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Can My BF Be Friends With Women?

Imagine your boyfriend just introduced you to his attractive, funny and cool “best friend”, who also happens to be a woman. What do you feel? Awkward? Uncomfortable? I don’t blame you.

It’s that eternal puzzle: Can men and women ever be just friends? Most people respond to seeing their partner having friends of the opposite sex in the worst possible ways: anger, jealousy, coldness. Or…they choose an even worse strategy. They avoid the issue entirely and become resentful, until one day they just explode and make a HUGE messy scene.

Both of these are wrong.

In this week’s video, I reveal exactly under what circumstances you should accept your guy having female friends, and show you the TWO THINGS he must do before you should feel comfortable with the situation.

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29 Replies to “Can My BF Be Friends With Women?”

  • Stumbled on your web site because i wasnt referred to your site. However i found it interesting and decided to sign up then watch to your videos. I have a lot of siblings and would like to refer them here.

    But, it’s too much stress trying to watch ALL your videos. Its either some videos are not talking even after putting my sound volume on 100 or some clips never even play! I tried trouble shooting, and got information like LD,SD,HD etc. we watch other things online and don’t have all these issues. Maybe your videos need to come in less complicated definitions to be able to operate with the average internet service provider’s standard

    I am suspecting this might be a Scam site or something or What is wrong?

    1. ROK, check watch the videos from youtube if you are having trouble watching from the webpage. Just type in Matthew Hussey and all his videos will come up.

  • This video was perfect timing for me as my boyfriend and I had this issue pop up this week. Both of us are very honest and open about our relationships with friends of the opposite sex but we differ on the stance of what is appropriate and what is not. How do you combat that issue. For instance, he says he would have no issue or jealousy with me having conversations with guys of the opposite sex similar to the ones he has, telling lady friends they look good/sexy, nice ass, sending kissy face pictures ect… In my gut, this is wrong. I am all about having friends of the opposite sex and don’t get insecure as long as the communication is platonic. He thinks the context of the conversations shouldn’t matter because we both trust each other to never cheat. Although I do trust him to never cheat, it still makes me feel disrespected. Even though he said he wouldn’t care if I did the same, I never would because I think it’s disrespectful to your partner. He seems understanding of the way it makes me feel, but if he doesn’t think what he is doing is inappropriate how do I encourage him to stop without seeming controlling/jealous. I don’t care if he talks to girls just don’t want him to say anything to them that he wouldn’t say on front of me. Is that unreasonable? As hard as I try for it not to affect my self esteem, it does.

  • Exactly what I needed today. My man had flirted with one of his gf he has known for 25years, and when I got beside him and heard them flirting I felt completely ignored. None of them made an effort to make me feel good. When I talked to him he said he was joking and said I had not found his joke funny. I feel the physical chemistry, even though she is married to one of his friend and he would not touch her. He says they always talk like this when they see eachothers and its making me feel very uncomfortable, creating anxiety and unneeded worries. Not sure how to deal with this. I love him and trust him but I dont know her much and did not like the way it made me feel. Such a delicate situation when Im the new one in the circle. It resonates with your today’s video about our weapon if choice when we feel threatened. I dont want to close my heart because I felt insecure or my ego not protected as you so well said it.

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