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  • I am really loving these stories (and all the other advice), it’s really helping me ease up and stop taking everything so seriously. My best first date was to a snowboarding lesson, neither of us had done it before and had mentioned that we both wanted to learn. It was so much fun (although I think he lied a bit when he said he had never done it before!). The problem was that I got snow down my pants and when we went for a meal after, it soaked through my jeans and I had to sit there looking like I had wet myself…classy! But it all added to the fun.

  • Hi Matt, the best first date I’ve had was a salsa class event. We met at a restaurant that had a salsa class social. We learned a few basic steps and practiced them among the group where we were partnered one-on-one with everyone. When the lesson was over we had dinner. This gave us a chance to get to know one another and discuss our dancing experience. By the time dinner was over, a live salsa band began to perform and we had a chance to practice together what we’ve learned.

  • My Date Gone Wrong

    Matt, I am really enjoying your video blogs and all of your you tube videos. I love to listen to your voice and watch your eyebrows go up when you talk. You give great advice about dating. Wow, you are also very good looking too. U da Man! Okay – enough about you. Here is one my dates that went wrong but oh so funny!

    I lived in Marietta, Georgia and a man named Dale asked me out. We went to a Mexican Restaurant and he only ordered chips and water. Well the salsa and chips and water are free… That was 1 strike against him. I was hungry so I ordered a combination dinner – well then when the food was brought to our table, he reached into my plate and grabbed a taco…. All I could think of was: The nerve! That was Strike 2. The conversation was okay but not great… I paid for the food, because when the time came to get the check, he was conveniently in the restroom….Then we stopped by my apartment and he said that he wanted to read my fortune with Tarot cards. I told him that I didn’t want my fortune read that I didn’t believe in Tarot cards. My telephone rang and I went into the dining room to get the phone. It was my mom, so I put my head in the living room to tell Dale that I would be a few minutes on the phone. When I did, I saw that Dale was putting the Tarot cards in a certain order. I thought it would be fun to see what he would do with the Tarot cards, so I told him that I would let him read my fortune. He pulled the first card and said that I would meet a man with the initial “D”. I thought- Duh his name is Dale – – starts with a “D”. Then the next card he drew from the deck was that I was going to have a daughter and her name would start with an “S” – Earlier, I had found out that he had a daughter and her name was Stephanie… My thoughts were Strike 3 is on it’s way!

    Soon after the Tarot cards were read, I told him that I saw him put the cards in a certain order and the jig was up. I told him in a nice way that I didn’t have a good time and there would not be a 2nd date. Later that month about 2 days before Thanksgiving Day, he called me at work. I was in a meeting and he told the receptionist that it was emergency that he had to talk to me. I rushed out of the meeting and this was his emergency question: Roz, How do you cook a turkey? This is my answer: “A – I’m not the operator. B – I’m not Betty Crocker. C – Call 411 and ask for Betty Crocker. She will tell you how to cook a turkey.” and then I hung up on him. I know that he just wanted me to ask him for Thanksgiving Dinner…

    Matt, it is funny now, but then I was so mad at him. This is one of my dates that went wrong story. Keep up the good work. I’m looking forward to seeing you on my computer or seeing one of your webinars…They are extremely helpful… I like your advice and information. I’m on my way to getting the guy…. :)

    As I said earlier, U Da Man Matt!

    Love ya from across the pond in Andrews, North Carolina.

    Roz Barnett

  • There is a place we have in Manhattan KS that has a mini-golf and arcade. It’s a a great place for fun and a little competition. During the mini-golf portion of a date a guy asked if he got a hole in one if he could have a kiss. A) he asked and B) how could I say no when he was being fun and flirty. It helped lighten up the mood.

  • hi matt.

    i thought there really funny i have a name but i hope it aint to long
    what about Scarlet Sea at being me….?
    maybe i need to explain scarlet sea in my own words mean a river of embarrestment flowing over my face hence the scarlet bit going red and at being me we all do or say stupied things at times while being ourself or in an accured situation so yea i hope thats not to long lol

  • The best date location that wasn’t exactly a date…
    My best location was held at Loafers Pizza in Andrews, North Carolina. Earlier, I was at the community pool and my guy friend dropped by the pool and sat down by the 13th foot deep end of the pool and talked with me for 2 hours as I was swimming in the pool, he ended our conversation by telling me that he was going to have dinner with a friend at Loafers Pizza. The friend happened to be a woman. After, he told me that he was going to Loafers, I decided that I wanted to go with my daughter to Loafers. My daughter and I got there, but there were no tables, so I saw my guy friend and this other woman and told him that there were no more tables and that we would have to wait 45 minutes before we got a table. He asked us to join him. I started talking with his gal friend and she didn’t join in on the conversation and soon it was just me and this guy talking. We laughed so hard and the conversation was lively and the pizza was so good. I had to tell him about the story of Bob. I had met “Bob” and Carol and every time that I saw them I called him “Bob”. I ate one day with them at Wendy’s and when I got back to the office, I was asked if I had a good lunch. I told the girls at the office that I ate with “Bob” and Carol. Turns out that “Bob” is really “Ed”. I had been calling “Ed” – Bob for about two years and he nor Carol corrected me when I called him “Bob” instead of Ed. I saw them the next day and I asked him why did they let me call him “Bob”. The answer was really cute – “Bob” said that I could call him by any name, he didn’t mind – just as long as I called him….

    My guy friend laughed so hard he thought my “Bob” story was funny. My guy friend and I saw the Car Show that was in Loafer’s Pizza Place parking lot that night. We saw antique cars, show cars, and there was an Elvis Impersonator there and he was actually quite good. We had a Blast! Seems that my guy friend is very interesting and I have a lot in common with him. This happened the first Saturday of May 2011 and since then we have talked hours over the phone every night. We have been to Subway, to a Mexican Restaurant to eat, to his apartment, over at my place for coffee, and long hours of interesting conversation. We have seen DVD’s, listened to music and watched tv… All this has happened just by treading water in the pool and going to Loafer’s Pizza.

  • Attended a dinner-jazz show. It was great. Awkward silences were minimized and hardly noticeable due to the fact that one had to chew food, or that the act of chewing food and drinking the wine covers those awkward moments; plus, the fact that one can hardly talk except in whispers due to the loud band who holds the audience enthralled. Whispering meant having to put our heads together, smiling as if we were co-conspirators. Things went naturally well from there.

  • Hi Matt!! I love your emails and videos!! So funny!! :) :) :)

    The best first date I went on was with this GORGEOUS girl!! She asked me out in a coffee shop . . . I couldn’t believe my luck . . . she said she’d take me to see a side of Toronto I’d never seen before!!

    I never thought I’d enjoy dumpster diving . . . but OMG . . . it was so much fun!! You wouldn’t believe what people throw out!! And the best part was . . . we really “got to know each other”!!

    :) :) :)

  • The best place…..and time….watching sunrise obove sea from the high clif top and loooooong chat about everything and anything

  • Hi Matt! I love your videos and blog and newsletter, unfortunately I am not in London or else I would love your events as well ..

    So, my new interest is a bit of a different situation, I am used to men asking for my phone number within 10 min of meeting me, which has become a bore because of the lack of creativity maybe .. well,this new man in my life has not asked me for my phone number yet, except last week he finally asked me if I have facebook, which I am sure he was looking for me, since we have common friends who do have facebook, but I do not .. I met him about 4 months ago, he had just moved to my area and I met him at our church ;) which is the best thing for me, since my most important priority is a faith. He is cute and wild (just like me) but also faithful (just like me)!
    We meet every sunday in church and then afterwards there is always coffee and food where everyone can just chat and mingle, and that is when we have – what I consider- our weekly date.. it has been progressing, we flirt, we have serious talks, we joke, we tease, we are always together, it actually feels like the healthiest relationship I have ever had- but he has not asked for my phone number.. I am just wondering what could be the reasons, I have a few ideas, but I would love to hear what you think.. please let me know ;)

    Thank you – & again, I love your work!


  • Hey Matt.
    How about you giving us girls a chuckle and tell us one of your dating dramas.
    Thanks for all of your advise and tips Matt, keep up the good work hun.


  • i really love the stories,before i always felt it’s only me who makes i feel better and i have guts to laugh at them.thans so much.

  • My Worst Kiss Story: I was in a Sunday afternoon service at the United Methodist Church with my friend Robert and my daughter Tiffany. Robert’s elderly friend Don, kept walking in front of us in the pew. The church service was going on and Don was walking back and forth in front of us. I wanted him to sit down, so I patted the pew and motioned for him to sit down. I was sitting next to Robert and Tiffany was sitting on the other side of me, so I thought the most logical place that Don would sit would be on the other side of Robert, since there was an empty space on the pew, but Don thought that I wanted him to sit beside me, so he squeeezed in between me and Robert and sat down in between us. That made Robert, myself and Tiffany move over. About 2 minutes later, Don started walking around in front of our pew again. When Don got up, Robert moved closer to me. Few minutes lager, Don came back again and again squeezed in between me and Robert. This was getting annoying! To say the least! The Don closed his eyes and started to lean on me like he was asleep. I nudged him with my elbow and said quietly, “Don wake up” This was not appropriate behavior in church. Then everybody had to stand up and sign songs. When Don got up he stood in front of me and gave me a big hug and kiss on my cheek. The kiss was very close to my mouth. I was stunned and mortified. It all happened so quickly. I’m 47 and he is in his 70’s. The next time that I saw Don. I told him that I didn’t appreciate his kiss and that I never wanted that to ever happen again. He looked at me and asked me, “So, I don’t have a chance in Hell with you?” and I looked straight at him and said very plainly, “No, Not a Chance in Hell with me” EEEEEWWWW Old Weird Man Kiss. Gag!Gag! I told Robert that if I died, I would not want Don’s kiss to be my last, so Robert leaned in gave me a kiss. Robert saved the day!

  • I just could not go away your website before suggesting that I really loved the standard information an individual supply for your guests? Is going to be again steadily to inspect new posts

  • Hi Matt , came across your website while looking for dating advice. Its really nice having somewhere to look for motivation and ideas on dating. looking well forward to learning some “Tips” in 2012 im really hoping to get myself out there . im so full of ADMIRATION for all these ladies that GO ON DATES.A favourite date of mine was in Edinburgh with a younger man. He turned up really flambouyant and acted really loud and “out there” It was,nt his usual way. . . He told me on the train that the date was out- of- town so we should let our hair down be ourselves . We had a real blast we had similar cultural interests and taste in music and he made if fun. . even although i was nervous i had a great time with him .i would like to keep that date as my benchmark for dating in 2012. .

    so thank you to you and your team for a great network on dating> i hope my nerves are up to “getting the guy” and i don,t have a dating cock-up story to tell you in the next few months.

  • I attended one of Matt’s ‘Get the guy’ one day seminars last year. He was brilliant, gave advice that made so much sense. So I’ve set about doing my best to meet new guys and have started writing a blog to document what happens and to spur me on. Although I’ve had loads of fun, I haven’t had any dates yet; lots of offers, but none I wanted to take up!
    A great place to go for a date is a comedy club, as long as you don’t sit at the front and get picked on! But there’s plenty of time to talk before, during and after or if it’s going really badly, you at least get a good laugh!

  • Hi Matt,
    Love your video’s! It maybe sounds weird, but my best date was in a coffee shop. I’m from Holland, so I’m not referring to the regular kind ;) It was in my late teen years, so we were both rebellious teenagers back then. We started with a drink at a Jazz cafe and had a nice talk, but then started talking about other places in the area. We joked around a bit about the coffee shop, but then we were both like, why don’t we have a go? So we put on our coats and left. On our way to the shop, we ran into his friends and we told them where we were heading. His friends asked me: “Did he make you go there?” And I answered: “No it was my idea!” (which it basically was) and they cracked up. We went there, smoked something and had a great evening. After that we went out with his friends and they all loved it. We had a few dates after that, but unfortunately, he left for half a year’s traveling. I bumped into him a year after that and we still laugh about our first date. I’m in my twenties now and I would never go on a date like this again, but no one had beaten him in having the best first date. ;)

  • Hi Matt

    Please dear I would like to have your feedback from what I will explain to you and I don’t know if you ever been asked advise from a lady that can be your mother.

    I been watching your videos and I can say you are really fantastic.

    I am 56 years lady living in London and originally from South America and with English father. I would really like having a partner. I am a little shy and an other thing is that I am not very confident with the English language, I do speak but with a strong accent and some times I feel a shame of that, any way I am studying and doing my best to improve.

    I have 2 daughters from 34 and 20 years old. I had my first daughter with my first partner and he left me when I was pregnant, after 14 years I got marriage with my second daughter father and we split out 2 years after; now it had been 20 years divorce. In this 20 years a had a few relationship but only for a few months every one.

    In this stage of my life I would like to get a man to commit and fall in love for ever. I would prefer an English guy but I find it very difficult to grab their attention.

    Hope you have the time to read this email and reply me.

    Warm regards


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