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When a Guy Traps You in “Relationship Limbo”…

Maybe you’ve been trapped here before. In this strange and emotionally confusing place. A place we call “Relationship Limbo.”

If you’ve ever been here before (or know a friend who has), stop whatever you’re doing right this second and watch this…

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92 Replies to “When a Guy Traps You in “Relationship Limbo”…”

  • OMG. So professional. I know Jesse, he is extremely talented. The girl I don’t know but she is great also. This is so fun, full of energy. I love this. Probably my favorite of all time. Jesse has a great voice (besides being gorgeous). Really high quality, so impressed.

  • Well done and great message! I have been stuck in limbo for the last 4 months and this inspired me to put an end to that. I dumped the limbo guy and am now dating a much higher quality guy. Love you vids Matthew.

  • Hey thank you for giving me the light it’s like the green and red. Push and pull factor but I don’t wanna be in a limbo. Life is too fast nowadays we need to invest in what’s really matter love the pop music btw

  • Limbo relationships are the worst! because it makes you feel stuck and confused… and it takes time to actually realize that you are in a limbo relationship.

    The idea of this video is awesome and it addresses the issue in a beautiful, funny way, but right to the point.

    Thank you Matt. That was so creative!

  • This video is lovely and fun to watch but I wish that she’d gotten out of the limbo relationship without having a new guy. It takes real strength to walk away to singleness

  • Complimenti, eccellent job! The words of the song hit the nail on the head, as did the portrayal of how we react (with a smile, and an open heart) to the text messages and other lame attempts to butter us up after going MIA. Some guys are capable of stringing along 2-3 women contemporaneously, exactly in this manner and, know why? Because we want to be “cool”, not make waves, not put them under “pressure” with too many demands on their space, their precious time… and because we wait to long to call them on it.
    Loved the video, excellent job!


    Daniel Radcliffe?


    Great singing, dancing and acting, kudos to all, definitely a fun way to get the message across!

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