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The Future of Dating? (A Date In 2025)

My good friend and highly talented director Ryan Turner has made an incredible, multi-award-nominated short film that shows how you could be dating by 2025.

I hope you love it as much as I do…

►►  What do you LOVE or HATE about dating today? Leave a comment below…

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272 Replies to “The Future of Dating? (A Date In 2025)”

  • I hate that we are judged by who we date or don’t and why or why not because I think that people should just be able to be who they want with whom ever from where ever as long as they have a connection and not be called sluts and whores and bitches because of who or what they feel for.

  • Loved this video! Although it’s a little terrifying, I already feel that in today’s dating age it’s so easy to feel disconnected!
    It makes me want to be a little braver, and just risk being a bit more vulnerable!

  • What a cute and realistic potential future. I will be 60 in 2025 but the fear of meeting new people and dating doesn’t have an age limit. The fear of being judged and our reliance on technology is real even now. Great job!!!

  • Wow! That was great. I recognise that need then not doing anything about it. If only I had a voice to kick my arse! Oh I do, it’s called me and sometimes Matthew Hussey adds his wise words too ;)

  • The clever thing about this video is that all those dystopian elements are already here-already affecting us.
    Dating- making genuine,real and lasting connections in our current world feels like attempting to climb K2 with one leg. That is of course why your role exists so successfully Matt. (You are of course very talented in that role and model the ideal that your cyber clients hope to attain- handsome, funny and with great Emotional Quotient-you are a Virtual “Carrot” :) I think eventually many of us give up and the pay-off to that is that it brings you to a calmer, less stressful place. You just focus on other things. Perhaps achieve or experience more in life as a result-who can say?

  • The desensitized experience is already quite prevalent due to on line dating. I like that a contact one may have not met any other way can take place through this method.
    I dislike that there can be dishonesty, and it is easier for men to walk away. The hug was realistic, I experienced it after taking time off from dating, the human touch is amazing, especially when it’s been a while. I miss the old days, when people were all in.

  • Dating is a little terrifying but this was a great video. Perseverance works is what I get from this and with guidance from myself and of course MH I’m sure I’ll find a great love! Serial dating is tiresome but you have to sift the wheat from the chaff! Just hoping I get more wheat and less chaff lol.

  • We can be anyone we choose to be behind a keyboard but are we being truthful with the people we communicate with? Have we become so afraid of being hurt that we create a confident self and portray that online? Are we then too afraid to go out into the real world because it would expose us? For some people, yes this is their world in 2018 which is exactly why dating can be so difficult. Technology is both a blessing and a curse. I’m not sure what the future of dating will bring but I only hope that I find my Mr. Right for Me before 2025.

  • This short film is poignant because it’s true. I think that technology, dating apps and social media all portray a virtual reality that starts fading into actual reality. We create virtual profiles, with edited and filtered pictures always putting our best foot forward. On a virtual profile you can be anything or anyone, except yourself. We are told what is attractive and what isn’t so we try, desperately, to adhere to that ideal hoping it’ll morph into a real romantic connection. Except that, we lose touch and virtual becomes reality, making reality unobtainable and frightening.

  • Ohh My!!! As a woman who is dealing with the emotional absence and 27 year love connection…. I am already TERRIFIED of any further rejection! When my soulmate and I met – there were No Mobile Phones.. there was No Internet. People connected in reality and met so many new people every week! But now I am alone and so incredibly frightened of possible Forevermore Lonesomeness that I feel almost paralysed. I have No Doubt online dating is both fickle and fun these days (for those who are young)… but for me – alone after 27 years….. I am so scared of who I am.. what did I do wrong to have my soulmate tell me he has lost his way and doesn’t feel love for me as he once did.. I have subscribed to a Datung website and although its good for me to receive Messagesand to be asked to meet.. but – I am just sooo terrified.. terrified I wont be interesting enough; attractive enough; wealthy enough… I’m afraid of not being ENOUGH

  • This was rather scary!
    I hope I never have to find out what dating in the future will be. Already now I feel that it is a battlefield out there and the few geniune ones are difficult to find.
    Technology is not bad, it’s just a question of how we use it. It helped me find my dream partner, a person I would have probably never met otherwise. But I had to survive through 2 years of bad dates and people who created a whole different self online.

    1. I’m so glad that you found him. Please love him like you’ve never ever love anyone before. Ithink that’s how much he loves you. ^_^ He’d rather hurt himself than hurt you, If I might say:)

    2. Thanks for being so honest. 2 years seems like a long time but you’ve given me hope that patience pays off and patience is a virtue. Wishing you & your partner every happiness :)

  • Great short film. Interesting perspective. Seems sad that technology only added to more isolation in the future. I certainly hope it does not become that way. We need more connection, physical connection and by that I don’t mean sexual or just sexual. Human connection and interaction. True connectivity and back to the basics and simple joys of interacting with each other.

  • People treat dating either for a one night or to Compensate their free time… After one meet they don’t bother to call back or make plans to spend time.. People are scared of being into relationships.. I get to hear lot of time that “l m not ready for any relationship “..Ready? U just need love n compassion…

  • Unfortunately we lost all sense if reality . Women have demasculated he male population and with all the hi tech things available we have stolen the basics of life from humanity. Love and Human contact are as esential as food water and shelter for a healty mind body and soul .

  • I loved the video, I think we all need a ‘push’ sometimes to approach the person we like. Nowadays people from the same uni or workplace hardly ever ask each other out, they believe that if something goes wrong it will be frustrating. I am encountering the problem on a daily basis although I am all healthy, athletic and successful (the criteria that make us attractive I guess)…

  • Funny little film only I think it relates to today trying to physically go on a date with a man these days is like pulling teeth. 2 years talking to some one and his condition was for me to give him a bj as soon as I met him. U can see why I’ve given up 2 years later and hours chat on a street in the rain to be told im not exciting because I did not jump on him. Um then another guy let’s meet … cancel let’s meet… cancel this went on for a year on and off and still never met him. Technology and the internet have a lot to answer for I’ve given up trying I’m not lowering my standards for any one.

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