Top 10 Christmas Dates To Go On With Your Guy

Everywhere seems more romantic at christmas. A combination of the lights,the music and the cold weather (meaning its necessary to cuddle closer to your date), makes christmas a great time of year for first, tenth or fiftieth dates!

Christmas is one of the best times of the year to go on dates, people feel lonelier – it’s cold, the same old films are on the telly and it’s just lovely to be with someone you care about, so make the effort to have a cracking christmas date with your guy.

Here are our top ten romantic dates to go on with you guy whatever stage in your relationship that are fun, interesting and create that spark that every relationship needs, even if they do feel a little cheesy just go with it!

1. Strolling round christmas markets

Around christmas time markets full of festive treats appear all over the place. They provide an easy no pressure situation for a date as you can stroll through the romantic atmosphere, warm up and loosen up with mulled wine and laugh at the tacky singing santas.

2. Christmas shopping without the stress!

For me the epitome of christmas is walking through departments stores like Harrods ,immaculately decorated, and soak up the christmas cheer. However unless you’re in a long term relationship and are buying your christmas presents for your respective families as a couple, do not go with the intention of getting all your christmas shopping done. This will not make for a fun stress free date and could mean a first date becomes the last. Instead just go for the decorations, to sample some christmas food and perhaps to buy a dvd for date number four!

3. Ice skating

Slightly risky? Yes. Incredibly romantic, yes yes yes! Provides many an opportunity for bodily contact and hand holding as you glide along together like something from a film. Or he holds you up like a hero and you nervously cling to the side. This one will only work if he can skate so best to check that one first.

4. Christmas films and mulled wine

Normally I steer clear of advising cosy nights in as dates as they are all a bit to comfy and monotonous. But at christmas this all goes out of the window. Its cold outside, there may well be a fire inside and drinking mulled wine and watching your childhood christmas films together really can be as romantic as being wined and dined in a fancy restaurant.

5. Cooking a christmas meal

Christmas can be a great time to slip into a sexy dress and do your best Nigella Lawson impression as you cook his (and yours) favourite holiday food. However if you can’t cook id advise you laugh it off and try and make some fairy cakes together instead of giving him food poisoning for Christmas.

6. Christmas drinks

Any other time of the year meeting friends and family can be incredibly daunting but christmas provides an opportunity where everyone is in good spirits and in the mood to celebrate so joining your other half and his family and friends for a drink will be less nerve wracking at this time of year and bring you closer together. However do not suggest this take place on christmas day, meeting your boyfriend’s family at their dysfunctional best is not advisable.

7. Go for a walk and find some mistletoe

Again a walk in cold weather provides excuses to cuddle up and at no other time of year can you use a plant as an excuse for a smooch.

8. Night in with early christmas treats

Now here I don’t mean the kind of night in where the treats are a box of celebrations. More the night in where the treat is you….and you are wearing something sexy….and you need to be unwrapped…ehem enough said.

9. Concerts and Carols

Christmas is the perfect time of year to go and see something you don’t normally see. Whether its a carol concert, a ballet or a christmas pantomime its a romantic and more original twist on going to the cinema.

10. Romantic getaway

No better christmas present then spending a weekend away somewhere romantic with your loved one. Merry Christmas!

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1 Replies to “Top 10 Christmas Dates To Go On With Your Guy”

  • Love these! I met my boyfriend last Christmas so it’s an even more special time for us this year, we’ve planned the ice skating in Hyde Park and then some chocolate tasting (which you may want to add to the list) in Central London, can’t wait!

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