Do You Worry He’s “Not Sure” About You? Do This…

It’s time to say no to being undervalued forever.

One of my favorite quotes says: “If you put a small value on yourself, rest assured the world will not raise your price.”

So if you’re still hanging on that “one guy,” I need, need, need you to watch this. It may just be the biggest wake-up call you’ll ever get…

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79 Replies to “Do You Worry He’s “Not Sure” About You? Do This…”

  • Thanks Matthew. It’s not like I don’t know this but it’s still good to hear and follow through with the actions. I’ve been playing cat and mouse with my ex from my twenties (I’m in my forties) and it’s so true ‘Ex for a reason’! I took my eye off my goal of a steady, solid, equally balanced relationship because I was feeling lonely. I listened to the compliments and his gaslighting only to be reminded of the reason why he’s my ex when he let me down. Luckily I didn’t do anything that I’d seriously regret and have decided to cut him off and move forwards with my life. I’m off on a Girls Trip tomorrow and I couldn’t be more excited about what the future holds. Thanks for your wonderful advice, energy and spirit. We need more Matthews ❤️

  • This was the video I needed this week. I just cut it off with a guy who hasn’t been sure of me for almost a year. I thought he would change his mind and ”see me” but he kept being unsure and when I said enough that’s when he told me he was hoping for more, which I don’t believe because when I said talked to him and asked if he wanted more he was still unsure. Thanks for your video, perfect timing.

  • This may be the best video you’ve ever done. Brief, straight on and true true true. Thank you for always beating to the drum of self-value and aligning your actions with that self-value. Amazing! Very grateful over here for your words.

  • I’m at this point already… tired of feeling worthless. This has really helped me. Thank you Matthew!!

  • Matthew I’ve been watching you and reading your work since you started years ago.. Around 2009 or so. And I have to say THIS is the most loving, warming, caring, sweet, encouraging video I’ve ever seen you do. You get to the depth of the truthfulness that lies in those bad situations & is encouraging to see you, a man standing up for all those women that watch/read you, like a caring brother that wants the best for all his sisters. Thank you! For shining brightly & encouraging all to act & do what’s right, so that every woman out there realizes her potential & her true beautiful self. Much love Matthew!

  • Thank you so much Matthew you saved me you made me open my eyes and realize a lot damn you’re good thank you so much for all your videos WOW you’re amazing thank you so much

  • Hi Matt! Just wanted to take the time to say how wonderful you are and how much you helped me Grow by only watching your videos on YouTube.
    Thank you for existing and doing all this advices for all woman out there, God bless you and give you joy in your life, you truly deserve it.

    I really really appreciate you and everything you do for all woman around the world.

  • What if I’m the person who’s not sure either.
    We’re both unsure, but are not able/wanting to give up on smth that might become smth beautiful.
    The fear of regretting it later is holding me back to actually let go. Bc what if…

  • Tnk u Mathew that’s my present situation but wit this video I’ll say no

  • This is so so so true. Been in this situation in the past and it almost happened again recently. I just had to say no to the guy and kept moving forward. You don’t have to be with someone who isn’t sure.

  • This came at the right time right now because I going through this rn at this moment this with help me so much thank you

  • I’m crying now… thank you so much for this video. I love you for shareing this knowledge <3 .

  • Thanks Matthew.’s inspired me a lot. …this is the same reason that I found with my boyfriend who behave like not wanted me these days and disappear when he was with me .
    I should cut him off from now onwards.
    Thanks for encourage me to know what I need to choice.

  • Love this! So true…so many people struggle about staying with a person who is not giving their all…everyone deserves the best from one another…

  • Hello Matt
    Thank you so much to be so very dedicated. You speak to us as if you were speaking to your own sister, or daughter !
    so true what yu say, but so difficult to end an unsatisfactory relationship, as I think that guy is so afraid of emotion, so afraid to love

  • Excellent, excellent. Boy did I learn this the hard way, after years of sweating it out, going crazy doing somersaults trying to be perfect for him… all of which sure gave his self-esteem a boost, while destroying mine. And believe me, it took a loooong time to regain trust in myself and feel worthy of being not only loved but adored! No, no ladies. Take Matt’s advise and get out of a no-win situation before it robs you of your inner (and outer) joy for life.

  • I love this video, it perfectly sums up everything I’ve learnt (the hard way!) in the last 5 years. If anyone else is in this situation you have to take back control & be empowered enough to walk away from the person ‘who is not sure’ – something so much better is waiting for you on the other side. Thank you Matthew, your advice is always so spot on!

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