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Want Your Ex Back? Say THIS To Him…

You’ve just been through a terrible breakup.

All those feelings come flooding in: Loneliness. Anxiety about the future. Sitting around wondering, “How did it all fall apart?”

The agony of a breakup is awful. I wouldn’t wish that pain on my worst enemies.

But sometimes pain is good.

It forces us to take pause. It forces us to re-evaluate. Like any great loss, it can actually help us put our lives in perspective and make it clear where to focus our energy next.

What about getting your ex back though? Is it possible?

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14 Replies to “Want Your Ex Back? Say THIS To Him…”

  • You contradict yourself so much – have standards and a full life so you choose rather than need a man but show you need him and send certain types of text etc. It is not hard to flirt with a man and if he disrespects you say something but you can’t change or manipulate anyone which is basically what you advocate despite saying the contrary. A high value woman would have no need of your stuff which mainly insinuates a woman is not good enough and should always be striving to be better. Also the whole telling a man what your needs are thing risks making you look demanding and needy surely. Sherry Argov is much better than you she says clearly how to deal with men without games.

    1. Matthew really does not contradict himself. Perhaps you have not read or watched all of the information Matthew has provided.

      Matthew helps you to frame what you want to say, so you don’t loose who you are and stay true to yourself.

      A high value woman always finds ways to make herself better and is always seeking constant learning and growth for herself. If that means utilizing Matthew or any other resource available to us, there is nothing wrong with doing so. Just as you have since you mentioned someone else you have utilized to help you, since you too are a high value woman expanding your knowledge and potential in life.

      I wish you nothing but joy, happiness and fulfillment in finding what you are looking for.

  • I don’t think my ex was the best match for me, but wanted to watch the entire video to see what you had to say :) Brilliant!

  • You are awesome Matthew Words cannot express how much you inspire me .You help me believe in myself more and more through your videos. Keep up the good work Matthew! xx

  • Hey Matthew not sure if you read these comments but i found gtg after a bad breakup a few years back. Used all the advice and after about 6 months my ex started sending me presents.
    In the meantime I had taken a long hard reality check look at mt life and it wasn’t pretty.
    Realised I’d expected a man to ‘rescue me’ and grabbed and frightened away the first goodish one who came along.
    Fast forward 2 years I’ve done amazing things i never would have done with him and now unfortunately he doesn’t meet my core standards so after a short reconciliation i had to let him go and we’re now better off as casual friends. I’ve made loads of great friends who share my interests and have turned men away because I’m still finding myself. I’m no youngster I’m in my late 40’s. I’ve learned so much that i just know my next relationship will be much better.
    Wish I’d had gtg ten years ago but better late than never!!

  • Although I truly love and adore some of the qualities my ex possesses…I am adult enough to recognize I deserve better treatment! I’m still missing him though, but something better awaits!

    This is a great video for people in situations where it’s appropriate. Really sweet tips! And who knows, I may use this as future reference for myself or pass it on to friends.

  • Hi Matthew and team, I am not sure if there is a way to get hold of you, but I have had a lot of people speaking to me about the differences of a long term relationship breakup and a short term relationship break up, which can often be just as heart breaking, as you don’t have the negative feelings or fights that clutter your brain. It would be really interesting if you could chat about the dynamics of a short term relationship breakup and yes, if it is possible to get them back. I have a lot of friends who have stated to me that although their LTR breakups were agony, it is the short ones, that leave the questions in their mind that haunt them, such as, why? what if? is there something to build on? and why I can’t get someone out of my mind who was only in my life for a short amount of time. It would be great to hear your views on this, thanks.

  • Not having watched this prior, I still inadvertantly did this back in November via email, and it actually worked. I’d left a pair of shoes at his home prior to our break-up, and 9 months later, having had zero contact during the break-up, I decided I wanted them back, and sent him a friendly, breezy, positive email just asking if they were still there and if so, if he’d drop them in the mail to me. He found them in a closet he never used, and instead of returning them by mail, suggested meeting for dinner. Dinner was great – fun, friendly, a little flirty, but I still had no expectations or hope for reconciliation because he was so sure of his reasons, back when he broke things off with me, and I still believed them to be true for him. But no sooner had I returned home from dinner than he called me and asked me out again. And we’ve been together ever since, and in a much better, healthier, closer, more communicative and growth-inducing place for us as a couple as well as individuals. We’re still working on issues, but facing them head-on.

    All this is to say that this type of “strategy” –(if you want to call it that, although in my case it was authentic and sincere and not an attempt at any kind of game-playing ploy) — it DOES work. But I also agree with Matthew’s initial caveat, that it needs to be with the RIGHT person and for the RIGHT reasons.

    I have a former ex (not this current fella) with whom I might have used the same “strategy” and with whom it might have also resulted in a (albeit brief) reconciliation, but he was SO wrong for me and I had zero interest in reconciliation. He can just keep whatever crap I left at his place!

  • Hi Matthew it’s Armine send you an email two days ago I’m not sure if you got my email but if you did please email me back Thank you

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