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7 Confidence Secrets That Make You More Attractive

I’m sure you’ve heard over and over that “confidence is one of the most attractive qualities in dating.” But when you think of that word, what actually comes to mind?

In today’s new video—a conversation with the amazing violinist, songwriter, and dancer Lindsey Stirling—we get to the meat of that question and define what confidence means to us.

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Confidence. I feel like that is the most attractive thing about a person. I think you say that in your book. It’s something that we hear over and over and over, that the most attractive thing you can ever wear is confidence. And so I want to hear from you, what does confidence look like? Because I think a lot of us kind of see a specific person or a specific type when we think of confidence. But from you, what is it?


Yeah, I suppose there is a kind of caricatured version of confidence, which is just someone who is very bold, quite outspoken, occasionally, I suppose, just gregarious. We think of someone who’s very outgoing. I think that isn’t a true definition of confidence. The dictionary definition of confidence is a feeling of certainty about something. And of course, that doesn’t necessarily imply good or bad. We can feel secure right now having this conversation because I’m certain that the ceiling isn’t about to fall on my head. That’s just a feeling of certainty that gives me a level of comfort and ease. I can have a feeling of comfort right now because I’m certain that I can have this conversation with you because I’ve done a lot of public speaking in my life over the last 14 years and therefore, feel a sense of comfort and certainty about my ability to do this.

So there is a kind of confidence that comes from certainty, and in a lot of areas of our life, certainty can come from competence, from having done something a lot and being good at it. So you are of course, extraordinarily competent on stage, Lindsey, and therefore, there’ll be a level of confidence that you have when you take the stage, which importantly, doesn’t mean that you have no nerves before you step on stage, which you may or may not. You can tell me. But it doesn’t mean that you have no nerves. It just means that when it really comes down to it, you do have a feeling of security on stage because you know, I’ve been here before, I’ve done this before, I know how to do this.


Yes. I love that. And when you just say it’s a sense of, wait, what was the definition you said? I lost it already.


A feeling of certainty about something.


A feeling of certainty. It really does take it into a whole different perspective. And it kind of makes you realize that you don’t have to be any sort of personality type in order to be this confident. But we all kind of immediately go to think of a certain kind of person. But it’s like, no, you can be silent and show confidence. Confidence doesn’t need words. It doesn’t mean to be a certain personality type. And like you said, I love that you said you can be nervous and be confident, because I still do get nerves every time before I go on stage. And I literally stand backstage and do what I know I need to do, my deep breaths, and I visualize really quickly, and I remind myself that I’ve warmed up, I’ve done everything I need to do to prepare. And like you said, I’ve done this before. And so it is kind of like, wow, you can be nervous and be confident. You can be shy and be confident. And any personality type can have that sense of attractive confidence that we all want.


Yeah. And that’s exactly right. And it’s important not to … If we change what we need to feel certain about, that can be a great help. If you say… if before I go on stage I try to get certain that everyone is going to agree with me, that’s a problem because I’m basing my certainty on something that I cannot control. And therefore, the confidence I have is going to be very flimsy. If I base my confidence on the certainty that I really am going to go out there and show these people that I care, that’s going to give me a different level of confidence because now it’s not about making everyone like me. It’s about actually demonstrating that my intentions are really good, that I genuinely care about helping people today, and that I’m going to do everything in my power to do that while I’m on stage.

In a relationship, if our certainty has to come from, I’m certain that this person will never hurt me, then we’re always going to be looking for reassurance because we never can be fully confident that someone is never going to hurt us. We hope that we’ve chosen wisely. We can make sure that the evidence of the relationship suggests that this person has our best, you know, has our interests at heart and isn’t going to go and hurt us recklessly. But we never know for sure. And a lot of people never feel safe in a relationship because they’re basing all of their confidence on needing this person to guarantee that they’ll never leave or never hurt them. And then we’re looking every day for reassurance. Did you mean what you said yesterday? Are you really going to stay with me? Are you really never going to cheat on me?

We can never get enough reassurance and reassurance always needs to be topped up. Whereas, if you base your certainty in a relationship on the idea that, you know what? I’ve always been okay. I have had relationships that have ended and I’ve survived and I’m still here. If this person, God forbid, cheats on me or hurts me or leaves me, I will still be okay. In other words, my certainty can come from my ability to handle difficult situations, not on difficult situations not happening. So that’s a nice little hack for confidence is instead of trying to get confident about something you can never be certain of, just change the focus of where you’re looking for certainty, and you can immediately be more confident.




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5 Replies to “7 Confidence Secrets That Make You More Attractive”

  • Hi Matthew,
    Thank you very much for this video. I really enjoyed it. For me, the tip that stood out the most is to change the focus on where we look for confidence, we do have to reshuffle the way we do things if we want to see a change an improvement. From that point of view, your advice of gaining confidence from the way we handle situations rather than from the situations themselves is my biggest takeaway of this video. Thanks for reading this. Seila.

  • Your perspective on confidence is mind blowing. I believe I can get into any relationship without worrying if the man isn’t any good, but rather being confident that I can walk away from that unhappy situation… I feel I’m in control, indeed

  • Hi Mathew,
    I understand and realise when a guy is a confident or a female is confident. But how do you tell a guy when he is being way tooo confident like for example being too Bold or being rather egotistical- if that is the correct word to use. I really like this guy but he just comes on a bit strong throwing out the naked pictures when I nearly dropped my phone as I was at a family lunch with nieces and nephews and little eyes everywhere how do I slow the situation down? Without hurting his feelings in the process?

  • Thank you for this video Matthew!

    To add more to the conversation, I think confidence also ties to legitimizing our emotions. Oftentimes I find myself reacting to situations and then being called ‘oversensitive’ or ‘crazy’ for feeling this way. Then, I find myself bending over backwards because I started to value other people’s ‘outlook’ more than my own. I feel like there is some sort of cultural influence to this because I am often told that I am ‘too young’ or I am ignored for a louder, more opinionated, egotistical male. But, I digress.

    I’ve heard that in order to be confident, we also need to be competent. But in my opinion, we should still demand that respect even when we are never fully competent. I should never expect respect from other people based on how delicately I speak to them (even though it would be nice). As you might notice, I don’t really have a good grasp of grammar, and being young and being female is something that I cannot change. I also know that I can never change other people’s reaction to me, however, I admit that I still struggle with legitimizing my emotions when they first form. Maybe this has something to do with gaslighting, I’m not too sure. I just wanted to comment as a reflection here. :) I hope everyone is doing well.

  • I have problem getting your customer service to help with my refund. I am a busy single mom and cannot afford getting charged for hundreds. Please help!!

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