Fall in Love With Your Life [Love the Journey: Part 2]

I get asked a lot of tough questions – from how to attract amazing guys, to why they disappear, to what say to get a commitment – and after coaching women for years, I have no trouble answering them…

But there is one question that is, surprisingly, the toughest of all for me to answer: “Where do you live?”

With all of the traveling I do for my live tour, I’m rarely in the same city for a week at a time.

But no matter where in the world I am, the moment I step on stage to coach thousands of women like you, I’m HOME.

And that’s what happiness is all about, isn’t it? Loving your life right where you are…

This week’s video blog is the second part of my mini-documentary series, “Love the Journey.” In it, I take you with me to New York City as I prepare for my live event there.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments! x

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43 Replies to “Fall in Love With Your Life [Love the Journey: Part 2]”

  • This was great Matt! I loved seeing behind the scenes of you getting ready for an event it makes me appreciate the amount of work goes into something like that. I agree we need to be happy with the journey we are on and I have to say I am quite happy with my journey and look forward to what happens next!! Good luck with your journey I am sure there are many more exciting things to come for you!!

  • Loved this video, part of everyone’s journey is to do stuff, whether is challenging or mundane, or the fun show and spotlight stuff. I think we all forget that life is not all roses and sunshine.
    This reminded me that I need to keep pushing, keep working and get stuff done or the highlights are not going to be highlights…
    Thank you x

  • What you said about making friends is spot on. I meet so many women who are just fixated on meeting a man and don’t invest any time in self development or making female friends. It’s like their lives are on hold until this “Prince Charming” comes along…and who will probably be scared away by the pressure heaped on him (yes, this was the old me too! )
    Thanks in big part to your coaching, I now have some great like minded friends. I realised I was in desperate need of some single friends as well as married. I’ve been on a fantastic activity holiday, my weekends are always busy and even my work attitude has improved to allow me to better cope around frustrating people and situations!
    And guess what? My ex -the one who broke my heart, and led me to finding yourself – is DESPERATE for a second chance with me. Of course he no longer meets my requirements so he’s having to put in a lot of work and I’m still on the fence. Because I’m a different person now. And you massively showed me the light!! I could never thank you enough. But as always, it’s still a continuing journey. I’m in no rush to settle down at my age (mid 40’s)!!!
    And your shades of Earl Grey….outrageous but brilliant – glad you’ve kept your British sense of humour along your travels!

  • I enjoy seeing how you are morphing from dating coach to life coach, utilizing the consistent underlying theory that to be happy in your life is to be attractive. It is interesting to see how you negotiate your own life and the stresses and triumphs it entails. Your authenticity, kindness and drive are what make you trustworthy and inspiring. Thanks!

  • It was great to watch you , your mum is a fantastic woman now we know where you get it from ,I’m from England but I live in Dallas , hope to see you there soon :-)

  • Hi Matt,
    I have not contacted you before but have certainly listened to many of your talks.
    Question: Who says ” I LOVE YOU ” first.
    Waiting for your response


  • I totally got the tea bagging joke, and thought it was the best/brilliant!

    There’s absolutely nothing wrong with doing a video for yourself and for your fans either.

    Yes, love the journey, flat tires and all…

  • Hahahaha. When Matthew said that he sometimes looks at cats/dogs and thinks to himself “wish I was you today”… LOL. I think I can relate to that more than anyone on the planet… Saying this cause I’ve actually written a children’s book called The Girl Who Wanted To Be A Cat. It’s not published yet.. but it’s exactly about that. I’m amused that Matthew had the same thought. :P

    PS I’m really enjoying these documentary vids. Matthew seems like such a wonderful person, and it’s so much fun getting to know him better! :)

  • It’s great to see behind the scenes, I felt Mathews loneliness, sometimes you can be surrounded with people and doing a good deed and be appriciated and appriciate where you are, yet still feel lonley x
    Big hugs Matty x

  • Hi Matthew!
    Thank you for this video. I wonder if you could give us tips on how exactly to love and enjoy the love we’re living now instead of living in the past or the future.
    Watching your video I realized that I am not nearly as happy as I’d want to be.
    I am a journalist but feel like I’m failing at my job, doing less than everybody else.
    I do not live in the country where I want to live and moving to where I want to live seems like an impossible goal.
    I’m in love with a man who lives in a different country and who despite really liking me doesn’t want to commit.
    Most of my friends have left the city where I now live.
    And to top that a year and a half ago I was diagnosed with a serious illness that has forever changed my life – on bad days, weeks, months, I can hardly walk.
    I really look up to you and hope that you can help. How do I break through these barriers: have the man I care about fall in love with me and learn to enjoy life again?

  • THE BEST! You have found another way to connect with and send your message to all us who now use “Mathew Hussey” as a verb.
    Love love love.

    Jameson, YOU ARE AMAZING!

  • This was the BEST, I am going to call it, SHOW, EVER!! I watch cartoons, sometimes, too. I think Matt’s mum is spot on. I didn’t read the book or see the movie, 50 Shades. I heard what it was all about and I was NOT interested. I think, Matt is an alien. I wonder if he knows how unique and beautiful he is? The girl that “Gets That Guy” is going to be one LUCKY woman. Gale

  • Great video-kudos to Jameson! Wonderful insight, I ecspecially love the Button Shop idea :) Continue to enjoy your journey!

  • Totally loved your blog this week Matt. You talked about adults getting lazy at making new friends and people sometimes feeling that the ultimate measure of success is often defined by their relationship status? Totally struck a chord with me. I suppose I often feel it more because of my cultural background where unfortunately you are made to feel like you;re totally on the back shelf if you’re not married with kids before 30. Its something I want to explore more myself right now: striking a balance between appeasing the parentals and wider family and living life for me. On the establishing friendships front though- totally feel for you with all the travelling but for whatever this little nugget is worth I think you probably have a zillion more ‘real’ friends amongst the international population of women you reach out to every day through your work. Happy sunday and keep them coming!

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