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How to Get Him Hooked in the First Two Weeks

You know those tricky early dates?

If you really want to know how to keep him interested so you can finally stop freaking out whenever you realize you like a guy, this is the video for you…

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21 Replies to “How to Get Him Hooked in the First Two Weeks”

  • Hi Matt, as usual it’s great to see your videos on a Sunday, it gives me strength!
    It’s funny how it looks like this video is made for someone like me whose dating life is like the Groundhog Day. It’s the same story over again. I meet someone, I have one or two good dates and then the person’s interest drops dramatically and they ghost away as if nothing happened.
    In four years living in London, the maximum number of dates I’ve had with someone is three which is ridiculous. It makes me feel like someone with no worth or interest.
    Last time just happened recently after the second date I spoke to the person (he texted me) and then the frequency of texting decreased. I told him I wanted to go to the cinema on Sunday and that he should come with me. He said he’d let me know and he never texted me back. At this point after so many bad experiences of the same kind I normally choose to accept he’s just not into me and move on, but I don’t know if maybe I should’ve somehow tried to figure out why he did that.
    This whole “it’s always the same story” has made me very insecure and I’m always waiting for someone to just vanish on me.
    Any tips to not give up altogether? x

  • Hay Matt.
    Niets helpt
    Vriend is weg en ik denk erg boos
    Zegt als hij er aan toe is mij belt.
    Einde verhaal.

  • Hey Matt, Could you do a video on dating stoic, unaffectionate men? I’m dating a guy who’s got everything except he NEVER touches me. Help!!

  • I read Christian carter , Eric Charles , and many more , your words are way more simply put. Listening to you is like breathing air. You’ve made me a better person . Thank you

    1. No kidding Debra! I feel like the others are cryptic and maddeningly unclear. Kind of like they are saying, indirectly.. “there’s a secret and you dont know it, if you were a better woman, you’d get it! Prettier, smarter, thinner something-er !!

      Thank you Matthew for taking the time to truly help us, you are a gift!

  • Hi Matt, question about talking to him on the phone. I feel that this contradicts what you have talked about in previous videos how we shouldn’t put investment in a guy who is not investing in us. I feel like men who call us on the phone are invested in the relationship and if I call him first that is showing him i am very invested and may scare him away? Thanks in advance.

  • Amen to #4 Matthew. Oh and the ladies complaining in chorus is hilarious! Lol! Pick up the phone folks…it’s ok. Cheers for this vid.

  • I have seen many of your videos, and it has really made me think and self reflect on specific situations in my life with men. Though I believe I see warning signs in the early stages and are able to let the person go, I often experience that a majority of the guys have a tendency to “tell me what I want to hear” as understood in the word to “conquer”. I therefore feel objectified and as a conquest, as though this is a “mindgame”. I have been single for 3 years, as I have taken time to really get to know myself and my requirements for a relationship. However, I experience a lot of immaturity from men (their ego) and now see my independence as an obstacle to find a potential partner. Hope to get a reply and perhaps some guidance. Thanks again. As a side note, making a comment is very unusual for me, it is a first step to get out of my comfort zone of contentment and seek a bit more guidance, than you might get in every day life.

  • Hey Matt,

    Why do men ask what does your week looking like? When can I take you to do xyz? If they are never going to follow through – what stops most women from making it past the first couple of dates?

    I am very selective with the men I choose to spend my time with and normally only go on a few dates a year, lately, I’ve been actively looking for dating opportunities because I want someone to share life with. I haven’t had an official relationship in four years but I have had many flings and some longer term things but all unofficial, I’ve had trouble finding someone well suited to me in which both parties are looking for the same thing. I used to blame it on peter-pan syndrome or all the options in Manhattan but the past two months I went on dates with two amazing men both of which I felt went very well, and they both brought up getting together again, but then fell off the radar. Is it me? am I doing something wrong?


    A smart, sexy, successful, interesting twenty-something gal that has no idea how she is still single

    PS We chatted on the phone a few summers back about how to deal with running into my ex on vacation! The advice you gave was great and I ended up meeting a hot British guy (who I ended up having a fun summer fling with) while my ex chased me around.

    Hoping you can send some more great advice my way xx

  • Well i have a guy who firstly im lucky if he texts or answers the phone to me as he says a phone isnt a remote control to control him and he isnt going to answer it because someone one phones leaves me thinking why have a phone ? And why try to get round my password to get in my phone when im out help !!!

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