5 Dating Hacks That Make Him Fall For You

So many people are looking for the huge epiphany, instead of the subtle-yet-powerful changes to their behavior that can skyrocket their results.

As you’ll see in this video, turning a guy’s head doesn’t have to be complicated. Just try some of these simple power moves and you’ll be 500% more sexy…. ;)

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22 Replies to “5 Dating Hacks That Make Him Fall For You”

  • The comment about the date videos: Sure, women may ask questions because they are curious and interested about their date. But why should SHE have to do all the sharing. If the guy doesn’t ask any questions about me, I don’t think he is that interested.

  • I think guys need a video like this… The problem I have is that guys don’t follow #1 at all, but are all about #3. The guys are happy to answer my questions, but get so caught up in talking about themselves, that they don’t leave me any space to talk and don’t ask me any questions. Which means, my only option for sharing anything about myself is to ignore #2 and interrupt the guy.

  • Hey Matthew! First, let me express my gratitude to the things you do. Have been watching for your tips for 5 years. You’ve made a huge progress from a “fake-it-till-you-make-it” British fellow to a glamorous Hollywood dating coach. Your looks, skills and concepts progressed greatly – and in this sense you are your own masterpiece. I don’t know if you ever read comments in your blog yourself, yet here are a few things that started worrying me lately in your videos. Consider those as my 6 tips for you:
    1. You began to express ideas in a superficial way: less examples. In this video you say “show your vulnerable side”. OK, how exactly does a person show her vulnerable side?
    2. Buy, buy, buy… You are too pushy with your retreat and other programs these days. I understand your retreats are results of your hard work and you feel excited promoting them, but now it seems you got tired of actually HELPING people with your advice weekly and concentrated on becoming a salesman instead. It’s obvious making a useful content weekly is exhausting. You even took an old radio footage and re-released it with some animation recently. But I would like to watch something really helpful and insightful from you once a month, rather than see you lost interest in sharing free practical advice in your videos. It’s subjective impression, but it is very strong.
    3. Preacher style. Remember Donnie Darko movie? There was a young sexy preacher/coach played by Patrick Swayze who was too sweet and too commercial. Fake. Watching you jumping onstage and in the water pool I feel less trust. Smells like show business and new age cult, not a serious psychological thing.
    4. Your landing pages with those 30-minute videos. This type of selling pages are annoying because you don’t clearly state all advantages, contents and prices of the program right away. Instead, you talk, talk and talk in a well-rehearsed commercial voice about pain (problem)that is bothering your potential clients. Again, cold marketing techniques don’t generate trust. People are not that dumb not to see moneymaking schemes.
    5. No success stories. Okay, it is understandable not every woman would confess addressing a dating expert, even if that reaulted in her happy marriage. Yet somehow I tend to believe experts with testimonials and success stories. Where are all those women who visited your retreat programs now? Have they found their guys and had a harmonious relationship? Without examples of a positive effect on their lives it looks like they felt desperate, bought your program, got inspired by you, experienced euphoria and… nothing really changed for them.
    6. Your automated emails resemble spam. Stop sending frequent repetitive messages with links to the aforementioned selling pages. You can do much better than those “buy TODAY or never!!!” infobusinessmen.
    Sorry if this doesn’t sound like a positive comment. Wish you and your brilliant team all the best.

    1. Hey Iskander! Thank you so much for your thoughtful feedback. Matthew and the Get the Guy Team are all 100% committed to improving ourselves and the way we do business, so we appreciate you letting us know how you’re feeling about what we’re doing. We’re always working on making our content and customer experience better, and it’s comments like yours that help us do so. I’ll definitely pass your thinking on to the rest of the team.

  • Ooh, Iskander, very well said. I agree with all your points (sorry, Matt). It’s a bit like many TV programmes that begin well and are refreshing and real but once they realise the magic formula that’s making them popular, they milk it, over-do it and become fake.

  • Hi Mathew I love your tips. I’m with this for over 2 years. He’s so scared of commitment but he do everything I want from a guy except saying telling me he loves me and also don’t want me to talk about love..I wish I had your advice before I met him.What can I do now for him to take the next step Regards Rodze..

  • Hello Iskander,

    Your comments regarding your interpretation of Matthews videos is extremely derogatory and hypocritical, to the point of hostile as well.
    You sound like a very negative, angry, and bitter human being who’s looking for a human punching bag.
    Lighten up and enjoy the journey.

  • I love the practicality you bring to the table, Matt. You don’t just give advice; you provide instructions!! My boyfriend and I have been together for almost 3 years. I continue to use many of your tools in our relationship because I believe as you do that you should never stop dating your partner just because you are already in a relationship. I am so grateful to you, Matt, for your support, advice, and the tools you equip us with. You are an awesome mentor!

  • I went over this again and realised that I never talk about myself unless it is hobbies but that isn’t really being vulnerable. Hmm!

  • Hey Matt, all of your tips are perfect. Do you have any advice if the birthday of your ex is ahead and you don t have contact for a longer time, but you would like to very much get in touch again. All the best

  • I think I now know my problem,i always ask questions, but then again I normally do this for clarity to know him better, but anyway I think I have to slow down on that, thank you Matt.

  • Thanks Matt! I love all the 5tips but what of if my boyfriend doesn’t give me chance to talk?? Instead he always talking and never allows me to express my feelings on certain conversations..
    . Do I have to tolerate him on that??..

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