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Avoid These 4 Turnoffs to Attract the Man You Want

No matter how attractive you are, there are certain turnoffs that guys instantly notice and run a mile from.

Eliminate these “mood-killing” behaviors, and watch his attraction for you skyrocket…

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29 Replies to “Avoid These 4 Turnoffs to Attract the Man You Want”

  • Hey’ Matthew Hussey”
    All ur videos are very impressive and very educating. I have a special case in which I desperately need ur help. As I have mentioned earlier, I’m 39 with 3 three kids.I’m experiencing rejection in relationship how best can u help me find a life partner? How can I arrange for my personal problem?

  • Find Mathews advice and insight to be grounded im his in depth understanding of human nature. He reveals what I overlook!!
    Amazing gift from God and I am sure hard work development.

  • HI Matt, any chance you could do some stuff on post domestic abuse dating. I know it sounds a weird topic but I work with people who have experienced abused and it would be really good if this was addressed in dating blogs.

    1. I second Charlotte’s request. I think I heard that one in three women will experience domestic abuse, whether physical, verbal, emotional, financial, sexual, etc. Valid topic for discussion. A lot would depend on the woman’s temperment, resilience, support, but I think it is surprising how even women who would seem least likely to find themselves in or recovering from this, myself included, experience it. Like a disease, it could affect anyone (men too, of course) and if anything is even more jarring when it is a total contradiction to her self image and reputation. Realizing it’s not her fault and leaving are the first steps to healing, yet what are the next steps on the other side of trauma?
      Thanks for bringing this up.

  • Very interesting! Spotted lines I use when I’m not at my best, and don’t know how to properly maintain a good image!
    P.s. Laughed with tears when you rang that bell!!!

  • I believe this is pretty great advice, so thank you for all of your great videos. I am of the opinion that this particular video bite is great for all new interpersonal relationships not simply attracting a mate. Love the videos and I appreciate the humor a lot in them! Great work on trying to genuinely help others in such an easily digestible manner.

  • Maaaaaaatt! I have a really, really important question to ask you. How/Where is the best place to ask it? 1000 of women like me really need your help with this one…

    BTW I loved this video so much. I actually felt my butt cheeks clench with her cringe-worthy comments. lol!



  • Hi Matt this is Natasha I’ve been seeing the same guy on and off for at least 4 years now we’ve been really good friends for about four years before so in total we are friends for like 8 and I really don’t know what’s the next step can you help

  • Oh Matt, sorry to interrupt. I just saw this cute guy over there in the video. Since I can’t go over right now to practice my skills on him: I need your help for his contacts

  • Matthew,
    Your videos get better every week. You’ve really come into your own. The hard part for me is having to wait an entire week for a new one!
    Good on ya.

  • Great advice! Be positive about who you are and allow others to be human – not everyone remembers everything so don’t put them in a position to be embarrassed about names, etc. Also a pet peeve of mine are the people that can’t graciously accept a compliment – whether you agree with what a person compliments about you or not, just say thank you for the kind words and go forward.

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