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Is He The One? 5 Questions to Know for Sure

How do you know if a man is the perfect guy for you?

Many women assume that he has to tick a bunch of traits on a checklist (e.g. he’s not too short or tall, has the right career, loves animals, plays sports, has his own hair, etc. etc.).

But these are just preferences. They aren’t what really matters when it comes to love.

I don’t know about perfect, but I’ve learnt that choosing an amazing partner comes down to just five big questions.

Make sure you can answer all of these 100% before you decide on him…

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32 Replies to “Is He The One? 5 Questions to Know for Sure”

  • I first watched this on Sunday and I gladly said yes to all 5 questions.

    Sadly he passed away yesterday with no real idea why. He was having trouble with his legs as he’s diabetic but he just slipped away yesterday afternoon.

    We were together for just under 2 years. I waited 43 years for him to come into my life (I was the first girlfriend he had had in 22 years and your videos and advice have helped beyond all recognition)
    and I’m proud to say he is my ‘1’.

    Simply devastated.

    1. Mary.

      I don’t even know why I was reading through these comments and now I know. I was meant to come across yours. Your comment absolutely broke my heart and uplifted it all within the same moment.
      You’re not wallowing in pity asking why, (I’m not judging anyone who would! This is a Terrible situation that none of us could fathom) instead you celebrated his life, you expelled gratitude for his small existence in yours, and you expressed the blessing that he was to your life. I don’t know you Mary, or him, but I know if you felt this for him he felt and thought just as much if not more of your beautiful soul. You give me hope. You’ve inspired strength in me.

      Thank you for this Mary. <3

  • I really needed to let you know… I watched a lot of your videos, but this one is absolutely fantastic!!!
    I love your energy, emotionality and spirit! Thanks for your great work :)

  • I am 20 and I seem to be seeing a man who is 32 years old. The other night we had a conversation talking about “the talk” which never happened due to him “waiting for me to bring it up” and me not bringing it up because I thought he should be the one to meet me half way and he didn’t so I had planned to move on. So previously over a month ago we didn’t really contact each other. Yet a few nights ago, we had a conversation where he says he wants to be my lover, but along the lines of him also saying that we should continue where we left off a month ago.

    I honestly feel a little emotionally drained because of trying to figure out why he didn’t mention anything a month ago, but now I know why. I did in fact call him out and said that I expected him to meet me half way and tell me on his own where he saw us in the future and what he wanted from me. Now I guess we’re going to go back to “hanging out” with each other and just seeing where things go?

    How long does it take for both parties to really “KNOW” when they it’s time to be exclusive??

    It must vary for individuals I assume….I wouldn’t mind if we took it slow, but that’s my question there. If anyone could help answer this, I would greatly appreciate it!!!

  • as always, so proud of you!
    Great video, guys…funny, creative & on point.
    Thank you for getting my day (and my mind) back on the right track. ❌⭕️

  • Can he scuba dive? Wow, brilliant analogy and perfect way to frame that conversation. Thank you! To have watched this right now with what I’m exploring with someone is worth a $1M. Thanks Matthew & Co.! You guys are so wise beyond your silliness – xx!

  • Hi Matt,

    I gained more on this video..Those 5 points really makes me realize whether the man in front of me now will be the one for me..Your last point on : whether the guy in front of you are really ready for love will make a different…Indeed it is absolutely true…

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