Should You Play Games In Dating Or Not?

So here are the top six games which people play in the dating phase of relationships…

1. The Money Game

Typically guys will go on a first date and act as if they have unlimited money to burn. They’ll take you to a really expensive bar or restaurant, pay for the all your cocktails and then tip the staff more than they ever would if they were just with friends. Why? The answer is simple: because they want to impress you!

Little do they know that they will often pay the price for this later in the relationship!

2. The Make-Up Game

As men and women, we can sometimes go to extraordinary lengths to look our best on a date. We make sure we smell amazing, that our hair is done to perfection, generally spending far too long in the bathroom! Why is this a ‘game’? Simply because we wouldn’t put in all this effort if we weren’t going on a date.

3. The Communication Game

We often find ourselves going back and forth trying to take longer to reply to messages than the person we’re talking to. This fits into the whole idea of playing hard to get and we feel like it puts us in a position of power.

4. The Etiquette Game

When we’re on a date, our manners, the way we eat, and the way in which we communicate is completely different to any other situation as we’re all trying our best to convey something (i.e. that we’re not pigs!)

5. The Innocent Bystander

“I never go to singles nights.” – Another overused way of trying to avoid looking in any way desperate!

6. The “I’m Busy” Game

Being busy has somehow become more and more of a status symbol and so we’ve never go time for anyone!

So why do we play these all games?

We play these games because on some level they are all aspirational. Men want to be able to splash out on the woman they are with and not even have to think about it. We all seem to want to have a lifestyle where we are really so busy that it takes us days to reply to people’s messages.

We aspire to live like this on a day-to-day basis and playing these games in the moments that count allows us to convey to the people we are with that we are like that all the time.

My conclusion is that on some level, we’re all playing games – there is no way not to. But we should aim to focus on the aspirational elements of these games rather than just focusing on creating a facade.

So focus on actually becoming all of those things and not just living it for one night.

To your love life,

Matt x


P.s. In the comments below I’d love to hear all of the games you often find yourself playing or being involved in!

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25 Replies to “Should You Play Games In Dating Or Not?”

  • This is great. Google randomly lead me to this. It’s funny I personally think it’s silly to do something just to impress the person I’m on a date with because I agree I think it’s better to be naturally impressive. I’ve also many times been described as authentic because I don’t put on airs, but I’ve learned this summer that I probably should try a little more to impress others. I never understood before as to why, but I see now that it’s a way to show other people that I care about them and respect their time and all the effort THEY put in.

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