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The Counterintuitive Productivity Hack You Can Use Every Day

I am a lazy person.

Yep, it’s true.

People assume you must have to be some kind of natural super-human productivity machine in order to run a successful business. But you don’t. Believe me.

In this week’s video, I’m going to show you how you can get more done in your busy schedule, EVEN if you feel like you have a full calendar and can’t fit more in. I’ll give a hint: Deadlines are your friend

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70 Replies to “The Counterintuitive Productivity Hack You Can Use Every Day”

  • Getting a speadsheet modified and uploaded onto a sales platform similar to eBay. Thank you for the tip

  • Great advice as usual! I’ve done this myself…. ;) Adding things to my schedule so that I can focus my time more in a short time frame. Don’t clear your day to do it…That is so true!
    Getting a report I need done before I go the Retreat! I have cleared many days to do it…but, I have ended up NOT doing it because of what you said…I know I have the 2nd half of the day if I have procrastinated in the morning…& guess what?? I have NOT done it yet…I do have a deadline…We shall see if I make it…I know I will…but, I have been “putting it off”….??? Yikes! Thanks for the advice… Hugs! & by the way.. I don’t know if you look like a 21 year old blogger…but, you sure look “darn sexy” in that t-shirt! Stop it! LOL!

  • Thank you Matt. Actually, I will never leave my day empty. From the time I wake up, I meditate, have a workout, do my paintings, learn something new etc. I will not deviate from my daily schedule and if something else comes into my day like going out with a friend for example she will be fitted into my schedule and I will work it out. Some tweaking will then be in order. Nice to hear from you. Awesome video Sweety. x

  • This is very new Matthew. Usually, when there is a lot to do – I start with the most easiest thing, get them done one by one – and then even if the one most difficult thing gets carried forward to do the next day – I dont mind because I know there is nothing else left to do. But your deadline theory is good – I like it. Ill implement it and let you know what I come up with.

  • That’s good advice. But it should be said that a pre requisite to it, would be to break up big and daunting tasks into a series of small, concrete and manageable tasks. It’s the big and daunting that we don’t know how to handle that makes us procrastinate.

  • I’ve been doing this “technique” my whole life, and I thought I was the only/odd one.haha

  • The less responsibilities you have the harder it gets to be productive. It’s very tiring and draining to make up things to make the day useful with nonsense stuff that nobody cares about. When I have something useful to do I go like an unstoppable train and I’m amazed how much I can achieve.

  • Thank you Matthew. You have helped guide me through a tricky time recently. I am very grateful for that.

    I don’t usually write comments but you asked so nicely.

    You may have seen it already but this talk (link below) reinforces your point. I have created many deadlines since I watched this video. Procrastination can turn from something funny to something quite sad. I hope it may inspire someone else.


    Have a great day. C

  • Totally agree with this. When I have a tonne of things to do, I find I manage to do almost all. But when it is just the one, it gets put off, or I procrastinate…

  • Inspiring as usual Matthew and team. Thanks for this post. Am in the same boat with the ‘laziness’ – a whole day of freedom to do an assignment leaves me with doing anything but that (including with reading this post). Did a little reflection, and yes I am most productive when I’ve got something else on the roll.

    I will use your technique to finally get pen on paper and work on that assignment I’ve been pushing out – two hours and I’ll call my family overseas – awesome deadline setting! I know this will work.

    Thanks heaps! x

  • I have been struggling with productivity, in particular a certain task that I find really hard – so yes, I have been giving myself entire days to work on it, and hense not getting much done.

    This is a good idea, I will try it.

  • mathew– your video could not be more true. as an artist i have all day every day to make art. how much more productive am i when i schedule breaks every hour from painting to–stretch, answer email, do some cleaning , some marketing.

    thank you for reminding me

  • I have been trying to clean out my wardrobe closet for weeks now. It’s a weekend project that always stalls because of distractions. I think I need to dedicate a whole day so many times I don’t even try to begin, because too much of the day has been used. Wish me luck!

  • I love this and timing was perfect! I have a lot to do today so now I plan to shorten the time to do it and fit in some fun this afternoon. It will be a great day! Thank you for the advice, Matthew!

  • Hi Matt,
    that was a more than interesting and helpful advice. So my deadline for today will be a nice barbecue .
    During next week I will work on these additional deadlines and try to find out how it works since I’m loaded with tasks although these are vacations for me .
    I’ll report about it.

  • Hi Matthew, i have usually noticed that the more time i have, the more i waste it. I always procrastinate. And since i have exams coming up, i think i have a lot of time and procrastinate everything to the last few days. This time, ill set small deadlines for myself and see how it works. Thank you so much for this wonderful idea.

  • Good Morning,
    What you propose makes sense. You’re completely accurate on your analogy of clearing your schedule could create worse procrastination & defeat the purpose of why it was originally cleared. Today is one of those days But I will use your advice and let you know how the day pans out Thank you for all you do.
    Please say Hello to Jameson for me

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