Avoid These 4 Turnoffs to Attract the Man You Want

No matter how attractive you are, there are certain turnoffs that guys instantly notice and run a mile from.

Eliminate these “mood-killing” behaviors, and watch his attraction for you skyrocket…

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29 Replies to “Avoid These 4 Turnoffs to Attract the Man You Want”

  • First off, probably one of your best videos yet!

    BUT, I have a question. I am one of those people who is ridiculously busy, especially because I travel a lot for work. I don’t necessarily share this with guys right when I meet them…but when guys are trying to set up dates with me, it’s often difficult. I feel bad because there are a few guys who have invited me to things 2 or 3 times and I wouldn’t mind going out with them, but I have had prior commitments every time. How do I navigate this? I realize it’s a turnoff to keep telling them, “I’m busy, but please let me know next time!”

  • Hussey can your hair get any sexier‼️ Love the handsome guy in this video. Great communication techniques to open up conversation. I especially liked the one about being so busy and how to bring that statement into the present. Love your weekly videos

  • Loved the Anastasia comment, you’re so funny!
    It is hard to make the conscious decision to put yourself out there, be available and be willing to meet new people. It is scary, I have to say that in my experience, I have never been a super outgoing person but I’d like to think I’m friendly so it’s been hard to start this process… just gotta keep trying right? thanks for the advice Matt! you’re awesome!

  • If a guy doesn’t remember your name, you made zero impression get over yourself it is likely you are not going to dazzle him the second time around
    A gal can be busy and tired, it’s allowed If a guy is turned off by that, than he really isn’t interested in you

  • Matthew, I am so grateful to you! I have made watching your videos my non-negotiable morning ritual… It all started with learning English and now when I can enjoy your skilfully made videos it gets more and more inspiring…
    Thank you for your being so thoughtfull, so subtle and your willingness to help others to find their way that makes them sparkle and shine!
    It is always such a pleasure to hear your energetic voice, see your understanding eyes and enjoy your being so passionate about what you are doing… it fuels my day!
    Thank you so much!!!

  • Sorry but so many of these comments sound fake lol, they just made me puke.
    Obviously a good marketing company who is generating comments and followers. Not falling for it. That actually made me lose interest, bc it’s so obvious

  • How to undo this turn off things? I mean if he is already turn off with me, so how im going to get his attention back?

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