him. He later told me that he was having a rough time with the distance,but wants to meet up when he comes home for Christmas. I am completely heartbroken and have no idea what to do. He has made no attempt to reach out to me and i wonder if im the only one truly hurt here.

  • I meet the guy since February 2019 we was so great together for first months actually he is living the other country when I travel to iran i find it out he still talking to his ex gf and his brother told me that i back to dubai he comes to me to say sorry but it was the beginning and up to now we broke up mor than 100 times and the main reason is he is keep lie and keep promise for no resonance Right now the last problem was he didn’t tell me he travelled with his friends guess what he said before travel let me i have some one to meet and it’s important at 1 am and up to morning he didn’t answer when i call his mom told me he travel he said I’m sorry i did mistake and he didn’t tell me why he lie for what reason now i have to get over this guy but still i love him

  • We are dating for three months now,he sent his dick picture to me, but I didn’t ask for,since then he starts to demand for my boobs picture and I said no,he break up with me. Please advice me on what to do because I love him

  • Okay, well I’ve been interested in this guy since I met him, I’ve had a crush on him for a long time. So I thought we would be more but he pulled away and told me he just wasn’t ready for a relationship even though I caught feelings in the process… I have been so caught up in panic mode in being so worried and scared that he is completely pushed away and I don’t think he has anything to do with me now.. Please help me because I’ve noticed he is no where the same as he use to be about me anymore… Help me find a way to bring back what use to be there in the beginning with us.

  • So I met this guy and we hit off amazingly. Ironically we were both planning to move to the same out of state place and decided to move in together (we had been dating for 3 months).

    We now have been together for 6 months and in OUR place I found a box of old photos of him and his ex before me… and a few momentums and cute little notes… what’s worse is that box is out in our living room in the corner next to a few “storage things” where I see it everyday (given he’s been married and has kids and has those photos I don’t care I get old family photos are important and they are boxed up)

    I talked to him about it and asked him to remove and rid the box it’s disrespectful and should have no meaning… why hold onto photos of y’all kissing hugging and being together… we got into a long argument and ended with him saying “ the box stays” I don’t accept this box in our relationship and it clearly has made me begin to fall out of feelings… I respect its his things I don’t have right to toss or damage… but I believe I have every right to remove it from the living room.

    I would love to have him remove it and maybe it was him feeling attacked and the wrong reaction or whatever but I’d like to see if he is willing to work on this with me. How should I ask to remove the box it’s disrespectful or pretty much I’ll remove it and with your actions I feel second

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