Everything’s “Fine?” Here’s Why That’s Your Real Problem…

Maybe, like me, you hate the idea of “just getting by,” and just hoping somehow things will magically get better.

In this video, I’ll show you a 3-step plan to getting back on an upward path so that you can really have the life and love that you dream of.. 

►►  Life is too short to settle for “fine.” Be Extraordinary. Join me at the Matthew Hussey Retreat.

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25 Replies to “Everything’s “Fine?” Here’s Why That’s Your Real Problem…”

  • Hi Matt,

    Love your videos. They’re so encouraging and allow you to feel like your the only person out there feeling a certain way about a situation. Dating is tough and I feel like maybe it’s equally as tough for both straight/gay/bi/ trans etc. I’m wondering if you could give me some advice on a re accuring habit I seem to do. When ever I start talking to a guy, we follow each other on social media So we get an insight on each others lives I guess you could say and to also see that they are who they say they are… then We end up catching up and it’s a sexual catch up and we hang out for a little bit and have a catch up. I seem to always fall for a guy so quickly after that first sexual encounter and end up thinking too far into it and getting jealous when I see them with other guys that I know of from the gay scene in my town. I then start to doubt myself and think I’m not good enough and maybe my life is boring, maybe I should start going to the gym so that we share something in common or maybe I’m not fit enough or my job isn’t that good. I beat myself up constantly because I’m always comparing myself to others. Do you have any advice that could help me avoid this constant re accurance? I lack confidence, I would love to be able to just join a gym and make healthy choices to make me feel better about myself but it’s something that scares the crap out of me because I fear I will be judged.

  • M-

    I cried; I needed it though, so thank you.

    When there are people like you and your team in the world, it is a far better world than the bullshit that those other “motivational blah blahs”, who talk at me, who are pretending to give a shit, spewing nonsensical generic lines that we all literally get for free, in a delicious cookie, to compliment our general tsos, will ever create for me. YOU are why people connect to your words the way that I and others do. You guys create beautiful works of art with your blogs, and I am forever grateful. They hit home, and this one really hit me hard- to the core.

    Matt- If you all knew just how much you have served your “huskies” (I made that up I have no idea what people call themselves in regards to your following, sorry matty), thus far, I think you’d cry just as much as I did during those 7-ish minutes. Not to mention the re-watching after I was able to collect my composure.

    Thank you. I mean it, as always. I hope and need our paths cross one day because, let’s be real- everything ain’t fine and if it was, I sure wouldn’t want fine to be my end all be all. Fine sucks, dude.

    xoxo K

  • Thank you for everything you are teaching us every single day! I love watching your videos. They are very healthy and wise.
    I do have one question, I have been in a relationship for a little over a year. Do you have any videos on how to take it to the next level? We live together already and I would like him to ask me to marry him.

  • extra-ordinary is wonderful. it fulfills the spaces that you were meant to fill. and yet. it can be exhausting when holding a pick axe to a place you aren’t ready to tap into yet. how can one dredge up the courage to at least give a single percent to improving one’s love life? maybe it is this way. through this comment. wonderful yea?

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