6 Shortcuts To Love

It’s 2014!! And since it’s the New Year, I wanted to do something special for you…

*Get Your Copy Of 6 Shortcuts To Love Now*

I’m sure that right now you’re watching this and anticipating all of the things you might like to have this year. Very high up on that agenda is likely your love life.

Maybe you haven’t met the guy you want yet, maybe you’re still searching, maybe you’re dating a guy and it’s not getting to the level you want it to get to…

Whatever the case, this is January, and you want massive change quickly.

To help, over the last couple of weeks I’ve been putting together something that’s designed to be a guide that enables you to create the love life you want in 2014.

It’s called ‘6 Shortcuts To Love’ and covers 6 ways you’re going to be able to find the love that you want at the beginning of the year.

It’s super easy to go through and you can think of it as an adrenaline shot for the New Year.

I’ve worked hard on it, I’m incredibly proud of it, and I know you’re really going to love it.

It’s *completely free*. I don’t want to charge a penny for it, I just want you to go and enjoy it.

Get Your Copy Now ==> ShortcutsToLove.com

So go check it out. It’s designed as something to go through right now in the first week of the year.

I want to get your year moving quickly, and I can’t wait to hear what you think of it!

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11 Replies to “6 Shortcuts To Love”

  • happy new year matt hope everything goes perfect for you and thx for all the things you are doing for us :) btw i really love how you say shortcut to love <3 take care <3 sorry for my bad english not native speaker :(

  • Hey Matt! First of all I would like to say that I absolutely love what you do! I have bought the book and been watching all your videos.
    I just need your thoughts on something.
    I met this guy a year ago and when I met him there was this big attraction between so much so that we kissed and we exchanged numbers. But I got told by my friends that he had been chansing some other girl and maybe even kissed her… before I met him that night…which made me feel uncomfortable with it all. Anyway he messaged & called that same night but I didn’t respond because I didn’t know how I felt about it all.
    The next I told him I wasn’t comfortable with all and left it at that. After I saw him I few times and felt that attraction to him still. 6months after meeting and months after not seeing him he messaged again but I ignored him.
    I had seen him a few more times after that message and decided to message and to get to know him as a friend…I just felt that it was time,
    Anyway, we started texting and calling and decided to go on a date. The date went so well, we felt comfortable with each and had so much fun.we kissed but it wasn’t the sort of sort of kiss that you would give your first date if you know what I mean. And then he left.
    We continued messaging and decided on a second date which he came to my house and again we kissed like there was not tomorrow and needless to say we ended up in bed. Now you’re thinking , I have learned nothing from your book or video..I know!
    Anyway he kept messaging after and for NYE decided to meet, we were at different parties. But we didn’t end up meeting, last message he wrote was how was the party which I responded but never got a reply.
    It’s been 4days now and haven’t heard from him, have I ruined it by going to far too fast? What should I do? Please help Matt

    Ps. sorry for the long message

  • (Random question ) So for the people who are already in relationships , how do you avoid validating your guy in the wrong way like texting him before he relays ? I guess what I’m saying is how do you reverse this if it’s happened already .

  • Happy New Year, Matt. :-)

    Hmm. I think the tips are good but I wish we had all six at once. :-) I think I’m getting to know your work a bit too well, because I heard you say tip #1 before. Oh, and I couldn’t get the link on the first page to work.

    I appreciate you putting out little challenges. I’m such a student of life that getting assignments motivates me. :-)

    I finally watched the end of season 4 of Mad Men where Don Draper proposes to Megan, the woman who cleans up the milkshake. I’d heard you use that example so often I was surprised that I saw it so differently than you did. I saw a 40-year-old man who married a 26-year-old whom of course would be far easier to ‘be himself’ with than the wife his own age that he’d been married to for 11 years.

    Even after listening to so much of your work, I’m still surprised. Men want someone simple, everything to be easy.

    I want someone simple and easy too, but somehow I dunno. I don’t want milkshake boy. I get why Don wanted Megan. I do understand.

    But I don’t think she’s the one who’ll grow old with him. Do you?

  • I´ve just found you and I already love you. :)
    Seriously, you are sharing too much invaluable information, I´m so glad that youtube suggest me your channel, thanks a lot to you and youtube :) I´d love this information be in Spanish I know many of my girlfriends would be very thankful to listen to you.
    You shine, thanks a lot again.

  • I’ve only received the first two shortcuts since I registered for it 4 days ago. How can this matter be resolved?

  • Hello my friend,
    Happy Sunday! Thank you once again for creating this for us. I signed up for this new guide as soon as you posted about it on FB a few days ago, but so far have only received the first shortcut(which was excellent :)). I am looking forward to continuing with this as I can tell you worked hard on it and put a lot of thought and heart into it. What is the best way for me to access the next shortcuts? Have a beautiful day Matt!

  • I’ve only received the first one shortcut since I registered for it 3 days ago. How can this matter be resolved?

  • Hi Matt,

    thanks for these shortcuts. I have read parts 1 to 4 so far. However, in all of the 4 parts I cannot open the link in the PDF document. What am I doing wrong?

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