Dating Decoded! Co-hosting The Marilyn Denis Show

Whilst I was in Toronto for the Matthew Hussey Live tour, Marilyn Denis invited me on to co-host a full hour of her show all about dating.

We discussed how men and women view relationships differently, how to have a great first date, gave two men a makeover, and much more!

Needless to say, we had a blast. Take a look at the clips below!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

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15 Replies to “Dating Decoded! Co-hosting The Marilyn Denis Show”

  • This was AMAAAAZING! LOVE! love that you post this, keep putting up these appearances you do, I feel like i miss so many good bits being in the UK now, you do so much abroad! But well done! Keep in up MH!!

  • Amazing, I love it, really enjoyed watching and so happy you share your US TV appearances like this – remembering yo UK roots Matthew! The live date was great, and it was all so funny. Great stuff!

  • Matt,
    I am from Brazil and I suddenlly found some of your videos on the internet and now I just can’t get rid of them!
    What I love the most about your videos is your passion for what you do plus how rewarding this thing is for you and the public and I believe thats what makes you so addicting. In this show I could see all of the tips you are always giving us in practice and its absolute lovely and helpful simultaneously (again SO addicting).

    My life has been changing in so many ways because of you, your passion and TRUE LOVE for what you do so thank you with all my heart.

  • Wow. I totally told a first date the other day that he is lucky for being naturally skinny. And for me and from my perspective I was giving him a compliment. a. Because I have a weakness for naturally skinny guys!
    I guess I will have to skip tht part the next time :P

  • Love the show – Hope you come back in warmer weather.
    Loved Matthew co-hosting. Job well done.
    Found the demo on what to do anmd not do on a date great. but the discussion on “Differences between men and women had many ‘ah hah’ moments for me.
    Can you please let me know when you are coming back to Toronto tp do your seminar on “How To Gt The Guy” and/or Marilyn Denis Show
    I do not drive and need time to arrange transportation.

    As I am legally blind I need all the help and info on dating.
    As I always miss the “eye” contact part. (Yes Blind – but not blind enough for a dog – but have trouble seeing distances and in low light).
    Have you ever considered a show or seminar and/or part of your seminar addressing those with some dating challenges such as myself.

    Again always love watching your videos and hope you come back to Toronto sonn.

    Mini Jacques

    Facebook: Catherine Dianne Mini Jacques
    Twitter: BruceCountyGal

  • Actually, beside Matt (my fav ever), I also liked the sporty guy. Message for him : I own a sailor boat ! :)
    Jokes aside, great show, and really helpful hints. I’ll try to put more emotions and less logic in my future interactions with les garçons.

  • That fashion expert should be fired. She chose the strangest outfits for women to wear on a date. Seemed like too many parts to it. But you were great Matthew!

  • No way! Okay, now I’m impressed. I’m sure Seacrest is great and all, but I listened to Marilyn on the radio every morning when I was in high school; she’s basically Canadian royalty. :)

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