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The Counterintuitive Productivity Hack You Can Use Every Day

I am a lazy person.

Yep, it’s true.

People assume you must have to be some kind of natural super-human productivity machine in order to run a successful business. But you don’t. Believe me.

In this week’s video, I’m going to show you how you can get more done in your busy schedule, EVEN if you feel like you have a full calendar and can’t fit more in. I’ll give a hint: Deadlines are your friend

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70 Replies to “The Counterintuitive Productivity Hack You Can Use Every Day”

  • I have been using this technique for years. I am more productive and accomplished than many people my age because of it. The key is dream big- live out your dreams-schedule it- then just do it. I even schedule alone and play time with my children. Thank you for sharing love you and all your wisdom.

  • I think your absolutey right. But I’m well off don’t need to do anything for monetary gain, you’d think “boy she has it made” but NO it’s terrible!! Nothing to look forward to! And if I do have to get something done I suck at it!! And if I do have something on my agenda, I blow it off or I’m late! Help Matthew obi getyourshittogether konobi your my online hope! Lol no really

  • Gresat video. Most people know they are a lot more productive when busy. My question to you is how to fill up the diary during office hours when work is slow (i.e. can’t just go to the gym for 4 hours). Any tips would be most welcome so that (a) the work day passes more enjoyably and (b) the bits of work that I do need to do get done more efficiently!

  • Thanks a lot!!! This is such a valuable message from you! I needed it, since I have currently a number of projects going on simultaneously!


  • I really should clean up my apartment in more efficient way…. Maybe using this technique could help me with that task.

  • Yes, yes, this is so true. On my busiest days I get everything done. Yesterday I was supposed to study that was all. Did not do it, went shopping, had dinner with friends, no studying. Added it in this morning at five and did all of the other things I had to do today. Pasted test btw!

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