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5 Ways To Be A Great Dinner Guest

I believe in the art of being a wonderful dinner guest. Maybe you do too. In which case, let me give you a few quick test questions:

  • Do you pull out the chair for another guest, or simply take your seat?
  • Do you show interest in what other people have to say and give them the chance to shine, or endlessly talk about yourself?

Do you leave your phone on the table, or keep it on silent in your pocket?
Although dinner parties don’t have to require a performance on our part, they should be a seen as a chance to display us at our best. If you’ve ever wondered how to be the guest that everyone wants to invite over again, in this week’s episode of LOVELife I give you 5 SIMPLE TIPS for blowing away your host and making a great impression on every guest at the table.

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5 Replies to “5 Ways To Be A Great Dinner Guest”

  • Good advice! If I may add: Make sure you talk both to the person on your left and to the person on your right. Let’s all try to avoid the situation where someone is left with no one to talk to because the person on their right is talking to the person on their right and the person on their left to the person on their left.

  • Seen this one before but great advice and always good to be reminded! BTW, this video posted twice in a row, as did 2 Tricks For Approaching Any Guy.

  • I think you left out ONE important idea…offer the HOST OR HOSTESS help! Get up, after a course has been eaten, and help clear or clean up. This shows you’re not a lazy bum and want to help with clean up. Typically the host will say, “Thank you, but please, sit down and enjoy the conversations.” This shows class and appreciation! Ok, I just thought of ONE more idea, Please come to the dinner party with SOME type of gift, a bottle of wine, a batch of cookies, or a candle! This also shows class, appreciation and consideration!!

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