5 Tinder Tips to Get Him to Ask You Out

What’s the secret to getting a guy to ask you out on Tinder??

No, it’s not a naked selfie.

The secret is… well, there isn’t really one secret. To be honest, there could be several reasons a guy hasn’t proposed a date yet.

In this week’s blog video, I’ll show you exactly why he hasn’t taken things forward and give you 5 killer tips you can use in any conversation to guarantee he actually makes a move.


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33 Replies to “5 Tinder Tips to Get Him to Ask You Out”

  • Hi Matthew,

    This is a different email and request. Would you have any advice for a romantic asexual? Do you know what an asexual is?

    I really want to get the guy, and it does not matter if he is asexual or not. I am romantic, and I will be willing to have an open relationship if it would be possible.

  • Hi Matthew!
    I love Tinder.. I’ve had a time when there was a new guy every week in my agenda, a plan for a date. It was fun. But there were guys that were not worth my time, that indeed.. just texted over and over again.. With the guys that I liked gave my number and I spend a date with them. And did have fun.. Haven’t found my guy yet. Going back dating soon, just took a break though, but I’m not sure I’m gonne find him here. But it’s good practise and who knows who you befriend with?

    Thanks for the tips! Love them.. haha
    Giving guys a challange..


  • Hahaha,Matt you are hilarious you make me laugh;)I love all ur videos! You are great thanks for doing this:)

  • thank you my dear for another amazing video :*
    what I’m going to say has nothing to do with this video , it’s about one video that had related to the boxing , to be honest I didn’t like what happened to your eye ” black ” when you were boxing , not because how does it look on you , but because my concern is your health ” the side effect of the punching on your body” , my dear you should see a doctor and ask him what you should do to keep boxing and not damaging your health . I don’t like to see you getting hurt by boxing , but if you love it then keep boxing and may god protect you .


  • So right on! I love you Matthew! Smartest man alive you are. This video is so funny with you with funny backgrounds love the toilet flush! Genius!

  • Can I say that I applied the “gelato” line and it INSTANTLY got me some conversations on happn?! This is genius, thank you Matt!

  • I’m single, 40, a little over waight, I have adhd, ocd, ptsd concerning my ex husband( he won’t leave me alone, he has our kids ) prolaps, no teeth but bottom front, no money, no car, no job, not street or book smart. I AM however verry intelligent although I do have a lot of blonde moments, verry loveing, kind, shy, but try not to be, imnplayful, religious, I bleach in absence till marriage, I can be funny.

    My qustion is am i a person guys would avoid, like the last to be picked for the sport team. Or are there guys out there who would like to date me, looking for possible marriage?

    I do like guys who are a little build, not over build, tall, the taller the better. No he dosent need to be a modle, I just need to find that physical eyepoping attraction from my point of view not the worlds. I just don’t feel pretty enough, or good enough.

  • Thanks again Matthew for a top notch video. I don’t like Tinder much either but it seems a necessity in this day and age. I’ve recently been attending a social group of ppl in their 30s and 40s and ppl will sit at the event and go on Tinder sometimes. (Talk about anti social) So I’ve had to bite the bullet. Though I am using a similar app to Tinder not Tinder itself. You’re right your comment on this video or another about needing thick skin isn’t wrong. I was on it a couple of days before I wanted to bail. But your comment made me feel like I wasn’t alone and I’ve pushed through. I put on my profile I want marriage and kids as I’m now ready for all that. So as to deter some time wasters as well. And I was surprised at the response though not all are genuine. I want to thank you for the bit you said about challenging them about being weird Tinder ppl that continuously msg. I took that concept and have been honest with the guys that I’m more of an in person kind of girl than online but I joined the site out of necessity as it’s the way the world is going. And they have been keen to meet almost immediately when I’ve told them that amongst a bit about myself. Before I watched your video my luck wasn’t as good with my first shot. Not every guy has responded without fail at wanting to catch but that just showed me where that persons priorities are at. Some enjoy the fantasy of it and the ego trip I think but aren’t in a place they really want it yet. So again thankyou for going against your “rules” and covering Tinder. I also want to say I was surprised at the confessions of some of the guys wanting marriage and kids too. So they are out there ladies. I was near giving up.

    1. I’ve also weeded out some time wasters and set a standard by saying I’m not on here looking for sex or a one night stand or to talk dirty pretty much straight in. And if they keep pressing it. Unmatched :) You have to be true to yourself.

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