5 Simple Ways to Get More Love in Your Life, NOW

More than ever, people are finding it hard to make time for friends, spend quality time with loved ones, or go out to meet a new romantic prospect.

Follow these steps to get back on track so that you’re in a place where you can indirectly find love 5x faster…

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There are many indirect factors that contribute to having a successful love life. [Health. Passion. Drive. Happiness.] Perhaps one of the biggest ones is the friendships we have in our lives.

If you’re single, friendships are the thing that get you out of the house. They’re the people that you get to invite to places with you or who will invite you to places with them. If you’re in a relationship, friendships are really important because they’re the second engine on the plane, that if something’s happening in your relationship, there’s this other engine that’s still keeping the plane in the air. Too many people get into a relationship and their point of view is. “Well, don’t need my friends anymore, don’t need these people around anymore.” They don’t do it consciously necessarily, but in every action they’re showing that “Now my relationship is the only thing I need,” and of course that’s not true.

We want that human connection outside of our relationship. We want those people that we can go to to help make us strong. And, God forbid anything happened to the relationship, you want that safety net of people that keep that plane in the air. The second engine that you can go to, those people who make you realize who you are and how valuable you are and how much you bring to the world. So here’s what I want you to do.

  1. Call someone up and have a conversation. Maybe someone you haven’t spoken to in a while.
  2. Take someone for coffee. Just get to know someone a little better.
  3. Join a class. I think that one of the most valuable things about gym membership is being able to go to a class because you can actually go and interact with other human beings. So many of us haven’t got that interaction in our lives anymore.
  4. Do little things for people. Text someone a moment of support, a moment of gratitude or, if you know they’ve got a problem, ask them how they’re doing. Those little things, just the tiniest actions, are like little deposits you make in the bank of that relationship, and over time they amount to a deeper, greater bond, something that you might need to draw on for strength at some point in the future. While we’re at it:
  5. Mix in different groups. Don’t just stick to all of the same people you know because that ends up stifling our opinions on things. We only get fed one narrative from the people we already know. We should go wider. Go to groups of people that you don’t normally hang out with. Get different perspectives on life, people who have been through different things.

I have a thing that people come to where they make lots of new friends and it’s called my Retreat. Now, people come to my Retreat because it’s genuinely life-changing. If you read any of the comments that we had from the last Retreat alone, from people who had just been, you will see this changes people’s lives.

It changes their confidence. It changes their ability to manage their emotions. It changes their ability to enjoy life. It shows them how to overcome even the most difficult things that they’re facing in their lives right now. It genuinely changes the game for people. But what’s interesting is that when people finish that program, days after, months after, and even years after, they’ll tell me one of their favorite things about the program was the community of incredible women that they got from it. That they built new lifelong relationships. People to hold them accountable. People they could hold accountable. People to support them. People to be on the journey of life with them.

People they never would have met if they hadn’t stepped outside their comfort zone and come to attend something like this, where it’s not just a coffee with someone, it’s a six-day immersion experience where you do years of bonding with someone in the space of six days because of what you go through together.

I want this for you too. If you know that you’re in a place in your life where you want big life change, there are things that you want to overcome in your life, there are pathways you want to go down, but you don’t have the courage or the strategy or the know-how right now to do it, but you also want that amazing community with it, I want you to apply.

It’s at MatthewHusseyRetreat.com, you can apply right now. The Retreat process is not something that just anyone can come to. You have to apply to it, you have to speak to one of my team [members] on the phone to determine if you are a right fit for the program, but if you are it will be a game changer.

Click the link now. Hope you get your place and I look forward to seeing you soon.

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8 Replies to “5 Simple Ways to Get More Love in Your Life, NOW”

  • Hi,

    Could you not do a retreat in the UK? Does it have to be Miami? Or maybe you can alternate throughout the world…?

    I’ve travelled quite a bit and have noticed how in certain countries the type of guy I’m attracted to isn’t attracted to someone like me so in my mind for some reason it would be a hell of a lot easier to approach someone in Miami because it wouldn’t seem ‘real’, it’d feel like a fake scenario and so when I come back home to London I probably wouldn’t bring that confidence back with me. Whereas if the retreat was in a multicultural society like London or New York it would it have more of an impact on me because I’m in my natural habitat. I hope I’m making sense!

  • I am into a relationship since 2 years, he loves to tease me about things I don’t like constantly and it’s pissing me off because the more I tell him to stop doing something the more he does it to play around and tease me.. I because so nervous everyday.

  • I met so many great women at The Retreat! It’s been 3 years now…I am still in contact with my Retreat sisters. It’s an awesome experience.

  • I am disabled and have severe fatigue. I have lost all my friends, my close friends I’ve had for decades. I reach out to them and they blow me off or ignore me. I don’t have energy to go out and meet new people, let alone go to a retreat. I am isolated and very lonely. It is so hard.

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