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Wondering “Does He Like Me”? Look for These 7 Attraction Signals…

“I know a guy who acts really charming and friendly, but does he like me?”

It’s annoying, rightEspecially if the guy is naturally charismatic. How do you know if he has eyes for you, or if he’s just like that with every woman he meets?

You need to be sure when it’s ok to flirt and test the waters.

In this week’s blog video then, I’m going to show you the 7 obvious signs a guy REALLY likes you. It’s easy to miss these classic behaviors that show his interest, but trust me: Guys are much more predictable than you would think…

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44 Replies to “Wondering “Does He Like Me”? Look for These 7 Attraction Signals…”

  • The bloopers are always fun. It’s 3am and I can’t stop laughing at this one!! I guess I can consider myself one of the lucky ones for not getting that midnight call/text.

    Not to sound conceited but I’m asking just to get some honest feedback/help because I mostly get guys wanting to propose after only a few exchanges and it’s strange because I don’t even know if they are being serious or just having fun to see my reaction. I usually just go silent and try to figure out what’s happened. Two things I end up doing is

    1.I pretend I didn’t hear them and change the subject if we’re sitting near eachother or
    2. if it’s an email or text I do not respond until a month later.

    How do I maneuver through something like this without feeling socially awkward or making the guy feel weird for asking if the timing is just way off?

  • Thanks Matt, I like ur coaching but honestly speaking I’m not in a situation where I need guidance I follow u cos I like u… u doing a great job …. keep me posting..

  • Hi Matt & Jameson,

    Awesome stuff! Just the confirmation I needed. ;-)

    Thank you for the beautiful video.


  • OMGoodness! I’m “peeing my pants” laughing right now! . “I want you to come over because I have a boner”! LMAO! So funny! Whewww! ROFL LMAO!
    You have a wonderful sense of humour Matthew! So sexy!

  • Matt …. My God, you lake me laugh so hard I almost pee myself haha
    I adore you

    I haven’t figured it out yet … But in the future, I garenteen I will be at one of your conferences !

    You have been honestly a complete life saver ❤️

    Kimmy from Bancouver Island Canada

  • The first video I saw of yours was the one you talk about here, the first one you made. In it you talked about the four things that mean a guy probably likes you, but here you almost seem to discredit it a bit with the wisdom you’ve gained over the years. My question is, are you saying that these 4 signs are not actually correct?

    The reason I ask is because this new video seems to be more about if you’re already sleeping with the guy and you want to know if this is more than just a booty call. The thing is, I’m not waiting until this guy tries to sleep with me to find out if he likes me. I just want to know if the flirting is more about getting me to like him to boost his own ego (these guys seem to be everywhere), or if he’s actually interested.

    I explained my question terribly but I hope you get what I mean.

  • Im having a really tough time trying to just be frienfs with my long distance guy. He moved back to fla, where he lives and im in wilmington, DE. He is totally in love but i dont want to live there. Part of the problem is hes so nice but repeats himself and bores me with his conversations, often. I care about him but i know that after 4 years, it just isn’t something I can live with. Its gotten to be a routine for him to call and I dont want to break his heart.

    1. If you can be kind in your approach at least it’ll make you that person who taught him something … That not all break ups have to be ugly. If you stay in this situation and drag it out he’ll lose respect for you for not being truthful about your feelings or being courageous enough with yourself to live in that truth. It’s not like you live in the same neighborhood and have to fear running into him. The anxiety that you are living with every time you have to answer his phone call should give you a clue about where you are in this relationship. Put yourself in this guys’ shoes and think about how you’d react if a guy you were in love with was just going along because you’re nice yet bored him. Do the honorable thing.

  • I’m decades older than you I want to share this with you. You were gorgeous at 19 and gorgeous now. And having met you when you were touring different cities, you are just as gorgeous inside.

  • Hi Matt,
    Thanks for great video. I’ve been into a guy for 6 months from a distance. If a guy is nervous around you what does that mean ? I’m very attracted to him to the point I couldn’t speak to him part from saying Hi..

  • I see but a guy said i really like you but i have a lot going on in my life (New house, job issues, tenant) i cant add a relatioshop right now. But said lets take it slow.

    Never calls or text not making any time to see me. I think i should drop him but i’m looking for feedback!

    1. Drop him if that’s your gut feeling. Waiting around for him to make up his mind is a waste of your time. A man who connects with you will not let you go on like that wondering where he is because he already knows what an amazing catch you are and he might lose you. He won’t let days go by without wanting to hear your voice or to see you and spend more time making sweet memories with you.
      When I walked away from a similar situation it was like he suddenly woke up and was trying to get me to meet him even for 20 minutes. When I refused because I already had plans he just continued to find any excuse possible to be around me. I couldn’t stand him by then because it was obvious he missed the attention but didn’t want to put effort into actually moving things along. Hanging around waiting for him to schedule me in did wonders for his ego but didn’t do anything for my mental/emotional well being. It’s sad I had to get at my wits end before I walked away.

  • Great video, although I am still not sure. Liking is not enough if he is not attracted sexually.
    I have two guy friends who do these we just don’t sleep with each other. Sure thing they like me, but not fancy me as a woman only as a friend.

  • i miss those laughs…i love the pink notes lately,their lovely and meaningful.i’m just around…not yet around the corner.just here in the opposite side of your world. ;)
    i love your green shirt from one of your retreats and the luau party pic. with a pretty lady beside you and 2 handsome men.
    and you’ve gone cuter when you worn blue from your last live Q & A vid. I love seeing those Charles Xavier’s(professor X) eyes in you.lol what i mean is… i notice everything and i love noticing them.Never allow anyone to dull your sparkle ♥ stay tough and shining :)
    until then…

  • Hi Matt, I met this guy last year and I like him a lot, we have spoken about so many things, i could call it a long distance relationship however I haven’t seen signs that he likes me though we have talked starting a family and all. But i’m worried,like literally worried. I dont wanna give up on him though i know that change is inevitable. He hardly texts and calls as much as he used to and it freaks me that someone else has really gotten his attention as per to say.

    Please help

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