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Feeling lonely…

Loneliness. I’ve felt it too.

But I’ve realized over the years that there are ways to break free of this and feel empowered and connected again.

If you’re not sure where to turn right now, make sure you watch this message…

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152 Replies to “Feeling lonely…”

  • Thanks for bringing a positive approach to solitude as a tool to know more of us , then have more clarity on relations to come, and improve our sense of worth emerging from us, not from others valuation, your contents are phenomenal and bring value to us,

  • Matt,
    Thank you for who are are to people who are feeling lonely! You, truly care, understand, console, and get to the heart of what may be troubling us. Please keep these videos coming!

  • I just watched your video and I love them all by the way but I have a question not sure if you already have a video on this answer or not but is it normal that when you are lonely and sad that you get mean and angry at the world even tho your not really a mean person

  • Mathew Hussey I live in Dubai …and this amazing place is full of lonely souls ..I thought of you start meeting people here ..

    You are an inspiration

  • This was so powerful. Of everything you’ve done, this is what would make me sign up for one of your retreats. Considering. Thank you for all you do, you have truly helped me in so many ways.

  • I knew this video would tear me up! Gosh, Matt, I don’t even know where to begin to describe how I felt while watching this video. This has tremendously made an impact on me in a way that speaks volumes about the real objective of your program as a whole. Thank you. I’ve always found inspiration in all your videos, but this one in particular has touched my heart so deeply. Keep doing what you do best. It matters. We all do.

  • thank you i cried with this video, you do great work
    thank you for the gift of feeling we matters

  • Hi Mathew, I know some time you are here in Miami give a speech, lecture, lov to attend , I am in a mess selling home cituation and can’t attent retrits … could some one let me know when is your next precentation here in my home town Miami? !!

    1. Hi Larissa! Please subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on social media to find out about upcoming events. Good luck with the house sale! ;) – Mars

  • Hi Matthew.This is again one of your great videos. It made me think a lot that you become a friend to me and I always like to follow your advices and watch your videos.I am glad that passing a bad moments in my life before helped me to know a good friend like you. Wish you a wounderfull day similar to the one you gave me today.

  • Wow, this one touched my heart deeply, so much recognition…had to cry the first minutes. your kind words are so helpful, bless you. I follow your blogs on and off for years now and realize that you are a supportive friend in my life :-)

  • Thanks. The idea of worthlessness and not being enough has a big impact. I feel lonely in the weeks my partner has his kids and I’ve made the mistake of centering my life around the weeks when he’s with me and I feel really empty, alone and lost when he’s with them.

  • What you say is about having impact/effect on the world is so true. Personally I feel that part of the problem is that we have become an “instant gratification” society. With the new technology (internet, cell phones, etc.) we seem to have forgotten that some things take time and consistent effort to be rewarded. I am NOT saying that technology is bad or destructive-I absolutely love the wide access to people, information, knowledge, and entertainment that technology now affords us and would hate to be without it, but I think it is important for all of us to acknowlege and accept that the ability to delay gratification (without giving up) is as important a thing to learn as it ever was-if not more so. One thing that helps me is to realize that it is human nature to truly value those things that are not easily gained. Another is a concept I often heard from my father and Figure Skating coach…it is really about enjoying the process. I feel the latter is something you imply in your videos about creating a life of your own that others would like to be a part of. Which is done via learning to enjoy the process and tolerating delayed gratification.

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