Get Guys To Approach You By Doing This

In this week’s episode of LOVELife, I take a question from Ashley who is curious as to why when she puts effort into getting the guy, she never gets a response. I explain the one small change she needs to make in her approach. Enjoy!

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5 Replies to “Get Guys To Approach You By Doing This”

  • Hey Matthew
    Thanks for absolutely amazing advise! That was just the thing I needed. I always had this struggle. I could never understand why nothing’s happening between me and guys eventhough I make myself look aproachable and I’m also good-looking. Now I got it where do I need to make this tiny shift to get results.

  • A little extra effort, totally true!

    I stole the “How’s it going?” line from a story in your book, Matthew, and it has made such a difference

    Anytime I feel a visual connection, I’ll throw the line out and guys open up every single time.

  • Hi Matthew, I saw the part in Rachel Ray show. You were great, as always. Men need to put their fist on the table sometimes. I think, some men in long terms relationships get lazy about planning and leading, so they just go with the flow. Men need to be the leader, women should lead in the background. And, I am saying this as a very independent, brave woman who likes to do her own thing.

    Just recently I was at the bar with a couple of friends. The 2nd guy came with my friend. I didn’t know him before. I ordered a cocktail. The drink sucked. The new guy realized that there was something wrong with my drink and asked me how it was. I said “it is okay.” He said “well you don’t have to drink it if you don’t like it.” I said “Don’t worry. It is okay.” Then I took another sip and made a sour face unintentionally. Right that moment, he got up, picked up my glass and said “Okay. You are not drinking this.” He went up to the bar and came back with a new drink. I took a sip and said “Now we are talking. Thank you.” =) I appreciated his showing masculine gentleman quality there. We didn’t end up together (because it takes more than changing my drink) but I enjoyed the moment anyway.

    I have a feeling we will see you more and more on tv. The best is yet to come for you, Matthew. I know it.

    Kiraz xx

  • I’m honestly not sure I should ask this but….

    I’ve experienced a lot of times from former relationships and even my dad (whose still married to my mum) where I’ve caught them multiple times messaging other women, commenting on provocative pictures or even blatantly drooling over some fit lady.
    I’m not a jealous women who freaks out over if my significant other checks out a fit lady or if I catch him watching a flick, but I do feel and share these feelings that I’m not ok with cheating. And I consider cheating physical or emotional attachment to someone other than your s.o. that you feel needs to be kept quiet. I guess my question is am I over reacting to things that are so daft and little? What actually should I consider cheating? And I feel as though I’m just hurt that
    I’ve caught my own dad too many times too count, that I probably feel I’m just being picky and a hard ass on my partner.
    I’ve expressed this to my boyfriend, and he’s said ” It’s just your young and hurt, life isn’t always going to let ya down “. By the way , I’m 21 and he’s 27. And I feel like maybe that could be it too…. but I’m just confused at times.

    Uhh thanks Matt, c:

  • Matthew,

    I’m such a huge fan. When I hear you on the radio I literally stay in the car no matter where I have to go and listen until your segment is over. I’ve taken your advice and found that it works. Also, you inspire me to have confidence in myself again. Thank you for that!!! Matthew, I have to know.. are you single? I think you’re so hot lol and for someone who gives such great advice on relationships its so hard to believe that some lucky girl hasnt snagged you up yet.

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