5 Surprising Love Lessons From Disney’s Frozen

Jameson and I have cooked up something a little different for you this Sunday…

We’ve decided to start a new concept, giving you our take on a movie, and covering the lessons on life and love that it teaches us.

Being Disney fans, we thought where better to start than with the recent hit Frozen.

If you haven’t seen the film, now’s your chance to. If you have, this might give you a very different take on it…

Question Of The Day:

What film do you think would be make for a good second episode of ‘Sexy Potatoes’? Let me know in the comments!

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111 Replies to “5 Surprising Love Lessons From Disney’s Frozen”

  • Hey Matt, Do you wanna build a snowman……It doesn’t have to be a snowman. I have to admit when Olaf said some people are worth melting for I thought sounds a little familiar.
    I think you should call it Stinky Potatoes…just sayin

  • Hi Matt & Jamie! (Jameson lol)

    I swear I was going to ask you to make a video about your opinion in terms of love/relationships in certain movies. I especially wanted your opinion about the movie: Austenland (which by the way was not great for some of Jane Austen’s fans apparently).

    I really liked this video and the concept of having a weekly or a periodically video about movies. YAY!!

    Jamie, I swear I tried to but it just did not work so forgive me (full-screened the youtube video to watch if your reflection was clear when Matt wore those glasses, instead I was fascinated by how good Matt’s eyes looked behind them lol and still couldn’t see your reflection).

    This is my first comment ever here but I’ve been following you Matt for quite a long time. Thank you and thanks to your team for everything.


  • Matt,

    You always use examples of how a woman makes an overture to you and how things progress…my question, how does a woman make that overture via online…hint hint :)

  • Hey Matt, this is unrelated to your really awesome video but I just had a question.
    My words made me seem over invested in a guy so he didn’t text me at all today.
    “Give back what he invests” ? Or “put other priorities before him and be super affectionate/flirty in person”?
    Or do u have any other advice if he’s starting to back off?.

  • Hi Matt,
    I haven’t seen the movie Frozen yet but listening to you has not stopped me from still going to see it, sweet commentary, especially the sexy potatoes lol! My recommendation for a movie is Sessions with Helen Hunt its actually one of my favourites, Are you game to speak about it? :) Marina

    1. Hi Marina,

      That is a very interesting movie to talk about from a relationship standpoint. Nice suggestion! Helen Hunt’s relationship with the main character and her husband is very interesting.

  • Yes. Women need more Disney movies like Frozen. Frozen is light-hearted but at the same time it’s really deep in meaning of what a true love is. The song by Demi Levato also simply great. Frozen nails it. Amazing.

  • I think it’s AWEsome you admitting you love Disney Movies or are a Disney Kid at heart !! Btw I loved you in glasses as most men don’t like girls in glasses yet I find guys in glasses who are humble and down to earth sexy as hell . You should look into an old Disney movie starring Bruce Willis called disney’s the kid for dating tips for us as a priceless movie you’ll laugh a lot . Thanks for helping those of us through your video’s that can’t afford to see you at a book signing !!
    Happy Easter
    Sincerely Celeda rein

  • Guys watch porn and girls watch romances- which I think explains the failed expectations on both sides haha I think it’s great that you guys are doing this movie thing… Honestly, pretty much every girl I know went through a “romance-movie” period where that was all they ever watched (myself included :P) and because of that we all ended up having a totally false understanding about love and guys. Seriously, I wish I never watched any of it. It was emotional porn and at the end of the day gave it just gave us unrealistic guidelines on how to act and what to expect from guys. It was like, “Oh, you’re not willing to chase me to the airport even though I clearly let you know that I never want to see you again? Well then you clearly don’t love me!” Movies give terrible, misleading advice! But that’s why we have the Hussey boys, right? :P

    1. I feel if guys really wants to get a woman he should watch these romantic movies that women love and learn why we love them so much. Give a woman what she wants and you will get what you want in return. Men give. Women give back. Men call. Women call back.

      Twilight movies were so popular not because of great acting, it was because women craved the way Edward and Jacob cherished Bella. They would die for her, they would do anything to make her happy, they protected her and made her feel safe.
      Most men today don’t cherish women, would not die for her because he puts his needs first, won’t do anything to make a woman happy until he gets what he wants first from her. Most men today are selfish. A real man puts women, children, animals and the planet before himself. Today men put all those things after himself first.

      1. Even so… this whole idea of dying in the name of love is overrated. I think that’s an unhealthy mentality and films really keep pushing it. Taking a bullet for a loved one/protecting them is totally different from not being able to live without them. And I’m not going to agree with your statement that most men today are selfish. Humans are never more or less greedy, spiteful, selfish, loving, kind, and gracious over time. We’re always the same. It’s just our social conditions that are always changing so how we react to it changes, too. And all those qualities you listed that a “real” man should have is what a decent human being should have regardless of their sex.

        Also, seriously, Twilight? The whole Edward-Bella-Jacob dynamic is once of the WORST examples of love I’ve ever seen. Not even getting into the whole controlling/stalker complex of Edward and Jacob, but, what the heck, Bella gives up all her friends and family for this one guy and then has a mental breakdown when he leaves? No thank you. I would not want that in my life.

        1. it sounds like you have never experienced a kind of love that would break you. A love that is so complete, so connected you can’t go back to knowing life without it. Not many people find that kind of love. It is rare and if one ever finds it they are truly blessed. But in order to experience a deep love one must also know deep pain to appreciate the bliss of ecstasy when with a person fills all void in your heart. Its hard to put into words but I have loved many times but only one true and deep, one that I would travel oceans of time to have again. He has since died and although I am open to love and have loved, I have not been able to find it as deep as I had with him. I know I will most likely not find it again after having met hundreds of guys who can’t hold a match to him. Until you experience it, you can never understand Bella’s pain. Its not just a movie. Its a reflection of real life to a few blessed and cursed, blessed with a rare love and cursed by the pain of it. Too tired to continue as its 2am but I think you are smart and get my point.

          1. Perfect analysis of the whole book Twilight. For bright people, yes this is just one video of many from the book’s analysis.


            And this guy points out great advice like stealing a car for the girl and have the keys stuck in the ignition is not a good tactic. That’s just creepy.

      2. JJ,

        Yes. I truly agree with you. That is what the nature is; men chase women. Not women chase men. Men asked women out and women either accept or decline. Women has less to do. Women only do based on the investment of the men. But these days, men, for some reason, probably because of the behaviour of the women too, men do not cherish women as they are supposed to, as in those days. I would say women should ‘behave’ themselves first in order to ‘tell’ or ‘teach’ the men to cherish them. Otherwise, women will forever be the crumbs lover.

  • Yes Kristoff was a bit scruffy and a good guy but I just can’t handle guys who have caveman tendencies. Its like they are still boys not men.

    I’ve dated a “Kristoff” before and at first it was “oh I can tolerate his unpolished manners… he’s a nice guy” but after awhile he got on my nerves. The guy couldn’t wear a button down shirt or tuck it in or even wear anything but jeans and tshirts. Did not know how to behave in social situations. I think this scruffy guy mentality is also a reflection of the maturity of a guy’s mind and after awhile it shows more than his outward appearance but also his lack of being a fully developed man in all areas.

    I just can’t take men with lack of propriety. I prefer more proper men like Hans. I would take a little insensitivity of a guy who was a matured man over a sloppy guy like Kristoff. I’ll wait for my prince. I had a nice frog but it became a turn off after awhile.

    Now if Hans didn’t turn out to be the villain, I’d pick him over Kristoff. Until the end Hans showed to be very protective of Anna, he wanted to please her, showed maturity by helping those in the kingdom during the winter freeze while Anna was gone. I even believe Hans really liked Anna in the beginning before he even knew she was a princess. I don’t think Hans was a villain but more of an opportunist and when Elsa when ice shit crazy, he took advantage of the situation.


    1. Everyone likes different things just don’t let yourself get caught up with a Hans just because he seems to act like a decent human being.

  • Matt you picked up on things that even I noticed in Frozen … all the life and love life tips that were in the movie and they were so true too… the guy might look perfect at first sight but you learn that he’s not what you thought and what’s even worse is when you have a guyfriend that can treat you the way you should be treated and you don’t realize it until it’s too late… Thank you Matt!

  • After hearing your take on Love Actually at your live tour in San Diego, I would love to hear your take on Austenland. I can just picture you rolling your eyes over the stereotypes and the fantasy, “Mr. Darcy.”

  • This is an awesome idea!..I think it would be great if the next sexy potato would be based on Gone with the wind- I`m sure everybody is curious to hear your point of view on such a popular story.

  • Brilliant Matt!

    Finally, advice that’s delivered in a fun and fresh way!

    As your advice was based on a complete story it was easier to see the whole picture & actually relate to it ( I never thought I’d be saying that about a Disney animation!). Sometimes the advice can seem unattainable or impractical when it’s given without context or practical examples. For once I didn’t feel like I was doing everything wrong !

    Well done guys!

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