3 Ways To Snap Out Of Love Life Depression

In this week’s episode of LOVELife, I give you 3 things to remember in the midst of a ‘love life depression’ that won’t disrupt the progress you’re making in your love life.

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9 Replies to “3 Ways To Snap Out Of Love Life Depression”

  • coach, why was this posted late? :) but anyway, these will never be out of season ;) here’s what i’ve got from today’s learning session…

    1. stop comparing- instead, assess the need and see what you can do about it.

    2. take risks- and see the big picture ( calculated risks) know the “why” and you’ll know your purpose.

    3. focus on the asset- well, you said it well! i got nothing to add up;)
    “indirect factors” are great motivations for us not to complicate things…

    you’re a genius!make me your support staff and your love month next year will be totally different…it will be loaded with so much fun and trouble;) lol xxx

  • I subscribe to all 3!
    There’s nothing less meaningful than showing love on Valentine’s day. It’s like thinking a flower brings the spring :-) And all those heart-shaped chocolate and candies… Awful, cheesy, zero romance in my opinion.

    And every second and sweat drop in the gym is paid off big time! Strong mind in a strong body :-)

    I’ve read somewhere that nobody is responsible for your happiness exactly as you are not responsible for nobody’s happiness. You gotta take care of yourself, do what makes you happy. This mind set makes miracles! I’m not waiting for somebody to entertain me or join me where I wanna go or in what I wanna do. Wanna do something, just do it :-)

  • However risks are risky lol.. takes courage:) I love the gym Moni…I am working on myself to be the best me so I can attract the right type of guy! I totally agree you have to take care of yourself and having a boyfriend/partner will not bring you happiness if you’re already miserable. Here’s to a healthy,happy and beautiful 2015 Moni:) same to you Matt:p Look after yourselves. xx

  • I met this guy on match n he invited me to his FB account n we’ve been friends for 6 months now. Had a crush on him since. He’s a do footer, volunteers a lot n is sober now. He recently was in a a health n wellness show where he shared his past ( was drinking a lot n Did some drugs n had many women…he used to be a stand up comedian in CA). He is also handsome n fit n kind with a big heart. Recently I found out the twins he occasionally posts on his FB page wc he said he just babysits occasionally were really his kids. These two twin 18 mins girls r pretty ( they r half black Nigerian…n the mom is also on his FB page). This devastated me since I was working up the courage to ask him out. I think the mom n him r together (not 100 sure). He did post n said that the twins take after their mom n all three of them r beautiful n posted a nice picture of her on the comment line of this trail where he admitted they were his kids. To add, he n I have been liking each other’s posts n have sent each other some emails through FB. What do I do now? Do I hide him from my FB so I can move on forget about him n focus on better guys with no complicated situation like his? Please give me a blow by blow step on what to do? pLEASE HELP! I’m constantly checking his FB page n I’m getting sad n depressed. Hiding or blocking him will make me sad eap since I learn from him n he is a good guy who posts tutoring volunteer sessions he does for example. Pls tell me what to do n how to proceed, ths so much.

  • Hi Matt,,

    please help me. I have been following you for near 3 years and you have made significant changes in my life. However, I have the biggest problem. All the men I met turned out to be gay and I just don’t know it just me or the gay population is growing

    1. Maya, I feel ya! Twice I have been at a wedding where the only single people are me and a lovely, polite, hot guy who is flirting back at me…or so I think, until it turns out he’s gay. I mean, they were fun people to hang out with but that’s not how weddings are supposed to work! ;)

  • Hi Matthew!
    I am wondering about long distant relationships and if you have any advice and thoughts on the subject.
    I have met this guy, We’ve known each other before but met again after four years a few months ago. When we met again a weekened in Stockholm recently he said he likes me and We had a little romance. I don’t know how to go from here. we live so far apart but I think this could be a good thing. i’d like to try to see each other and he want this as well but it is difficult because we can’t see eachother for just a date.
    I would love some advice. I have looked for something about this in your previous videos, but nothing like this?
    How do people do when they meet someone great when traveling and just passing by?

    I admire you and your views on life. Thanks!

    /Elina from Sweden

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