Our Stupidest Moments of 2017

The funny, the bad, and the ridiculous – my trusted director Jameson has cut together some of our very best bloopers from 2017.

Enjoy, and thank you so much for all your support over the last 365 days.


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40 Replies to “Our Stupidest Moments of 2017”

  • Haaaaaaaa!! I loved the realness of this. Thanks for the laugh guys. Here’s to all your beautiful meat flower burgers in 2018!!

  • Thank you Matthew and Get The Guy Team for what you do! It’s nice to have a real man on our side. Someone who genuinely cares about bringing people together, is both funny and charismatic, and who is interesting to listen to each and every week! It is always a pleasure! Happy New Year!

  • You’re so hilarious, Matthew. Love the bloopers. Thank you for all your videos over the past couple of years. I have learned so much from them & hope I can use what I’ve learned on a certain someone who doesn’t know how much I care about him. I really enjoy watching you & look forward to more videos in 2018. Thank you for your great advice. Happy New Year, Matthew!

  • NO! Thank you all!
    You change lives for the better everyday!
    Great blooper video!
    I am grateful to have experienced your retreat; a highlight of my life.
    Best thing I ever did is learn from you!

  • That is hilarious! Thank you so much Matt and team for helping me improve myself so that I can move forward in 2018.

    HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! <3 <3 <3

  • …what were Jameson and Stephen doing down there at the end before they popped up?

    You know Matt I’ve only just noticed you’re kind of fit and good looking so hey how you doing

  • The oddest thing about your posts are that you refer to women as “guys”. “Thank you guys” yada yada.
    I may be in the wrong here. Do you have a male following? If you don’t, it’s odd that you refer to women as “guys”. It brings a lack of elegance to the whole situation.
    A simple “Thank you” works just the same.

  • Hello there the entire team! Just watched your “stupidest moments in 2017” video, guys – you just made my day!
    I guess I’ll soon see you in some Netflix stand-up comedy episode as well

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