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17 Replies to “A New Addition To What NOT To Do On A Date…”

  • Very amusing but not the worst I’ve heard or experienced. Lol. This is probably what we girls are cackling over cocktails about whenever men wonder what is so damn funny!

  • Hi matt

    firstly thanks for all the advice they have been really helpful.

    How funny is that, that deaf would be the sort of thing that would happen to me,a good way to open a conversasion, and have a bit of a laugh.

    Look forward to hearing from you soon.

    ps the weekly letters on bad dates would be cool xx

  • That was really awesome & funny.I give that lady a lot of credit for even emailing that to in to you..

  • at least she got a date..! I’ve asked out about 20 guys (over a long period of time I may add!) and all of them have said no!

  • How about a thirty year old story? I met a guy for a lunchtime date – a first date. We both worked in the city center and we decided to visit a gallery together, possibly trying to impress each other with our artiness. But we needed to eat something too, so we bought meat pies and ate them as we walked along the street. Unfortunately I managed to squirt meat filling down the front of my dress. Clumsy, stupid and embarrassing.I cleaned up as well as I could and carried on with the date.

    In spite of my total un-coolness I ended up marrying the guy, and years later he told me he was just so glad it happened to me, not him.

  • Cringe indeed!! I’d laugh it off with him though…at least he sees i’m making an effort right?!

  • Ahahahha! That is an amazing story! You’re so right to say that people shouldn’t take themselves too seriously, even on the first date! This kind of situation actually may be helpful to start feeling relaxed, have a good laugh, and open up a little bit. Most people want to show the best of themselves on the first date and if something goes wrong we start feeling insecure and lose confidence.But if something like that happens it’s better to be able to laugh at yourself.
    Matthew, you said that you would like to meet this woman and you were amazed by the fact that she watched your video on the first date! But what if some guy would think that she’s wierd? I think it’s also a good way to tell whether or not your guy is shallow and has a sence of humor. You can tell if he’s not right for you!

    Thanks for the newsletter!

  • how very endearing,, he must have been rather flattered that she actually made so much effort to ensure that they BOTH had an enjoyable date,, i would like to learn as to whether they went onto a second date,, were the types she got from you effective,, i admire her honesty in being able to share her experience, and, as you say, not taking it all too seriously. Thanks for sharing, Stay safe, Be happy,, XxJ

  • My date from hell was a blind date. A friend was dating this guy, and his friend was asking if she had any single mates.

    He took me to a 2 meals for £10 place, and afterwards, put £5 on the table, and said “That covers my dinner”.
    He then went on to the bar, i was standing behind him, he flashed his wallet, there was about £60-70, and a condom, he discretly showed me the condom, and said he was once a scout, and always prepared. Now that really put me off! further more, he later then asked how much my house was worth, and then how much was outstanding on the mortgage. Not a secret, but an odd topic for a first date. And would you belive! he wanted to see me again too.

  • Risk taking makes life fun and full of adventures. Laughing all the way :-) Kudos to those who share

  • Ha, found this to be very insightful! In general we need to be more light hearted and take everything in stride.
    I just moved to the US and was so overly upset with the way things go here in how to attract the RIGHT kind of guys,
    i’m still learning and this video just made me realize that it’s really up to me, how i perceive myself is how others do!
    and eventually it’s just all about having fun with it and being yourself throughout. Nothing more attractive than that. Clumsy basket case and all.

    Going out tonight with a new set of perspectives! Thanks :)

  • Hi Matt!

    Nice video! Had me captivated the whole way! At least she can laugh at what happened. I mean, that’s not too bad if a guy sees that you’re trying to make sure what one shouldn’t do on a date. :-)

    If I can share an unbelievable story with some of your readers, have you ever been on a date where a woman wants to know her “standing” within 24 hours?


    What makes that one funny is she then told him how incompatible their life styles were and went through a list of what he did “wrong”.


    Anyway ladies, as a fellow man, if you read that, don’t do those either. Show some class. :-)

  • I believe theres nothing to be ashemed of on following you :D Ive mentioned about what to do on a first date list on my firsty date :D well it turns ot it was not a frst date but i would like to think i struck him as a different person ::D and hugging him was a great idea :D

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