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What He Really Needs To Know Before He Commits

I’m about to let you in on a secret about men, but I should warn you: Most women don’t believe me when I say this.

Here goes…

Men notice a lot more than you think.

In this week’s video, I’ll reveal an untold secret about what makes men see you as “girlfriend material,” and show you exactly how to make him desire you more than any woman he’s dated with a few simple tweaks in your behavior.

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19 Replies to “What He Really Needs To Know Before He Commits”

  • I’m painfully shy and introverted and I feel like all my relationships collapse because of it. Can you do a video or programme on how to do this? How to talk in large groups and get on with their friends? I am ok one-2-one but in large groups I get anxiety and never know what to say. I wish I was that person who could just say anything to anyone. I know it’s about your state of mind.

  • I did everything you just said when I was with a guy for over 4 months! He introduced me to all his family and friends in a huge social situation. His adult daughter even pulled me aside and said “I really like you!” When I asked why she replied ‘Cause dad has brought a lot of ladies to things like this, and all they ever do is cling to him like glue. You’ve made so many friends here already!! Dad really likes that about you, too!” I simply replied “Well…that’s just me….thanks” All his friends and family kept saying “You guys are awesome together…you both love horses and riding motorbikes”. He almost IGNORED me the entire time..but I could see him checking me out on several occasions….checking out my social skills. We met online, and a few weeks later, I told him that I wanted to be exclusive and asked him to take his profile down..NOT let’s move in together or anything else. He cracked it, big time. Jeez…..dodged a bullet there!!!

  • Wow. What I like about this advice is these are techniques anyone can do without being a superwomen or rocket scientist. These are the words and actions any ordinary, thoughtful person can do.

    Thanks, Matt

  • And women should be evaluating him on these same behaviors. Definitely important for both partners to have the skills and interest in the people in our lives.

  • Matt – I had a third (and last) date with a guy for Thai food followed by a free concert in the park. At the restaurant, I was interacting with our sweet waiter, and asking for a couple things, chop sticks, tamari. And during the interaction, I was acting bubbly and friendly, so my date could see that I was a kind and pleasant type. At the end of the evening, my date told me that he didn’t like me interacting with another guy like that. My reply was, “Well in the first place, he was gay and no threat to you and he was very nice; in the second place, I needed chop sticks and tamari ssauce….. get over it, will ya?” There were other things wrong too, so it ended, but some guys are really touchy about the woman they’re with interacting with anyone but them on a date. This wasn’t even an evening date, but in the afternoon on a Sunday. Anyway, it was very weird to me. I guess one needs to employ these techniques tempered with the weirdness of certain individuals. But I was just being me. Bummer.

  • Awesome advice as usual! I look forward to these videos every Sunday! Keep them coming! Hugs! Thanks Matthew! ;)

  • Was just talking to a friend & something interesting came up: how do you reconcile being deeply emotionally connected to someone & having explosive sexual chemistry? Why are the two so hard simultaneously & what can we do to help? There’s so much power in sex and dominance even but when we are vulnerable maybe some of us might not feel as powerful & perhaps lose the amazing sex? Lol Where did it go & how can we find it back?

    I loved this! I’ve picked out my ring but it’s not on my finger and I’m not in a hurry. I feel cautious on that front. I asked him about it the other day and I promised myself I wouldn’t & he said “We’ll get engaged when you feel emotionally ready.” I won’t ever be ready. If he wants me he’ll make it happen because he’s over the moon for me, but he has to step up in my mind. I’ll let him come to me because it’s not in my control & if I try to control it it’s contrary to who I am. Is this a good attitude? If he wants me he’Il come get me. I’m here being courted, at family gatherings, chatting with his sisters & uncles, etc. (with my own thing going), but it’s on him. Yes? The only thing that might make me ready is if he asked & how he asked, & if he meant it :)

  • Hi I have been reading your email for a while. I have a problem. I have been married for almost 7 years but I feel I am at my end I no longer have feelings for him I am there because of my son .i have not worked since 4/2/2014.I am in Florida. I try to find work in other states he said I shall not move because he needs me here until he gets certain things done after word I couldon’t live .in feel miserable and stuck .what Should I do.my family is in canada they want me to relocate but he still keeping me back.please tell me what you think I should do.

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