7 Signs You’re Dating A Crazy Person

Is he quirky, or is he CRAZY?

It can be a fine line to toe, but having sat down with Jameson and brainstormed the giveaways, we think we’ve cracked the code…

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127 Replies to “7 Signs You’re Dating A Crazy Person”

  • There is something I actually really need your help with Matthew I really would feel a lot safer in my life if you could help me with this.. if you think you can help please message me on my Facebook Aiyana Pavati.

  • This is hilarious!!! So, I´m laughing my head off and in comes my boss looking like whattt???? (Here in Venezuela it gets serious) hahahaha… Idea for your next video: What to do if you get fired for watching Matthew Hussey videos at work… Love u!!

  • That’s acctually what I wanted to ask you ! I find myself a little weird and crazy, and I was wondering if I would find a guy that would accept my craziness..

    But after this video I guess I’m not crazy, just very quirky ^^
    Well, at least I hope so haha !

  • Ahhhh!! I’ve missed you!!
    I mean that in the sense that I’ve been away from you!! Since you turned my life upside-down (AKA) the right way up, at one of your retreats…I met a guy.
    One of the first things I liked about him?… Little ‘quirks’ or ‘idiosyncricities’ that he has. We’re still together, we’ve been through quite a few tough life events that have happened to each of us, which has brought us closer together.
    When I first met him I found his personality endearing, sweet and honest. I went through a period where I questioned how I felt about him because I’ve spent a lot of my life giving a shit about what other people think…about everything. I was a real sheople person. Thanks to you and all of the support at the retreat, I managed to ask myself the right questions that made sure it was me who liked this guy, I didn’t care if he was anyone else’s ‘type’ and I made sure I was behaving the way that would represent the best Me!!
    Might I add, this is my first relationship and I’m in an age group where you wouldn’t expect that :0
    I’m happier (freer) than ever, to asses a situation, personality, attitude or ‘type’ in terms of what suits me and who I am!!
    Thank you Matthew and Team!!!
    P.S. I’m totally quirky and… It seems to complement his quirkiness… And none of his mates are called Gerald so I reckon I’m safe!! :-P
    Lots of love !! XxxxxX

  • Um, Matt are you just out of a bad relashionship with a crazy person?
    The way you did some of those points seemed they are sitting on a very raw nerve.

  • Haha Matthew!
    I think you might need to work on your technique in bed. Also, funny you mention Jerold. I recently met one of those crazies who suggested the vary same thing. Good thing my crazy detector has fresh batteries.

    Thanks for the laugh :D

    1. Afterthought…
      I’ve been dating on and off for a few years now and I don’t seem to be attracting my ideal kind of man. I think I have it together pretty well, but there’s a good chance that I’m missing something when most of the men I’m attracted to don’t contact me again after the first date. How do I go about getting honest feedback from the kind of guy I want to be with?

  • That’s it Matt! We’re through.
    I’m soooo sick of you arranging pillows!!
    What a great laugh.
    Yes, too much milk in the tea?
    Omg, yes, send it baaaaaaack !!!!!!
    I do my own milk. ;)

  • Hey Matthew,

    Just finished your book, I feel great. I’ve already acted on much of the advice you have given and my life has gotten profoundly better and more fulfilled, so I’d like to say thank you so much for that.

    Although this video was hilarious for the most part, I felt a little disheartened at the end. I am a believer of sexual freedom and expression as long as both (or all) parties consent. I don’t think it’s fair to label someone as crazy for being a cuckhold/cuckquean. I personally am a cuckquean, but I am also a wonderful, kind, intelligent successful, confident, attractive woman who any guy would be lucky to have. If you saw me on the street you wouldn’t believe what I’m telling you. In fairness I do keep my sexual kinks under wraps for as long as possible, but I would be broken hearted if I fell in love with a guy and he called me crazy for it. I don’t force anyone in to anything they don’t want to do, ever!

    I’m not even sure what I expect to get from posting this, I guess I just needed to rant a little so thanks to whoever reads this.

    Take care everyone,

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