Dating Dramas – Episode 3

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11 Replies to “Dating Dramas – Episode 3”

  • It was a very funny video had to laugh about it. But still i did have once an opointment in public with a blind date, i saw him when i was still in the car and thought nope this isnt going to work, so i drove of with speed. Then a girlfriend phoned me up asking how did it went, and i told her. She then said to me you cant do that he drove all trough the country just to meet you. Yep it was about 300 or more km he drove. So i did let me talk over to just tell the guy it wouldnt work. And we then went to a nice village made a nice day walking around there drink coffee and off he went. We stayed friends. So a wrong date can also evolve in normal friendship, and friends we should always welcome in our life.
    By the way i took your advice about some video you talked about staying the way you are with friends whil you date and it worked very very well i must say, and it gave me an eyeopener why relations never worked with me. At my friends i am admired just for who i am and are but at relation or dating there was silence and thats not the real me then. so i did as you talked about and just went on goofy like i do with friends and co workers and as i am in normal life, and i had a blast it was great and funny and i even attrackt the people i like to have in my life.Now i will see what happens next in my life but with the knowledge you pointed me at it cant go wrong anymore, i feel free.
    Many hugs for your help and may are you hansom the typ i could like…lol Warm hugging greetings Carolina

  • I now believe that if a man is really interested in me that he will pay on the first date. Any time that I paid or financially contributed in any way on a first date, even those relationships where we ended up seriously dating, it was as if I set a precedent for the rest of the relationship that I should pay or contribute throughout the duration of the relationship.

  • Thank mathew. I am lucky woman. I share with you my love story. Last year we waited for a month to date the first dinner after 26 yrs apart ( because it was rain for a month). Two months later, he gave me a ring and asked for engagement. 26yrs ago he met me and though I was married. Then he disappointed, married, having son, Then 2 yrs later I married, at that time he was divorced. I did not know his love, until I was divorced 6 mths ago. He appears and reveals his love in 26yrs of waiting for me, but as a hero he was vanished, did not want to destroy my family. We are all successful in career. He alsway paid my bills. I am emotionally feeling of his loyal love and after two months exchanged poems with him, I am also feeling in love. Now we engaged and will arrange wedding in Jan 2012. Thank for share your experience to keep happiness.

  • i live in new york and will not be able to attend your seminar on august 6th, please Email imformation about the seminar you wll have in the U.S

  • I really believe your advice to be true . Matty is very receptive to situations . He’s amazing !! I sure wish he could touch down on my issues of fidelity w/ my current b/f . His sneaking around , lies , & secrativeness is killing me . Making me seem crazy to his friends & fam . IDK maybe I am I never was til I caught him red handed n he swore he would’nt again. 2 yrs later it’s starting again . Keeping his phone locked , never answering it when I’m around . I seriously can’t take it again . I need help, I dont know what to think . I feel like I’m losing my mind .

  • I need your advice….I had a boyfriend for 2 1/2 years and he went away for two years…I broke up with him because I was afraid of the long distance relationship….when he moved back he called and we started up again….Everything was going fine and when we were apart we would text and call each other constantly….I wanted more so I asked him for a relationship….we broke up, got back together, broke up, got back together and now we are broken up again…He said he doesn’t want a relationship….I love him and am willing to start over and just see where it goes…..How do I take it back to where it use to be?
    Or is it too late?

  • Elizabeth,
    This must be painful to you, and my advice will be painful, but maybe you should reconsider being in a relationship with this person.

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